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IT Should Take Its Time with Windows 8

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Windows 8
Dice News’s Dino Londis has made a strong case for why “IT Will Adopt Windows 8, Like It or Not.” The lingering question to ponder now is when. In the coming months, you and your IT team will have to make some decisions about software and hardware upgrades, and if your 2013 budget is getting locked down right now, you may feel pressure to figure out what you want to do about Windows 8 for your organization right away. But… continue…

IT Will Adopt Windows 8, Like It or Not

Windows 8 Desktop
We don’t know yet if Windows 8 will be one to skip, but Microsoft’s release history leads me to believe it will be. Since Windows 98, every successful OS released by the company was followed by a dud. But Microsoft has bet big on 8 by completely revamping the UI and building hardware to support it. By all accounts it Windows 8 runs most everything that 7 runs in both 32 and 64 bit applications. It improves performance in side-by-side benchmarks with its predecessor, improves… continue…

SimpliVity’s OmniCube ‘Assimilates’ Service Stacks

As virtualization moves from just virtualizing machines to virtualizing entire data centers, vendors are trying to compress entire stacks of services and give you that entire virtualized experience in just one solution. At VMworld 2012, I spoke with Jesse St. Laurent, Director of Technology and Product Strategy for SimpliVity, who showed off the company’s new OmniCube. It compresses a stack  into one shared resource pool for all data centers. They like to call assimilation. OmniCube allows for access and management of… continue…

Best Opportunities May be at the Top 10 List’s Bottom

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Titanic Grand Staircase Replica
Just when we’ve finished digesting the latest “Hottest Skills for IT” list comes another “Hottest Skills for IT” list, followed by another, then the next and the next and the next. There’s nothing wrong with such information, and it’s a perfectly reasonable exercise for recruiters, consulting firms and the trade press to take the temperature of the tech workforce and sniff out trends. Lately, however, the conventional wisdom behind these lists has me skipping past the top five and focusing… continue…

Storing Web Assets for Performance and Scale

Google App Engine
There are a lot of good cloud platforms out there, and it seems like more are popping up every day. When evaluating them, you need to understand what your real needs are and not simply pick one because it’s a well-known name. For example, if storage of Web assets is critical you should choose a platform that offers the best content delivery network at the best price. If such storage is not your primary concern, and a flexible set of… continue…

Oracle Touts VDI That Goes Beyond Windows

Oracle’s joining the fray of the many providers offering virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions. At VMworld 2012, I spoke with Stuart Scurti, an enterprise account manager for Oracle’s VDI. Scurti argues that Oracle’s VDI beats its competitors because: It’s certified on all Oracle applications. They’re not just a Windows OS shop. Oracle’s VDI can connect to any OS you want it to. It has an integrated smart card. By pulling the smart card and bringing it to another machine, you… continue…

Love, Sex and C++: The Technology Behind OkCupid

Couple Has Fun in Bed from Bigstockphoto
Our subject today, OkCupid, is known as the dating destination where the cooler, cuter kids hang out. With 3.2 million active users and 7.1 million unique visitors each month, it’s touted for having a proprietary algorithm that results in a more compatible match. Somewhere between 50 and 75 percent of single, active Internet users have tried online dating. Each of the big dating sites like, Plenty of Fish and OkCupid has a distinct reputation, and OKCupid’s happy to be… continue…

How EMC’s Storage Resource Management Works

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This video shows a demo of EMC’s newly announced Storage Resource Management Suite. The new tool, which I saw at VMworld 2012, allows you to analyze the health and storage performance of your virtual environment at every end point from your applications right down to your storage. Paula Swanson, a Product Marketing Manager at EMC, gave the demo, which shows an example of troubleshooting an Oracle application. She drills down through several screens to see where the trouble is. In… continue…

Unisys Stealth Enables Virtual Networks

Security is an obsession for everyone who talks about the cloud and virtualization. Hoping to add another layer of comfort to your security concerns, Unisys has introduced its Stealth Solutions Suite, an NSA-certified technology that stealth-enables network endpoints, making them seem invisible on your network. “You can’t hack what you can’t see,” notes Jill M. Walsh, stealth portfolio manager, Technology, Consulting and Integration Solutions at the company. The stealth technology executes low in the protocol stack. On top of the… continue… Wants to Grab You With a Single Sign-On

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Every year around this time, thousands of administrators gather at the big Dreamforce conference to attend workshops and hear the company’s executives talk about what’s coming next. It’s a big deal because is a leading CRM solution that drives the sales and marketing departments of thousands of companies. This $20 billion juggernaut wants to get even bigger. How? By extending its reach beyond the sales department and into more corners of the enterprise. The plan is to create a sort… continue…