Interview Answers for Software Engineers

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Writing computer programs isn’t easy. So to assess a software engineer’s mastery of a language, Catherine Powell asks them to write a small application. Getting the technical assessment out of the way lets her focus her interview on the candidate’s adaptability, environmental fit and engineering approach. See more of our interview questions “Anyone can search the Internet and memorize answers to technical questions,” says Powell, the Dice Software Engineering Talent Community guide. “I want to know if they can anticipate… continue…

How to Master the Video Interview

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Cat Miller
With the increasing prevalence of video chatting, video interviews are becoming more common. For employers who can’t meet face-to-face, they’re great as a more personal option than a phone interview. They allow the job seeker and the hiring manager to see one another, which can help them better understand the other’s reactions and emotions. Indeed, the technology has come so far, these sessions can seem like a more convenient version of an in-person interview. But be careful getting too comfortable.… continue…

How to Seem Confident in an Interview, Even If You Aren’t

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Cat Miller
When it comes to communicating, there is a potentially huge difference between what we actually say and how it comes across. Our message comes across as 7 percent verbal, 38 percent vocal, and 55 percent body language. So, we could be saying one thing here (verbal) and saying the exact opposite here (body). Making sure you’re communicating exactly what you intend is all about awareness. So today, we’re going to talk about the three elements of communication, how to be… continue…

To Beat the Software Interview, Think Video Games

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By Ben Weiss I think we can all agree that interviewing for software development jobs could be a little more fun because as it currently stands, the whole process pretty much sucks. First, you have to get noticed, which seems all but impossible with modern day applicant tracking systems. When you do get noticed, you then need to go through the formalities presented by Human Resources, undergo a technical assessment from senior development types, then endure a problem solving and… continue…

4 Not-So-Obvious Interview Basics

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They say the way to gauge the skill of a trained chef is not by their hollandaise sauce, it’s by the egg that goes with it. What am I talking about? Here’s the connection: Today’s advice is not about your hollandaise sauce. It’s about the perfectly cooked egg. So if you don’t want just a job, but a great job, it’s not just important to research the company and customize your cover letters. It’s even more important to remember the… continue…

Interview Questions for C++ Programmers

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Even if you know C++ syntax and have memorized STL components, you could stumble during a technical interview since some managers like to explore the boundary of a programmer’s C++ knowledge. To make sure you land on your feet, we asked Dice C++ Community Guide David Bolton to share a few standard questions, as well as some posed by these boundary explorers. Is it legal and moral for a member function to say delete this? What Most People Say: No,… continue…

How to Answer ‘Where Else Are You Interviewing?’

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One of our community members asked: How should I respond when hiring managers ask where else I’ve been interviewing? If I say nowhere, they’ll think I’m desperate. Or, they may think their job is my second choice if I mention high profile companies. What do I do? This question requires a strategic response. The key is to provide just enough information to satisfy the interviewer’s curiosity without hurting your chances. Here’s how to do it. Describe the companies without mentioning… continue…

Watch a Cisco Manager Conduct a Whiteboard Test

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Michelle Concannon, a software development hiring manager at Cisco Systems Collaboration Technology Group, has seen it all during her nearly seven years at the networking giant: From death grips on the marker during whiteboard tests, to candidates who freeze when the board suddenly seems very, very blank. Concannon, who recently relocated from Ireland to Cisco’s San Francisco offices, doesn’t want to see these signs of fear. She wants job applicants to feel at ease. Success at the whiteboard, after all,… continue…

Technical Interview Questions for Linux DevOps

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Demand for DevOps professionals is soaring as companies find that those with development and operations experience can accelerate the development process and produce more reliable software. As a result, more people are pursuing DevOps opportunities involving accessible open source programs like Linux, says Rob Reilly, the Dice Linux Talent Community guide. However, he issues a warning for those trying to break in: DevOps is a very tough niche. “The roles can be exceedingly technical and there’s no faking or embellishing… continue…

How to Answer Inappropriate Interview Questions

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You’re in the middle of a job interview when, out of the blue, the manager asks what your significant other does for a living. Questions about your age, race, national origin, gender, religion, marital status and sexual orientation are strictly off-limits, but how do you respond to those that solicit irrelevant or personal information? Should you tap dance around the issue or put the boor in his place? Gather your things and head for the nearest exit? The answer depends… continue…