Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Still Trying to Get Surface Right

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Microsoft Surface
Microsoft’s first attempt at Surface, its tablet-laptop hybrid, was an unmitigated disaster that forced the company to take a $900 million write-down on unsold inventory. Rather than abandon the concept, Microsoft has continued to release updated versions of Surface over the past two-and-a-half years. You could argue that the company has no other choice: The future belongs to mobile devices, and Microsoft needs to demonstrate that it can successfully play in that arena if it wants to survive. Check out… continue…

Will Microsoft’s Surface RT Ever Gain Traction?

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If Microsoft had big expectations for its Surface tablet, consumers haven’t shared its enthusiasm. I see four reasons: Microsoft wants to use Surface as a way to revive Windows. Google tried the same thing with its Nexus. But right from the start of its ramp up to launch, something seemed strange about Surface, something seemed to be missing. Oh yeah, Microsoft failed to include the price or availability in the announcement. On October 26 Microsoft said that the Surface RT… continue…

Windows 8 Gives App Developers Big Opportunities

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At the Windows 8 launch, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer highlighted the opportunities that the new OS offers to developers. Said he: “There are 670 million devices just waiting to be upgraded to Windows 8.” And the way to reach their users, he said, is through the Windows Store, the sole distributor for Windows 8 apps. On top of that, Ballmer said, 400 million new PCs are expected to be sold over the next year. If those numbers prove true, Windows… continue…

Microsoft’s Ballmer Launches Windows 8

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Windows 8
Windows 8 is officially released, with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer touting its potential to grab consumers by weaving different facets of their lives across their computer screens… or mobile screens. He’d better be right. As my colleague Vincent Chow notes, the software giant needs its new OS to jump start its mobile efforts and keep it relevant as PC sales slip. “We have re-imagined Windows and the result is a stunning lineup of new PCs,” hyped Ballmer. “Windows 8 brings… continue…

Microsoft Takes Surface Orders; Apple Hints iPad Mini Launch

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Microsoft Surface
Microsoft’s ready to take pre-orders for its Surface and, perhaps more importantly, announced pricing for the Windows 8 RT  versions. Coincidentally I’m sure, Apple sent invitations yesterday to an event that’s speculated to include the iPad Mini’s unveiling. Surface Orders Since in the short term only the RT Surface will be available, I’m betting that at least pricing for the Windows Pro version will be revealed at the Windows 8 release on October 26. In terms of pre-ordering, you’ve got… continue…

Microsoft’s New Logo – Not the Next Big Thing

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Microsoft Logo
Microsoft unveiled its new corporate logo, and after taking a quick glance I can say it looks like a clean, boxy version of its old logo with its colored Windows flag slapped on. Is this as good as it gets 25 years after the behemoth’s last corporate logo revision? Although the four-color Windows flag is now a clean square and the slanted script is now a clean upright font, this “new” logo still looks like Old Microsoft. For example, take… continue…

Partners Spin Impact of Microsoft’s Surface

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Microsoft kicked off this summer by announcing its first tablet, Surface. At first no one thought it could rival the iPad, but within days people began changing their opinion and saw that it could be an interesting competitor, with key selling points like an attached keyboard and USB port. But when Microsoft made its announcement, its partners initially remained uncharacteristically silent. Not a word about Surface, not a word about Windows 8. Until this month. Mixed Emotions and Reactions Nearly… continue…

Microsoft Risks Confusion With New Windows 8 Branding

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Microsoft Surface
Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be launched in less than three months, and some developers and media have already gotten a look at it. But while everything appears to be copacetic, it’s not. The Redmond-based giant has stopped using the word “Metro” to refer the tile-based UI used in both Windows Phone and Windows 8, likely due to a trademark dispute with the German retailer  Metro AG. In the end, the kerfuffle may not be a big deal — as long… continue…

Microsoft May Be Hiring the Next-Gen Surface Team

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MIcrosoft Surface
Microsoft could be assembling a next-generation Surface team charged with mapping out several generations of products. Since June, the company’s been looking for mechanical engineers, component specialists, materials experts, driver developers and audio engineers, as well as manufacturing and packaging designers. Microsoft’s Surface tablet is set to debut Oct. 24, alongside the Windows 8 operating system. While it’s not clear about that device will be a one-off design meant to highlight the new OS, it’s certainly got the company’s hardware… continue…

Apple May Finally Make the iPad’s Smart Cover… Smarter

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Apple may call it the “Smart Cover,” but this particular accessory is nothing more than an expensive addition that may or may not fully protect your tablet if it drops. That’s not saying much, but it appears that Apple has a range of ideas to smarten it up. In a patent application just made public, Apple detailed how it wants to make the Smart Cover a ridiculously useful accessory that could dramatically change the way iPads are being used. The… continue…