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How to Translate Today’s Skills Into Tomorrow’s Job

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We’ve all seen postings for jobs we know we’d be right for, even if we don’t have the complete set of skills listed in the job description. When that’s the case, how do you convince recruiters that you can get the work done promptly and well? For the answer, join us for our Google Hangout, “Helping Recruiters Connect the Dots: Translating What You Do Into What They Need.” Our panel of career experts will look at how to address skills… continue…

How to Keep Up With Evolving Skills

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Are you looking for work now? Since you’re in tech you might want to take advantage of the demand for your skills. But how do you know that you will always be a hot commodity? The best way to make sure is to monitor industry trends and leverage your existing talent in new ways, or to develop an expertise in an emerging trend. Either way, this strategy takes time and a steady eye to pull off effectively. Let me walk… continue…

How to Land a Job at Hewlett-Packard

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With 317,500 employees in over 170 countries, Hewlett-Packard is always seeking best-fit candidates for its job openings. The company is currently in the midst of a five-year turnaround plan to transform itself back into a market leader, with a mission to deliver an agile “new style of IT” that’s driven by the interrelated trends of the cloud, security, mobility and Big Data. To meet these goals, it’s looking for individuals whose experience and interests run the gamut from cyber-security to… continue…

Interview Answers for Oracle EBS Application Developers

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Application developers specializing in Oracle’s E-Business Suite need the sharp eye of a consultant and a heavy dose of functional expertise to create custom application components, seamless interfaces into popular modules, and to support future growth. In addition, they need great communication skills to work with end users while refining business requirements, functional designs, testing and reporting documents. That’s why Jagdeesh Reddy, HR manager for Virginia-based Doyen Business Solutions, likes to explore a professional’s functional expertise and coding skills during… continue…

Who Me? Network? Here’s How To Without Fear

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Networking is particularly tough for introverts, people who dread the idea of circulating at an event for the purpose of talking to strangers. But it can be done, and by using a few tricks you can have productive conversations with a minimum of strain. On this week’s Hangout, Lynne Goldman and Susan Morris of Pennsylvania-based Merit Career Development take a look at how the introverted among us can create a strategy for talking to people in ways that can build… continue…

9 Points to Weigh Ahead of Your Next BA Role

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There’s a strong demand for business analysts out there, which means you could find yourself in the sweet spot of having a number of opportunities to pick from. If you do, don’t jump too fast. Take the time to consider these points as you evaluate your offers. Remember, it’s as important for you to be comfortable with your employer as they are with you. So when you’re searching for your next job, take a look at: The company’s recruiting process,… continue…

Who Me? Network? Join Us Live

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Join us today for a live Google Hangout on how you can make yourself comfortable with networking. We’ll start at 2 p.m. ET. Watch the Hangout live by clicking here. Our guests are Lynne Goldman and Susan Morris of the Pennsylvania career development firm Merit Systems. They’ll give us tips to help you reach out in ways that fit with your own comfortable, personal style. We’ve all heard that networking is the best way to get a job and to… continue…

5 Unusual Ways to Look for Your Tech Job

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Typically, we think of job searches as being about networking, resumes, interviews and the like. But sometimes unusual approaches can pay off, too, especially when you’re in the early stages and working to identify prospective employers. Zach Dearth, recruiting director at Randstad Technologies in Boston, says he and his team have heard of some interesting approaches over the years. Job hunting is never fun and at times it can be ego-bruising, so some of the tactics below can seem like… continue…

5 Things Impacting Your IT Job Search Right Now

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The unemployment rate in technology is running well below the national average – 3.5 percent during 2013’s fourth quarter — and employers regularly complain that there are too few candidates available for too many IT jobs. That’s good. But it doesn’t mean you can approach your job search cavalierly. In any environment, it’s important to understand the dynamics at work so you can position yourself in the best way possible. Here are five dynamics of today’s tech job market you… continue…

More Companies Adopt ‘No Jerk’ Policies

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When it comes to hiring, there are two rules that Nimble Storage CEO Suresh Vasudevan follows. One’s a headline-grabber, the other obvious, if not often followed. “First, we do not hire jerks,” Vasudevan told the Register. “If I can choose between an arrogant rocket scientist and an agreeable guy that I love to work with — that isn’t quite as talented yet, I choose the latter.” The strategy, which Silicon Valley regulars may recognize as uncommon, has apparently worked well.… continue…