Don’t Hide Behind the Team in Interviews

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Tip of the Day Teamwork is important, and during interviews you always want to show that you’re a team player. But don’t go too far. When describing projects that you’ve worked on, talk about what you did. Don’t say “we took this approach…” or “we decided on this strategy.” To some managers, that can imply that “you” didn’t show much leadership and simply went along with the crowd. Hiring managers are trying to decide whether you can help them out… continue…

Finding Cultural Hints in an Employer’s Interview Questions

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Tip of the Day You can learn a lot about a company by the questions it asks during an interview. For example, managers may probe your knowledge of a technology. It’s not enough to be able to write most programs in their language, they want to make sure you know the ins and outs of the language, too. Companies that focus on such questions tend to place a high value on your current skill set. They want you to be… continue…

How to Answer Open-Ended Interview Questions

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Tip of the Day When you’re asked an open-ended question during an interview, success is about delivering a good answer and delivering it well. The first part is about preparation, while the second is about communication skills. Can you deliver a clear, concise, well-structured answer? Here are two structures that will help you: Nugget First: In this approach, you lead with your thesis, or “nugget.” For example, if you’re asked about a challenging interaction with a co-worker, you say something… continue…

4 Interview Questions for UX Designers

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User experience is about science, not art. That’s why consummate UX pros don’t base design decisions on intuition. Instead, they use data and feedback to improve the experience for users of websites and applications. They think independently, solve problems and aren’t afraid to advocate for their ideas, according to Jen Romano Bergstrom, UX Project Leader for Arlington, Va., research firm Fors Marsh Group. She’s also the Director of Marketing and Communications for the User Experience Professionals Association. Search user experience… continue…

Watch Out for These Red Flags During Interviews

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Interviews are for you as well as your potential employer. While they’re checking you out, you get to evaluate them on their technology choices, growth potential and culture, among other things. Keep an eye out for these red flags. They don’t ask many technical questions when you’re interviewing for a technology position. If they don’t assess your technical chops, then what kind of bozos have they hired already? None of the projects or problems or skills the interviewers mention are… continue…

How to Navigate a Complex Hiring Process

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Some employers like to put candidates through their paces as they search for the perfect fit, which can lead to a process that requires multiple interviews spread over several weeks. Unless you know what lies ahead, you could be derailed by an abrupt salary question, a bad credit score or a poor showing at a technical interview. The best way to be ready for any contingency is to be prepared. Here’s an outline to help. Step 1: Understand the Process… continue…

6 Skills a Great Business Analyst Should Have

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Succeeding as a business analyst requires experience, domain knowledge and sometimes certifications, but it helps if you develop several general skills, as well. It’s valuable to recognize them because they’ll help you thrive in a role that often comes with lots of autonomy, constantly evolving demands and priorities, and tons of ambiguity. These skills don’t necessarily determine whether you’ll be a competent business analyst. But if you’re aware of them, you’ll have a leg up in selling yourself as someone… continue…

How to Face Down an Interviewer Who’s a Jerk

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When you go in for an interview, you expect the manager to be professional, if not pleasant. But sometimes you run into one who’s just, to put it plainly, a shmuck. Needless to say, it’s no fun to face someone who’s irritated or angry, rude or belittling. Don’t take the bait. Believe it or not, some companies purposely conduct stress interviews to see how a candidate deals with pressure. Though that says a lot about a company’s culture, you still… continue…

What You Need to Know About Video Interviews

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What was once a rarity is becoming common: Video interviewing has gone mainstream. A survey by Boston-based researcher Aberdeen Group found that 68 percent of organizations participated in live video interviewing in 2013 compared to 61 percent in 2012. While only 19 percent conducted prerecorded or asynchronous interviews last year, that’s still up from 13 percent in 2012. What’s behind the trend? An increasing comfort with webcams and video communications platforms such as Skype. And then there’s the financial benefits.… continue…

How to Translate Today’s Skills Into Tomorrow’s Job

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We’ve all seen postings for jobs we know we’d be right for, even if we don’t have the complete set of skills listed in the job description. When that’s the case, how do you convince recruiters that you can get the work done promptly and well? For the answer, join us for our Google Hangout, “Helping Recruiters Connect the Dots: Translating What You Do Into What They Need.” Our panel of career experts will look at how to address skills… continue…