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How to Network (Almost) Painlessly

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We’ve all heard that networking is the best way to get a job and to strengthen your position if layoffs are on the horizon. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to do, especially if you’re not the type of person who likes wading into a pack of strangers armed with nothing but your business card. But the bottom line is networking is important – some would say critical – to landing a job, and it’s an ongoing thing: You have to… continue…

How to Find Jobs That Boost Your Entire Career

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Recruiters and others in the biz of HR often talk about “the war for talent.” It is a term originating from Steven Hankin of McKinsey & Company in 1997 and a book by Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield-Jones and Beth Axelrod. To quote Wikipedia, “…war for talent refers to an increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees.” The question I pose to you is, “How talented are you?” Sure, you could point to your resume and what you achieved.… continue…

How to Showcase Your Accomplishments on Your Resume

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We’ve all seen those go-getter resumes with eye-popping stats and amazing achievements. But does yours seem, well, “so what?” Watch as career coach and resume writer Dawn Rasmussen steps job seeker Kim Dildy through the process of highlighting her accomplishments as she looks for a project manager’s job. By putting the results of her work front and center, Kim adds to her resume’s value. The method: Use stories from her previous positions to highlight the skills and accomplishments most pertinent… continue…

Interview Questions for Business Analysts

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Employers will add 876,000 business analysis-related positions by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. To score one of them you’ll need a mixture of soft and technical skills, says Nisha Karki, account and technical support manager for the New Jersey-based consulting firm ConsultADD. “Companies have raised the bar, especially for contractors,” Karki notes. “They still want BAs who have analytical and communications skills but now they expect them to have technical skills like data warehousing and SQL.” When… continue…

Which Hackathons Are Right for Job Seekers?

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A number of IT companies stage hackathons as a way to identify and recruit the technology talent they need. But the people they’re targeting don’t always appreciate the effort. Indeed, these companies are experiencing something of a backlash. In a recent post on Hackers and Hacking, HackMatch founder Dave Fontenot notes that the reasons businesses stage hackathons and the reasons developers participate are “fundamentally different.” A very small portion of attendees want to be recruited, he contends, and those who… continue…

How to Craft a PSR Resume

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The Problem: Employers are ignoring your resume. In fact, you’ve only scored one interview after sending it out to more than 100 open positions. The Solution: You use the PSR – for “problem, solution, results” — methodology to punch up your experience bullets and provide a brief project summary. The Results: You score a dozen interviews and two offers after tantalizing employers with a revitalized package that emphasizes your value. So what is this magical PSR methodology? In a nutshell,… continue…

‘Exploding’ Job Offers Fail to Draw Candidates

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Time Bomb
At a time when more IT professionals are confident about their place in the job market, some employers are trying to nail down candidates with aggressive offers – aggressive as in “make your decision right now.” “This is kind of anecdotal – you hear stories about companies like Google and Amazon making just ridiculously high offers and having them expire really rapidly,” says Ben Hicks, a partner in the Software Technology Search division of Boston recruiting firm WinterWyman. “I’ve heard… continue…

Job Opportunities in the Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things is so hot, so glamorous, people have almost forgotten that real tech skills are needed to make those connected devices talk. For their efforts to network cars, alarm systems and appliances, companies are going to need programmers, QA testers, network engineers and UI designers, just to name just a few. In this Dice News Hangout, Talent Community Guide Rob Reilly and Linux Pundit Principal Analyst Bill Weinberg explore the skills that will be necessary, and look… continue…

How to Build Your Job Credentials With Code

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The mark of a great programmer is well-written code, but it’s not always easy to showcase the quality of your work. As a contract programmer, I’ve started to bring printed examples of my code to interviews. I make sure that I know every line of whatever I bring and can explain what it does. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science (from 1981), but being able to show that I write good code is much more effective for landing… continue…

Do This Before You Accept That Job Offer

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In A Christmas Carol, Ebeneezer Scrooge is visited by three spirits who share events from the past, present and near future. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had such insights before accepting your next job offer? Well, in a sense you do, because you have a resume. You can reflect on your professional past and look around at where you are now. Alas, the future is beyond your grasp. Or, is it? With a bit of due diligence, you can… continue…