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Four Job Seeker Groups in Silicon Valley

ProMatch Meeting
When job hunting gets tough, candidates groups can provide networking opportunities, job leads, camaraderie and professional guidance. Four Silicon Valley organizations — CSIX Connect, Career Actions Ministry, the Cupertino Rotary Club Job Search Support Group and ProMatch – are all good ones to know about. CSIX Connect holds weekly lunch meetings at the Saratoga Federated Church in Saratoga and monthly evening meetings at the First Presbyterian Church in Burlingame, as well as special interest groups, casual weekly lunches in Woodside… continue…

Interview Questions for Java Developers

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With an estimated 9 million developers using it, Java is one of the most popular programming languages around. In fact, some estimate that Java powers more than 3 billion devices. With so many people claiming expertise, IT managers often ask tricky technical questions to separate the novices from senior developers, says David Bolton, guide of the Dice Java Talent Community. Here are some questions you can expect to hear. What is Type Erasure? What Most People Say: “Umm, I’m not… continue…

How to Become an Independent Contractor

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Frustrated with the longer time it can take them to find new jobs, many older workers are thinking about setting themselves up as independent consultants. However, they don’t all realize that involves more than technical smarts: A lack of business and marketing acumen will doom even the most experienced technology experts. Consulting can be lucrative and many companies are quicker to hire for shorter, specific projects. However, it may not be a panacea, observes Carl Angotti, board member of Santa… continue…

How to Automate Your Job Search

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OK, so imagine you are feeling unhappy in your present gig. So, what do you do? Flip through job ads on Dice, interview and wait for the offer letter to come in, right? Is that it? Sure, the grass is always greener in the cubicle across the aisle. But is it really? Before you accept any job offer, or any offer to interview, do a bit of research on the companies you’re talking to and automate whenever possible. Let me… continue…

Here’s An Interview Question With One Right Answer

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How does Michael Heyward, the 26-year-old founder of secret-sharing app Whisper, identify employees who have the innate excitement to drive the company forward? He asks them about Ohio. Specifically, he asks whether they’d want to work for the company if it was based in Ohio, he told Business Insider. Considering that it’s in fact located in a mid-century house on a sunny residential street in Santa Monica, Calif., an Ohio address paints quite a contrast. But Heyward says ideal candidates… continue…

What to Do When Recruiters Don’t Read Your Resume

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A recruiter calls you up about a Java job, iOS developer position or some other hot, hard to fill IT role. But as you talk, it becomes clear that they’ve given your resume little more than a cursory glance. Sadly you’ve gotten one of the six second resume scans that’s often performed by recruiters wading through a pile of resumes with little time to read each one. Of course, you’d hope that they’d spend a little more effort with the… continue…

Are Traditional Resumes Passé?

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Has social media eliminated the need for the traditional resume? The short answer: Not yet. Although a great majority of companies use platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn to source candidates, 77 percent always ask for a resume before scheduling an interview and 19 percent request one most of the time, according to a survey by, a pre-employment testing and screening software firm located in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. To be sure, there’s less need for a paper resume nowadays,… continue…

How to Answer Bad Technical Interview Questions

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Bad Question
If you go on enough interviews, sooner or later someone will ask you to explain a database in three sentences to your eight-year-old nephew or to name as many options of the ls command as you can. You may be tempted to roll your eyes, but that’s not the best way to respond. After all, what seems like a really bad question could be the interviewer’s way of assessing your diplomacy or the way you interact with technically-challenged end users.… continue…

5 Interview Answers for Web Developers

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Given the diverse nature of Web projects, anticipating a hiring manager’s needs and preferences can be difficult. It’s not a field where managers are swayed by fancy degrees or certifications, observes Michelle Greenlee, a self-taught Web developer and guide for the Dice Android Talent Community. The ability to describe the problems you’ve solved and the outcomes you’ve achieved is the common denominator among successful candidates. “You don’t have to ace every technical question to impress a hiring manager,” says Greenlee.… continue…

Interview Answers for Software Engineers

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Writing computer programs isn’t easy. So to assess a software engineer’s mastery of a language, Catherine Powell asks them to write a small application. Getting the technical assessment out of the way lets her focus her interview on the candidate’s adaptability, environmental fit and engineering approach. See more of our interview questions “Anyone can search the Internet and memorize answers to technical questions,” says Powell, the Dice Software Engineering Talent Community guide. “I want to know if they can anticipate… continue…