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Here’s When ‘Flappy Bird’ Returns to Waste Your Time

Flappy Bird
Indie developer Dong Nguyen told CNBC reporter Kelly Evans that his wildly popular Flappy Bird game could return to iOS by August. In a televised interview with Evans, Nguyen said that the game would add a number of new features to its next iteration, including multiplayer. “I will make it less addictive,” he added. (In previous interviews, he expressed concern that people spent too much time playing his game, distracting them from work and school.) He also alluded to the… continue…

50 Reasons to Celebrate BASIC

I started programming in BASIC 38 years ago, in 1976 while I was in my last year of school. I enjoyed it so much that it decided my university degree and career. Back in the mid 70s, if you had access to a computer, it was most likely through a dial-up terminal and you programmed it in Dartmouth BASIC. May 1, 1964, was the date BASIC was launched onto an unsuspecting world at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. That makes… continue…

Tips for Hiring the Right Engineers

Architecture Plans
Engineering skills are always in demand, raising the pressure on companies that want to recruit and retain the best possible engineers. For recruiters, bosses, and HR staff, what’s the best way to find and hire the right candidates? Over at, Glassdoor executive Allyson Willoughby offers four tips for attracting quality engineers. At the top of the list: Investing the time and effort necessary to find and hire the correct people for a particular job, rather than rush the process.… continue…

‘Holistic’ Skills Boost Value of SAP Professionals

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Experienced SAP professionals would be well-served to take on a hybrid role that straddles the line between technology and business. Those who’ve followed that course are commanding higher salaries and seeing negotiations with both current and prospective employers turn increasingly in their favor. The trend demonstrates the importance of having a technical understanding of SAP solutions while “getting” the business context of the systems, says Tracy Levine, an SAP application consultant in the security and GRC practice at itelligence North… continue…

The Basics of Google’s Turn-Based Gaming

Google Play
Early this year, Google announced support for turn-based multiplayer games. In general, turn-based gaming isn’t new, though it is a newcomer to Google Play Services. Now, developers can use Google servers to manage game data. And as of now, there’s no additional cost associated with these features. What is Turn-Based Multiplayer Gaming? As their name indicates, turn-based games allow multiple players to take turns that can be played asynchronously. Google’s turn-based API allows players to invite others to play or… continue…

Will Esolang Help You Get a Job?

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While esoteric programming languages (Esolang) are popular with hackers and enthusiasts, some programmers actually use them for work. One good example is the stack-oriented, “recipe-creating” language Chef. But is having Esolang on your resume beneficial? Maybe. Click here to find Chef jobs. DevOps Says Yes If your goal is a job in DevOps, learning Chef may work in your favor. Moses Sison, head of talent acquisition and human resources at the San Francisco-based startup UberConference, speaks to a lot of… continue…

4 Tips on Choosing External Software

Examine Software
The “Not Invented Here” syndrome is infamous in the software world. That’s too bad. Some things we have to write, but for many others, we’re better off choosing to use libraries, plugins or other external products. Choosing a library involves several technical factors, including compatibility, scalability, security and robustness. But let’s talk about non-technical factors. When choosing an external solution, you should consider: Licensing Support Community History and Roadmap Click here to find IT management jobs. Licensing Licensing is mostly… continue…

Why DBAs Need to Evolve or Get Pushed Aside

Database administrators have always had to keep up with fast and myriad changes in their line of work. But now the underlying structures of their jobs are shifting, and those looking to move up had better embrace those changes or run the risk of getting pushed aside. That means understanding the concepts of virtualization and Database as a Service – DBaaS — says Thomas LaRock, author of DBA Survivor: Become a Rock Star DBA and head geek at SolarWinds, an… continue…

PEA: A New Method of Encryption?

Enigma Machine
Irrespective of the algorithm used, most encryption systems take plain text and a pass phrase and then create an encrypted file. Depending on whether it’s symmetric or asymmetric, either the same pass phrase is used for decryption or another one is needed. With PEA (Programmable Encryption Algorithm), I propose an encryption scheme that takes a pass phrase and a plain text file and outputs an encrypted file and a file of decryption instructions. The two files are then separated and… continue…

How Long Does It Take to Learn a New Skill?

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BlackJack Program
When employers say they need specific skills, job seekers often reply that an experienced IT professional can learn a new language or technology quickly. But is that really the case? It may be if the skill in question is closely related to your experience, but if you’re looking to pick up a new language from scratch the challenge is much greater. There aren’t many programming languages general purpose enough so that when you learn one you may never need to… continue…