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Hack Reactor Tries MOOC Approach to Boot Camps

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San Francisco-based boot camp Hack Reactor is launching a remote program that it describes as “the world’s first work-from-home immersive coding school,” reports VentureBeat. Hack Reactor Remote will teach software and Web development, with an emphasis on JavaScript. While online programs usually take a somewhat flexible approach to learning, Hack Reactor Remote puts students into a three-month immersion program in real time, with a live instructor. It mirrors the company’s in-person classes, offering the same coursework and approach of pairing… continue…

‘NanoDegrees’ Offer Entry-Level, Job-Specific Credentials

Working Online
AT&T and the online education company Udacity have unveiled a “NanoDegree” program designed to teach the basic programming skills necessary to qualify for entry-level technology jobs. The program costs $200 a month and can be completed by a working student in six months to a year, without their having to take time off. Starting this fall, courses will be offered in front- and back-end Web development, iOS development and data analysis. More subjects—including Android development—are on the horizon. AT&T says… continue…

The 10 Most In-Demand Contracting Skills

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Multiple Screen Programmer
The news is good for IT contractors: Demand remains consistent across a number of business sectors and all experience levels. Besides a general dearth of technology talent, recruiters point to a growing need for professionals who can handle social, mobile, analytics and cloud technology work. Hemin Shah, Executive Vice President of Morristown, N.J., staffing and services firm Collabera, sees the need for contractors in a number of industries: communications and media; healthcare; pharma and life sciences; energy and utilities; financial… continue…

4 Ways to Debug Application Crashes

Magnifying Code
Among the worst things that can happen to an application developer is having their software crash at a customer’s location—and having the customer on the phone to them, screaming. So how do you prepare against such an eventuality? In this article I’ll look at a few things you can do to be ready when–not if–something goes wrong, whether it’s hardware failure, a disk crash or someone pulling out a power cable and corrupting a disk. Actually, if you can deal… continue…

This Could Be the Most Important Factor in Your Success

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Communication Skills
You may think your success will be driven primarily by your technical skills, but in today’s world that’s not always the case. That’s been the experience of Brandon Gaylor, an IT systems analyst for a large manufacturing company and 10-year veteran of the industry. For the past three years, Brandon’s spent much of his time building Web applications using C# and ASP.NET MVC. He dabbles in JavaScript, HTML and jQuery, as well. He’s been at his current employer for eight… continue…

These Are the Top 10 Cloud Skills Employers Want

The term “cloud skills” is something of a misnomer. Truth is, there’s no single set of skills you need to get a job working with cloud technology. Instead, employers are looking for a mix of skills that will vary depending on the job in question and the candidate themselves. In other words, they’re looking for breadth rather than depth in any one area. As the cloud continues to grow, so does the need for tech professionals who can develop the… continue…

What eBay Can Teach Us About Security Breaches

Breached Security
Major e-security breaches have become depressingly commonplace among major companies: When eBay announced that attackers had compromised an internal database loaded with customer passwords (still encrypted, the company insisted) and personal data, many people seemed to greet the news with a shrug. After all, this past holiday season saw Target and other major retailers hit with similar thefts. While eBay has admitted the breach, the company seems to be taking a relatively low-key approach to getting users to change their… continue…

How to Process an Image in Code

I’ve recently begun working on a space-themed game that will be set in a galaxy and I’ve decided to create the background based on a photograph. I generate the background by displaying a 100×100 grid of colors, with the color of each block determined by the brightness of the corresponding section of the photograph. The image I started out with is a 600 x 600 pixel photograph of a spiral galaxy from NASA (above), which I divided into a 100×100… continue…

Cloud Services Providers: Plan for Outages

Creative Cloud Login Screen
A login issue prevented customers from accessing Adobe Systems’ Creative Cloud services for nearly 24 hours. “We’re currently experiencing an outage affecting user’s ability to sign in to our services. We are working on a fix—stay tuned,” Adobe tweeted May 14. Until the company fixed the issue, customers couldn’t purchase or upgrade software, or sign out of their account without locking themselves out of the system. Click here to find cloud development jobs. In mid-2013, Adobe chose to focus the… continue…

Here’s When ‘Flappy Bird’ Returns to Waste Your Time

Flappy Bird
Indie developer Dong Nguyen told CNBC reporter Kelly Evans that his wildly popular Flappy Bird game could return to iOS by August. In a televised interview with Evans, Nguyen said that the game would add a number of new features to its next iteration, including multiplayer. “I will make it less addictive,” he added. (In previous interviews, he expressed concern that people spent too much time playing his game, distracting them from work and school.) He also alluded to the… continue…