Report: Calif. is Prime Target for Global Cybercrime

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A report from the California Attorney General claims the state’s success in business, especially high-tech, makes it a target for cybercrime. continue…

Report: Target Bosses Ignored IT Alert of Impending Breach

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Target IT spotted BlackPOS malware while it was still being installed, but bosses ignored warnings, according to an investigation by Bloomberg. continue…

Expert: Real Cyberwar Will be Worse Than Ukraine-Russia Fight

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Both sides use the Internet well, but can’t attack “real things” from cyberspace. continue…

Target Axes CIO as Part of IT Security Overhaul

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CIO Beth Jacobs, credited with updating Target’s Web, mobile and POS, took the fall for Target’s massive data breach. continue…

Identity Theft Tops FTC Complaint List, Again

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Identity theft continues to top consumer complaints, but the fraud that accompanies it is happening in many more ways than in the past. continue…

Home Routers Pose Biggest Consumer Cyberthreat

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Security firms conclude there are so many vulnerabilities in home routers, the hardware is almost impossible to secure. continue…

Stop Botnets by Knowing a Zombie from a User

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Web traffic from a zombie asking for orders from its botnet can look almost identical to ‘normal’ network traffic; the key is to focus on the ‘almost.’ continue…

Malware Wrapper Uses Windows to Infect Android

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Most malware writers treat Windows as the ultimate target; a new wrapper on an existing Trojan inverts that idea, using Windows to infect Android devices. continue…

100K ‘Thingbot’ Net Shows Risk of ‘Smart’ Devices

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An infected refrigerator is only the beginning: most “thingbots” are embedded-Linux-running TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles and more. continue…