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How to Become a Data Scientist

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What’s the best advice I would give a budding data scientist? Not everyone has the time or the inclination to get a Ph.D. (and doing so full time or part time is a lengthy endeavor). But there is a big demand for the profession right now, with an estimated shortage of as many as 190,000 data scientists, which is unlikely to get filled anytime soon by the people already enrolled in Ph.D. or undergraduate programs. Check out the latest data science… continue…

The Trick to Win-Win Negotiations

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In many situations, it’s common to feel as if someone is continually taking advantage of something—whether it’s you, the situation itself, or something you can’t quite perceive. Do you feel as if you need to wage constant battles in order to win the resources you need to complete projects? If so, a bit of a refresher on win-win negotiation skills may be in order. Effective negotiation helps resolve conflicts in a way where everybody gets at least a little of… continue…

‘Soft Management’ Is Key to Effective Teams

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Those who manage, or who work with managers on a daily basis, know that managers will often ask for status reports or meetings on a daily or weekly basis in order to judge how projects are progressing. And many times, those reports or meetings are where true “management” seems to end. In my experience, managing via status checks is one-dimensional and insufficient. For instance, it doesn’t take anything into account other than how work is progressing, which provides zero insight… continue…

Is Full-Stack Development Worth Your Time?

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With tools such as Node.js gaining in popularity, some developers believe the line between websites’ front- and back-ends is becoming meaningless. Others argue that the technology on each side remains specialized, and no one person can master both environments well enough to produce high-quality products. All of this points to a very real dilemma for Web developers: Should they pick a side to focus on, or plan to dive into areas that they used to leave alone? The answer is… continue…

How to Negotiate With a Project Manager

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Every project has a human element to it, and how you approach your relationship with the project manager has a direct impact on how you tackle your assignment—and how your work will be judged. Although the project manager is ultimately responsible for the plan’s outcome, you can have a real voice in shaping things by clearly communicating your concerns and needs. The project manager may not have your exact skill set, but it’s a safe bet that he or she… continue…

Tech Pros Need Business Skills, Too

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Check out the latest job ads for software engineers, mobile developers, and data visualization experts, and you’re more likely than ever to find employers asking for candidates with a strong understanding of business operations in addition to the latest programming and coding skills. If you’ve spent your career siloed off in the IT department, eyes glued to a keyboard, you might wonder how someone’s supposed to intuitively know how to figure out budgetary constraints, sales initiatives, and brand identity. Good… continue…

Building Your Tech Skills Without Quitting Your Job

Whatever your current position, continuing to grow your technical skills is crucial to landing your dream job over the next few years. But very few of us have jobs that afford the extracurricular time necessary to master the latest skills and trends. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to learn new skills while keeping your day job. Here are just a few of the best ways to make that happen. Be Clear This might sound overly simplistic, but knowing exactly… continue…

Why ‘Soft Skills’ Are Key for Innovation

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For business analysts, solving clients’ thorniest issues isn’t a purely left-brain exercise; it also requires “soft skills” such as creativity, holistic decision-making, and a willingness to learn. Let’s break down the importance of each. Creativity In the world of business analysis, creative thinking involves more than just thinking “outside the box,” as the cliché goes. Analysts should never take on the entire burden of creating a solution; instead, they should use enterprise analysis, interviews, and other tools to help colleagues and stakeholders… continue…

How to Talk Tech to Nontechnical People

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Communications isn’t just a skill for IT professionals in business-facing roles. Today, practically everyone who works in IT needs the ability to communicate technical concepts and information to end users. Recruiters say hiring managers are often willing to substitute one technical skill for another when they consider candidates… but communication skills are a non-negotiable requirement. So what’s the secret to communicating technical concepts and information to nontechnical folks? Check out the latest IT management jobs. In addition to patience and… continue…

How to Be a Better Business Analyst in 2015

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Now that we’re a month into 2015, it’s worth looking at our resolutions and seeing which ones will actually last us throughout the year. For business analysts, who work with the goals and objectives of clients in order to deliver more business value, it’s especially important to sit down and work through professional goals and objectives. With that in mind, here are four resolutions for becoming a better business analyst: Plan More There is always a need to find a… continue…