4 Interview Questions for Epic Analysts

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Besides dealing with the expected challenges that accompany any implementation, Epic systems analysts often have to manage a team of healthcare clinicians who just might be resistant to change. “The job’s a combination of technical and people skills,” says Jarrod Germano, Director of HCIsustain, a healthcare IT support services company. Working in a large hospital setting—where Epic is often found–means working with a diverse team of doctors, nurses and administrators to enable proper implementation, follow-up support and optimization. Click here… continue…

Here’s the One Thing You MUST Say During an Interview

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Skeptical Man
By the time hiring managers ask you in for an interview, they’ve already decided you’ve got the technical skills to do the job. Their purpose in meeting you is to decide whether you’ll fit with the team, gauge your soft skills and in general measure your level of enthusiasm for the position. This last point is among the most critical. If there’s one thing you absolutely must get across during your meeting, it’s why you want the job. “Skills can… continue…

‘Where Else Are You Interviewing?’

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  Tip of the Day One of these days, an interviewer is going to ask what other employers you’re talking to. There’s not really a graceful way around answering, so take the question head on and provide just enough information to satisfy their curiosity without hurting your chances. One way to do this is by describing the companies without using their names, or describing where you are in the hiring process. For example, say, “I’ve interviewed with a business intelligence… continue…

Interview Questions for Novice Software Testers

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If you’re interested in software testing, you don’t need robust tech skills so much as a heavy dose of tenacity and a strong service mentality. “It’s still a young profession so there are a lot of misconceptions about the role,” says Ben Yaroch, President of the Association for Software Testing and Senior Software Quality Engineer for ExactTarget, an Indianapolis-based digital marketing platform. “Most applicants have had some exposure to testing but they haven’t done it full time,” he says. “I… continue…

Don’t Hide Behind the Team in Interviews

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Tip of the Day Teamwork is important, and during interviews you always want to show that you’re a team player. But don’t go too far. When describing projects that you’ve worked on, talk about what you did. Don’t say “we took this approach…” or “we decided on this strategy.” To some managers, that can imply that “you” didn’t show much leadership and simply went along with the crowd. Hiring managers are trying to decide whether you can help them out… continue…

Finding Cultural Hints in an Employer’s Interview Questions

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Tip of the Day You can learn a lot about a company by the questions it asks during an interview. For example, managers may probe your knowledge of a technology. It’s not enough to be able to write most programs in their language, they want to make sure you know the ins and outs of the language, too. Companies that focus on such questions tend to place a high value on your current skill set. They want you to be… continue…

How to Answer Open-Ended Interview Questions

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Tip of the Day When you’re asked an open-ended question during an interview, success is about delivering a good answer and delivering it well. The first part is about preparation, while the second is about communication skills. Can you deliver a clear, concise, well-structured answer? Here are two structures that will help you: Nugget First: In this approach, you lead with your thesis, or “nugget.” For example, if you’re asked about a challenging interaction with a co-worker, you say something… continue…

4 Interview Questions for UX Designers

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User experience is about science, not art. That’s why consummate UX pros don’t base design decisions on intuition. Instead, they use data and feedback to improve the experience for users of websites and applications. They think independently, solve problems and aren’t afraid to advocate for their ideas, according to Jen Romano Bergstrom, UX Project Leader for Arlington, Va., research firm Fors Marsh Group. She’s also the Director of Marketing and Communications for the User Experience Professionals Association. Search user experience… continue…

Watch Out for These Red Flags During Interviews

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Interviews are for you as well as your potential employer. While they’re checking you out, you get to evaluate them on their technology choices, growth potential and culture, among other things. Keep an eye out for these red flags. They don’t ask many technical questions when you’re interviewing for a technology position. If they don’t assess your technical chops, then what kind of bozos have they hired already? None of the projects or problems or skills the interviewers mention are… continue…

How to Navigate a Complex Hiring Process

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Some employers like to put candidates through their paces as they search for the perfect fit, which can lead to a process that requires multiple interviews spread over several weeks. Unless you know what lies ahead, you could be derailed by an abrupt salary question, a bad credit score or a poor showing at a technical interview. The best way to be ready for any contingency is to be prepared. Here’s an outline to help. Step 1: Understand the Process… continue…