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Microsoft’s Simple Slip Crashes Azure Worldwide

Windows Azure
On Friday, a lapsed security certificate brought down Microsoft’s Azure worldwide. Would you be shocked to learn that the same thing happened less than a year ago? On Feb. 29, 2012, Azure went down worldwide. The reason … wait for it … a certificate issue. Cloud outages like this strike fear in the hearts of IT directors and CIOs. And for good reason: When Azure goes down, critical business applications and data become unavailable, and every minute costs companies untold… continue…

Multilanguage Windows 8 Doesn’t Equal OS X

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Windows 8′s multilanguage support may not be a big deal to many people, but if you live in a country whose language isn’t your own, or you have a multilingual family, it has enormous potential. If you can get through the installation. Microsoft’s history with multiple-language versions of Windows is brief. Actually, it’s close to non-existent. Before Windows 7, the company all but said that it couldn’t be done. Each country’s Windows was too dissimilar from others’ to allow for… continue…

How Windows XP Boots Take Years Off Your Life

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Windows XP boots slowly. When it was released in 2001 by Microsoft, customers were demanding stability, not a speedy start-up. Besides, speed was relative and XP booted about as fast as WinNT or Windows Me. But now XP is a dinosaur and the iPad’s instant-on recalibrated expectations about how fast a computer should be ready to use after you turn it on. Depending on the number of applications set to launch, XP can take two, three or even five minutes to… continue…

Will Windows Blue Be Worth Waiting For?

Windows 8 Start Screen
A couple months back, I wrote about Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch and what I hoped was the company’s first step into the future. I also wondered whether Windows 8 wasn’t akin to Vista. It appears that I wasn’t entirely wrong. The scuttlebutt now is that Microsoft is working on a new Windows OS, codenamed Windows Blue, or Windows 9 Dev, which will  be released at some point this year. It seems that this is the start of a series of… continue…

About Windows 8: It’s the Interface, Stupid.

Windows 8 Start Screen
Microsoft has plenty of reasons to worry about Windows 8. Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars the company is spending on marketing, initial surveys of IT buyers suggest a reception that’s cool at best. Last quarter, about 24 percent of more than 1,200 North American and European hardware purchasers said they had no plans to migrate to Windows 8, though they expect they will at some point. David Johnson of Forrester Research, which conducted the survey, said only 4… continue…

Windows 8 is Schizophrenic for a Reason

Windows 8 Boot Menu Use
All of Microsoft’s ruckus about its brand spanking new Windows 8 hides a basic truth: This is really two distinct operating systems sharing the same computer, and it’s most obvious during boot. A month ago, I upgraded an Asus Eee PC running Windows 7 Starter to Windows 8. When it boots I see the new Windows Logo, the login screen and then, for a split second, my old Windows 7 desktop and background before the Windows 8 background lays on… continue…

How Microsoft Touched Me

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MIcrosoft Surface
I got some hands-on with Windows 8 this week. While I won’t say I’m in Love, I’ll confess to being in heavy Like. In fact, it may be heavy enough for me to spend 40 bucks to upgrade from Windows 7 Home. I might also stop pestering Alice for an iPad and push for a Surface instead. (The 64 GB with the black type cover, to be specific.) This is not a small thing. If you don’t count the Morrow… continue…

Windows Leader Sinofsky Exits Microsoft

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Microsoft Headquarters
Steven Sinofsky, one of the brightest minds behind Microsoft’s Windows, will leave the company after 23 years. Julie Larson-Green, who’s been with Microsoft since 1993, will takeover his position. Both Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Sinofsky, president of Windows and Windows Live, sent letters to employees announcing the departure. Sinofsky joined Microsoft in 1989 as a software development engineer, and worked on Office, Windows, Windows Live and the new Surface tablet. It’s been no secret that he masterminded some of… continue…

Web Developers are Naturals for Windows 8

“If you’re a Web developer, you’re already a Windows 8 developer,” says Jeremy Foster, a leading Developer Evangelist on Windows 8 for Microsoft. All your classic Web development skills, such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript that you use to make an application can be used in the Windows 8 environment. There’s a native component to it as well. You’ll still need to interact with elements of the device, that’s where native programming comes in but it’s all within your Web… continue…

Microsoft’s Muscle Car of the Future

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Project Detroit, the much talked about, Microsoft sponsored concept car, was parked prominently on the lawn of Foothill College at the 2012 Silicon Valley Code Camp. It took eight weeks for the team from West Coast Customs and their four colleagues from the Microsoft Coding for Fun group, to retrofit this 2012 Ford Mustang, with the aesthetic of the 1967 muscle machine and stuff it with tech. Could this be a car of the not-too-distant future? While Project Detroit may… continue…