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Happy 40th Birthday, Microsoft

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On April 4, 1975, a Harvard dropout named Bill Gates co-founded a tiny little startup called Microsoft, which ended up doing pretty well in the technology space. That was understatement, of course. But as Microsoft hits its 40th anniversary, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on just how much its software has changed the world. (Free software advocates would argue that, by making software a licensed commodity, Microsoft also did a lot of damage to the technology sector, but… continue…

Microsoft Still Trying to Get Surface Right

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Microsoft Surface
Microsoft’s first attempt at Surface, its tablet-laptop hybrid, was an unmitigated disaster that forced the company to take a $900 million write-down on unsold inventory. Rather than abandon the concept, Microsoft has continued to release updated versions of Surface over the past two-and-a-half years. You could argue that the company has no other choice: The future belongs to mobile devices, and Microsoft needs to demonstrate that it can successfully play in that arena if it wants to survive. Check out… continue…

Microsoft: Pirates Still Get Free Windows 10

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Microsoft Windows 10
Did you pirate your copy of Windows? (It’s okay, you can tell us.) If so, Microsoft will still give you a free upgrade to the upcoming Windows 10, due sometime this summer. “We’re upgrading all qualified PCs, genuine and non-genuine, to Windows 10,” Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s executive vice president of operating systems, told Reuters in a phone interview. Microsoft likely hopes the move will increase Windows 10 adoption in China, where a large percentage of PCs run pirated versions of… continue…

Want to Test-Drive Windows 10 for Phones?

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Microsoft Windows Phone
Windows Phone has never threatened Google Android or Apple’s iPhone for smartphone supremacy, but Microsoft doesn’t seem ready to give up on the platform quite yet. Anyone who’s registered as a Windows Insider tester can check out the first build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones. According to Microsoft’s corporate blog posting, the preview “is still very much under development and you’re going to see some rough edges.” Microsoft is releasing the software at this early stage in… continue…

Is Microsoft Turning Itself Around?

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This week, a number of tech publications published rundowns of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s first year in office, with most seeming to conclude that he’d managed to breathe some new life into the tech giant. As any longtime Microsoft watcher knows, former CEO Steve Ballmer (and before him, co-founder Bill Gates) organized the company in a way that created fiefdoms among business divisions. In the months before exiting the company, Ballmer began to reorganize those divisions in a way that… continue…

Windows 10 for Businesses: Questions Abound

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Windows 10
In a bid to jog adoption of Windows 10, Microsoft has promised that every consumer currently running Windows 7 or 8 on their PC will receive a free upgrade to the new operating system once it comes out. That’s a pretty good deal not only for your average consumer, but also the small businesses that could benefit from upgrading one or two systems for free. Microsoft also promised to treat Windows 10 more like a service, with regular security and… continue…

Can Windows 10 Save Windows Phone and Tablets?

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Microsoft Windows 10
Can Windows 10 succeed where Windows 8 failed? Windows 8 was Microsoft’s attempt to build an operating system for both desktop and mobile users. In contrast to previous versions of Windows, which focused solely on the desktop interface, Windows 8 featured a “Start screen” composed of colorful tiles linked to applications; only by clicking or tapping on one of those tiles could the user reach the desktop. In theory, the Start screen would make Windows 8 usable on tablets and… continue…

Meet HoloLens, Microsoft’s Attempt to Win the Future

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Microsoft’s HoloLens seems like something out of a sci-fi movie—maybe Minority Report, or the remake of RoboCop. You slip the black plastic headset over your eyes, and the lenses overlay holographic images onto your surroundings: You can play Minecraft in your living room, for instance, or display a 3-D mockup of a vehicle design on your desk at work. Microsoft showed off HoloLens as part of its broader Windows 10 unveiling Jan. 21. In theory, a camera embedded in the… continue…

What to Expect From Windows 10

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Windows 10 UX
On Jan. 21, Microsoft plans on giving the world a more in-depth look at Windows 10, the next major version of its primary operating system. While many features of the new operating system remain under wraps, enough details have leaked out of Microsoft to give an idea of what’s in store when the software makes its marketplace debut later this year. Click here to find Windows-related jobs. For starters, Windows 10 will almost certainly include a new browser, Spartan, with… continue…

Is Microsoft Truly Embracing Open Source?

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Back in the day, Microsoft viewed open source and Linux as a threat and did its best to retaliate with FUD and patent threats. So it must have been galling to its executives as, over the past 20 years, the bulk of the Internet came to rely on Apache Web servers; while Microsoft now leads in hostnames (according to Netcraft), Apache remains ahead in terms of hosted active sites. And then a funny thing happened: Whether in the name of… continue…