How to Manage Older Tech Workers

Older Worker
If you’re a younger manager, you’re bound to confront extra challenges in managing a tech team: Wrangling others gets easier with experience, but you’re probably still picking up some tricks, and sometimes older workers balk at the idea of working for someone who doesn’t have a resume as deep as theirs. Here’s some approaches that can help you bridge the generational gap. Click here to see jobs for tech managers. Meet the Challenge Head-On First, acknowledge the challenges in managing… continue…

How to Estimate a Budget When the Project’s Undefined

Calculating the Budget
December and January are when most companies focus on budgets, but you can be asked to estimate a project most any time of the year. And no matter what happens, managers are always measured against their budgets, so you want to get your estimations right. But when we don’t know exactly what the dev team will be doing, we’ll have to take some educated guesses that involve estimates. That’s why managers fan out across their teams to start asking questions… continue…

What to Do When You’re Tired of Managing

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It’s seen as a natural progression: You’ve worked your way up from coder or developer to a spot as a department manager. But it hasn’t turned out like you imagined. You’re spending most of your time managing people, not getting your hands dirty. If you’re passionate about programming, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’re not as happy as you thought you’d be. So is it possible to move back to a coding or development job? Yes, says Priscilla… continue…

How to Convince Management to Hire More IT Staff

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When it comes to getting more resources for your IT department, you’ve got to speak the language of management. It’s not enough to simply say work’s not getting done or your projects aren’t progressing as quickly as they should. It’s not enough to talk about how overworked your team is, or about how important tasks are falling through the cracks. It’s not even enough to say the business side of the house – sales, marketing, production – isn’t getting the… continue…

Defining a New Project Requirement Process

When faced with a new type of project, I often find myself questioning if my usual approach will work. My proactive nature helps me to think ahead and tweak processes and documentation to fit the new project’s efforts. Unfortunately, with my last project I ventured into new territory and found my doubts were correct. I ended up in a situation where I was constantly scrambling to manage situations instead of being able to be a typical forward-thinker. To briefly outline… continue…

Stack-Ranking’s Alive and Well in Tech

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Boss Cutting Workers
The last 10 years are often called Microsoft’s “lost decade” as the company that once dominated the software world seemed to pay more attention to internal competitions than the marketplace. Microsoft, said Vanity Fair, had “cannibalistic culture.” It laid much of the blame on the forced ranking system the company used for employee evaluations. But now, Microsoft has abandoned that controversial “stacked ranking” system, replacing it with evaluations that forego rankings and give managers much more control over the process.… continue…

How to Manage User Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing (UAT) has been an ongoing topic of influence for me in my career. It’s particularly interesting because I’ve typically been on the IT side of things. But business organizations/partners often don’t have the knowledge or aren’t willing to do take part in testing for themselves. So, I’ve started to just volunteer to lead and manage UAT to ensure the stress of managing a foreign process is removed from the team. It also goes a long way toward… continue…

Going Legit: How to Get Stakeholders On Board Your Projects

When you’re trying to introduce a new project that’s about changing that organization, you have to get stakeholders to accept that change as "legitimate." Here’s how. continue…