MongoDB’s CEO Puts a Face on Work-Life Balance

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Delayed Flight
Sometimes it takes a moment of drama to push people to a decision point. That, apparently, is what happened to Max Schireson, the CEO of database star MongoDB. Like a lot of tech executives, Schireson faced a grueling travel schedule, flying between his home in California and the company’s New York headquarters, as well as visiting customers and attending conferences. Then one day he woke up on a plane to discover his flight had made an emergency landing for an… continue…

Want Laptop Privacy? Wear This ‘Compubody Sock’

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Sternlab Compubody
Ever sat on a crowded airplane or bus with your laptop open, craving a little privacy as you typed an email or watched a terrible movie? One valiant innovator has a solution for exactly that dilemma, and it’s a bit more, shall we say, enveloping than one of those privacy filters you slide over your screen. The “Compubody Sock,” which anyone with knitting skills can make at home, is a giant sock-hoodie-bag in which you place your laptop or tablet,… continue…

How HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Inspired a Real-Life Formula

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Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.16.23 AM
In the HBO show Silicon Valley, a group of intrepid programmers build a startup around an ultra-speedy compression algorithm, and quickly find themselves challenged by a Google-like tech titan that wants to conquer the same technology segment. For the show’s creators, however, the plot’s focus on code created a challenge: how to explain to a broad audience—in a non-pedantic way—that some compression algorithms are speedier than others? Silicon Valley isn’t Star Trek, where the screenwriters could write pages of impressive-sounding… continue…

5 Simple Ways to De-Stress

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Shoes Off
Technology has never been a nine-to-five business, and that’s especially true today. Whether your office is in some corporate park or your basement, deadlines are aggressive, demands for updates are incessant and email follows you wherever you go. While there’s no magic way to make the craziness stop, you still need to step back and get your breath each day. But how? Here are five simple suggestions that can help build a barrier between your work and home life, and… continue…

Professions That Offer a Good Work-Life Balance

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photo credit Stokkete Shutterstock
Many jobs dangle the prospect of a good “work-life balance” as a way of attracting top-level prospects. But which jobs actually provide that balance? According to a new study by Glassdoor—and contrary to what you might think, at least based on the stereotype of the harried, exhausted software developer or data analyst—a handful of tech professions offer rewarding work without the burnout. The website ranked a variety of professions on a one to five scale, with one meaning the respondents… continue…

This Guy Will Do Anything to Make a Point [Video]

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Bike Lanes
You have to give Casey Neistat credit: He throws himself into his arguments. Ticketed for not riding in New York City’s bike lanes, he set out to prove they’re not always the safest place for a cyclist to be. Some people would have rendered an animation. Others would have used a crash test dummy. Neistat prefers the gritty realism of warm cyclist flesh. Take a look and give him his due. Related Stories Big Data and Your Bike Lane Citi… continue…

Too Tired to Walk the Dog? Use a Drone.

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Dog Walking Drone
Need to walk your dog? Feeling reluctant to go outside yourself? Use a drone to walk your pooch. Videographer Jeff Myers recently documented how he uses his AR drone to remotely walk his golden retriever around his neighborhood. For its part, the dog seems relatively unconcerned by the fact that its leash is clipped to an unmanned aerial vehicle. But Mashable, which posted the video, also makes a vital point about the experiment: Without a mechanical limb of some sort,… continue…

4 Buzzwords Ripe for Elimination

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Gone Viral Sign
Words start out with good intentions and narrow definitions. When lots of people begin using a particular word or phrase connoting a movement or process, it gains “buzz,” and soon becomes fashionable for use in seemingly every other sentence. At the same time, its definition becomes increasingly amorphous; what previously had momentum or excitement soon becomes something of a joke, filler for PowerPoint decks and unimaginative seminars. Every buzzword goes through this cycle; here are four recent ones that should… continue…

Watch This 8-Bit Version of Game of Thrones

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Super Mario Game of Thrones Thumbnail
Well, it had to happen. Someone finally figured out that Game of Thrones and Super Mario go together like… Well, I’m not sure what. But YouTube user NicksplosionFX had a vision, and he wasn’t afraid to execute. To all you Game of Thrones fans out there, you may never watch the show in the same way again. Related Stories This Hysterical Video About BuzzFeed Is Right On Target An Ale That Celebrates Pac-Man’s Legacy A Hilarious Video of a Business… continue…

Are You a Rare “Supertasker”?

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Here’s one of those truisms that seems to pervade working life: People who tend to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously throughout the day—if you’re reading this on a smartphone while talking on the phone with your boss while studying a laptop screen full of data while driving down the highway, you just might fall into this category—think they’re the best multitaskers ever to walk the face the earth. The problem is, research over the past few years has proven pretty conclusively… continue…