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‘DIY’ Hardware Offers New Mobile Dev Opportunities

Digispark Board
For Christmas, my daughter gave me a couple of Digispark boards. These little, relatively Arduino-compatible, ATtiny85 micro-controller, USB-equipped wonders are programmed from a notebook and will be the basis for a couple of my new projects. I also received word that my Spark Core has shipped. It’s a Wi-Fi-on-a-chip bolted to the back of a tiny Arduino. These two offerings were dreamed up and built by a re-born genre of developer who harkens back to the early days of solid-state… continue…

Are PaaS Skills Still in Demand?

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Cloud App
Cloud specialists placing a premium on Platform as a Service skills may be wondering if it’s such a smart approach. A recent report by the 451 Research Group raises the question of whether PaaS will eventually morph into one of two cloud sectors – Software as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service, reports Network World. It was just two years ago that some cloud specialists declared that IaaS had become a commodity and PaaS was the place to be… continue…

Using Microsoft’s OneNote as a Creative Tool

OneNote Logo
For many years I designed games, projects, to-do lists, and more using Wiki on a Stick, a single page wiki which worked beautifully in Firefox until three or four years ago. It held everything in one HTML file with embedded CSS and JavaScript. It still exists but is a bit awkward to use because of changes in the Firefox security model. A file that writes itself to a local folder? That sounds dodgy, but it worked well until they removed… continue…

Data, Web, Mobile Jobs Continue to Gain Momentum

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Web development, mobile development and large-scale data analysis will continue to be hot skills during 2014. “Anyone who has experience in and around data is in a great spot right now,” John Reed, senior executive director at staffing firm Robert Half Technology, told Techworld. This includes standard database developers, data engineers who structure data with Hadoop, and data scientists who tease out market insights. Doug Schade, principal consultant in the Software Technology Search division at Boston-based WinterWyman, pointed to demand… continue…

Blocking Queues Beat Lists in Multithreaded Code

Microsoft .NET
In .NET, it’s quite common to store data in a generic List – a List<T> where T is some type such as an int or a class. In addition to its standard uses, a generic list can be implemented as a generic queue in place of a .NET Queue<T>, since a Queue<T> is just a specialized form of List<T> in which items are only added to the end of the list (Enqueue) and taken from the front of the list… continue…

Why You Should Back Up Your Cloud

Backup Key
IT professionals are well aware of the need to retain documents based on everything from regulatory compliance to corporate policies. What many don’t consider is that data migrated to the cloud still may require a backup plan. A recent article in CIO Magazine makes this point: He [Holger Mueller, an analyst with Constellation Research] says IT leaders should pay attention to the fine print in agreements with cloud providers, which often don’t provide timely or complete data backup. If you… continue…

How to Program for the Internet of Things

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Dice News Hangouts
Observers say that 2014 will be the year that the Internet of Things finally comes into its own. But how many more connections will we really see between the network and our refrigerators, house alarms or microwaves? Potentially a lot, and that could mean a range of new opportunities for developers. Dice Linux Talent Community Guide Rob Reilly and Linux Pundit Principal Analyst Bill Weinberg discuss what’s involved in writing a program for connected devices, and what kinds of skills… continue…

Intro to Pipes on the Linux Command Line

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Output of ls awk less
An interesting and useful capability in Linux is the use of the pipe on the command line. Pipes take the output of a command and use it as input to another command. Stringing commands together makes performing operations and filtering a straightforward task, without the need to write and then read intermediate files. While it’s easy to write C programs and scripts to manipulate your text files, taking the output of one command and using it as input to another… continue…

Resources for Building Web Apps in a BYOD World

Web apps are probably the closest programmers are going to get to the “write once, deploy anywhere” ideal. These apps are best suited for users that need to collaborate, share, publish and/or distribute data. Often, the “heavy lifting” for a Web app is done on the server side. They’re available anywhere there’s a Web browser and an Internet connection. This makes them ideal for a BYOD environment. No matter which device a user is carrying, it will have some form… continue…

Transact-SQL Grows in Popularity

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computer servers
People with Transact-SQL skills may find themselves increasingly popular. During 2013, those skills showed the most growth among programming languages on the TIOBE index. Transact-SQL is a key piece if interaction with Microsoft SQL Server, because all applications must send Transact-SQL statements to communicate with them. Although Transact-SQL posted the largest gain over the previous year when it comes to coders searching for programming languages, its increase was not a huge jump like other programming languages have seen in previous… continue…