Anti-Poaching Lawsuit Becomes Class Action

Scales of Justice
A federal district court granted class-action status in a lawsuit against Apple, Google, Adobe Systems and Intel. The plaintiffs allege the companies worked to suppress compensation by agreeing not to poach each other’s tech workers over a four year period. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice, which had initiated a probe into the allegations, reached a settlement with the companies along with Pixar, Intuit and LucasFilm. The following year, a handful of software engineers who were former employees of… continue…

EMC Sues Ex-Employees for Jumping Ship

A hot Silicon Valley data storage startup that’s looking to double its staff faces a challenge that goes beyond the tight talent market: Some of its recruits are being sued by their former employer. After reportedly losing 30 employees, EMC Corp. has gone to court, the Boston Globe reports. The company is suing some former employees and their new employer, Pure Storage Inc., based in Mountain View, Calif. Pure expects to add 300 workers next year. The company’s website says… continue…

Groklaw Shutting Down Is a Huge Deal

The specter of government surveillance led to the Website’s closure. continue…

Jobs in Enterprise Cloud Governance

By Myra Thomas As enterprises rally their IT departments around cloud governance, the demand for experienced architects with governance expertise is on the rise. “We’re certainly still in the very early stages of the conversation around cloud governance,” says Eric Marks, President and CEO of AgilePath, a management and consulting firm that handles cloud strategy, management and governance. But, he observes, the need for experts inside and outside the enterprise is already becoming clear. For IT departments, a shift to… continue…

Game Developer Gives Pirates a Taste of Their Own Medicine

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Game Dev
By Scott Bowers Piracy is an issue that software developers big and small have to contend with. Some companies push tyrannical copy protection that can frustrate legitimate gamers, while others ship with no protection at all. Indie startup studio Greenheart Games took an unconventional approach to fighting off pirates with its maiden game, Game Dev Tycoon. The developer used pirate-favorite BitTorrent to seed its own “cracked” version of the game to the world, albeit with a slight modification in code.… continue…

Facebook Is Sued Over ‘Like’ Button Functionality

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It’s another lawsuit for Facebook, this time over the way its “Like” button works. Supposedly, a Dutch programmer, Joannes Jozef Everardus van Der Meer, patented a similar tool some five years before Mark Zuckerberg founded his now-ubiquitous company. Since Van Der Meer died in 2004, his family has been pursuing what they see as adequate compensation for his inventions. In 1998, Van Der Meer was working on a social diary called Surfbook. He registered a patent for a feature that… continue…

Don’t Sign That NDA Until You Read This

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Signing a Document
Back in November, Facebook surprised a Silicon Valley iOS Meetup when it requested that attendees sign non-disclosure agreements before they were allowed into its building to hear a presentation on Facebook for iOS. Later, some erstwhile attendees said on the Meetup website that they’d refused and gone home. Although this seemed like a somewhat unusual situation, we all know that NDAs aren’t uncommon in the tech world, whether you’re at developer conferences, trade shows, some meetups, and … even applying… continue…

How to Deal With Non-Competes

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Top Secret
To many companies large and small, technology is gold, especially when they’re creating a new product or using it to run key parts of their business. In those cases, and many others, they’ll insist you sign a non-compete agreement before they’ll bring you on as either a full-time or contract employee. When you’re facing this situation, the thing you obviously want to know is, “What do I do?” Unfortunately, there’s not always a clear-cut answer. “In California, non-competes are not… continue…

John McAfee Crashes and Burns in Guatemala

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John McAfee was climbing into a unique group of eccentric, adventurous and filthy rich legends like William Randolph Hearst, Howard Hughes and Richard Branson. But unlike them, and more like Icarus, he stopped paying attention and flew too close to the sun. Thanks to a hacker who traced his smartphone tracks, McAfee was found earlier this week in Guatemala, where he was arrested Wednesday for entering the country illegally. Although he sought asylum on Thursday, his request was denied. Later… continue…

Should Peer-to-Peer Movie Pirates Be Punished?

Walking the Plank from Wikipedia
With all the hoopla over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there’s another event happening this week that isn’t getting much attention. It begins today, when AT&T, Time Warner and other broadband providers are going to start enforcing their “Six-Strikes” approach to stopping illegal copies of movies, TV shows and other content from being downloaded from peer networking sites. Haven’t heard about this yet? Read on. My friend and supplier The Movie Pirate is worried. “What can they do to me?”… continue…