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How to Get Hired by Deloitte

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Deloitte LLP — the audit, financial advisory, tax and consulting firm and its subsidiaries — has about 60,000 employees in more than 100 offices across the country. Its technology practice involves about 8,700 professionals who advise the business’s clients in a variety of industries, including healthcare and financial services as well as federal, state and local governments. Currently, Deloitte has a variety of needs. They range from functional, technology strategy and project management roles to technical architect, development and integration… continue…

What Does an IT Architect Do?

What does an IT architect do? It’s an interesting question not only for those thinking about a career as an IT architect, but also for anyone working in IT, because there isn’t a consistent definition of the job within the industry. Architects who do more or less the same things with the same skills may be referred to as enterprise architects, solution architects, project architects, IT architects, technical architects, data architects, application architects, business architects, cloud or SOA architects, and… continue…

SharePoint as an Architecture Repository

Over the past decade, enterprise architecture as a practice has gained quite a bit of traction. Where EA hasn’t taken root yet, solution architecture is often practiced. One of the biggest challenges to the adoption of any type of IT architecture practice or department is the ability to integrate it into the larger solutions lifecycle of any given organization. This is typically a challenge because: The culture of the organization isn’t sure about the value proposition for architecture. The working… continue…