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Web Developers are Naturals for Windows 8

“If you’re a Web developer, you’re already a Windows 8 developer,” says Jeremy Foster, a leading Developer Evangelist on Windows 8 for Microsoft. All your classic Web development skills, such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript that you use to make an application can be used in the Windows 8 environment. There’s a native component to it as well. You’ll still need to interact with elements of the device, that’s where native programming comes in but it’s all within your Web… continue…

Microsoft’s Muscle Car of the Future

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Project Detroit, the much talked about, Microsoft sponsored concept car, was parked prominently on the lawn of Foothill College at the 2012 Silicon Valley Code Camp. It took eight weeks for the team from West Coast Customs and their four colleagues from the Microsoft Coding for Fun group, to retrofit this 2012 Ford Mustang, with the aesthetic of the 1967 muscle machine and stuff it with tech. Could this be a car of the not-too-distant future? While Project Detroit may… continue…

IT Will Adopt Windows 8, Like It or Not

Windows 8 Desktop
We don’t know yet if Windows 8 will be one to skip, but Microsoft’s release history leads me to believe it will be. Since Windows 98, every successful OS released by the company was followed by a dud. But Microsoft has bet big on 8 by completely revamping the UI and building hardware to support it. By all accounts it Windows 8 runs most everything that 7 runs in both 32 and 64 bit applications. It improves performance in side-by-side benchmarks with its predecessor, improves… continue…

Windows 8 Gives App Developers Big Opportunities

Steve Ballmer
At the Windows 8 launch, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer highlighted the opportunities that the new OS offers to developers. Said he: “There are 670 million devices just waiting to be upgraded to Windows 8.” And the way to reach their users, he said, is through the Windows Store, the sole distributor for Windows 8 apps. On top of that, Ballmer said, 400 million new PCs are expected to be sold over the next year. If those numbers prove true, Windows… continue…

Microsoft’s Ballmer Launches Windows 8

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Windows 8
Windows 8 is officially released, with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer touting its potential to grab consumers by weaving different facets of their lives across their computer screens… or mobile screens. He’d better be right. As my colleague Vincent Chow notes, the software giant needs its new OS to jump start its mobile efforts and keep it relevant as PC sales slip. “We have re-imagined Windows and the result is a stunning lineup of new PCs,” hyped Ballmer. “Windows 8 brings… continue…

Can Windows 8 Take Over the Desktop?

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Microsoft begins a new era tomorrow with the release of the new generation of Windows, Windows 8. The success of the OS is critical to the company’s future, especially when it comes to the mobile market. If Windows 8 doesn’t get traction there Microsoft’s aspirations to be a player could fade away, and its influence could dim overall as PC sales slow. With its Modern UI, Windows 8 is a one-size-fits-all solution designed for both PCs and tablets, with heavy… continue…

Windows 8 Jeopardized by Misleading Reviews

Microsoft Surface
Microsoft’s Windows 8 will make its debut Oct. 26th, but buzz surrounding the new operating system hasn’t been spectacular. Negative scuttlebutt has been heard from both low-level to prominent sources. Valve co-founder Gabe Nawell has been most vociferous in his criticism. From my observation, most of the complaints stem from the Modern UI (previously referred as Metro UI), which is a user interface that’s foreign to even veteran Windows users. As the face of Windows 8, it’s become an object of ridicule.  I even wrote a… continue…

Microsoft’s New Logo – Not the Next Big Thing

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Microsoft Logo
Microsoft unveiled its new corporate logo, and after taking a quick glance I can say it looks like a clean, boxy version of its old logo with its colored Windows flag slapped on. Is this as good as it gets 25 years after the behemoth’s last corporate logo revision? Although the four-color Windows flag is now a clean square and the slanted script is now a clean upright font, this “new” logo still looks like Old Microsoft. For example, take… continue…

Microsoft Risks Confusion With New Windows 8 Branding

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Microsoft Surface
Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be launched in less than three months, and some developers and media have already gotten a look at it. But while everything appears to be copacetic, it’s not. The Redmond-based giant has stopped using the word “Metro” to refer the tile-based UI used in both Windows Phone and Windows 8, likely due to a trademark dispute with the German retailer  Metro AG. In the end, the kerfuffle may not be a big deal — as long… continue…

Developing X Windows Servers for Android

One of my kids recently closed a pair of ear buds in my wife’s HP notebook, severely damaging the LCD display. While I’m building up inspiration to replace the LCD, she’s sitting at my Asus/Xubuntu notebook and using a Secure Shell (SSH) to remote into her HP running Xubuntu, using the -X option. This lets her run Firefox, Thunderbird, and other programs, remotely, while displaying the windows on my notebook. For now, it’s an acceptable situation for her. Then, I… continue…