Four Strategies for Overcoming Degree Requirements

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Matt Goldenberg’s client wanted to get into Web marketing and analytics. He had an aptitude for his work at a real estate company but faced one big hurdle: He lacked a Computer Science degree, and many of the job postings he’d seen required one. So Goldenberg, a Portland, Ore., Career Coach, devised a clever strategy.  He had the client approach his current employer with a plan to do some Web marketing for the company, at a reduced rate. In exchange,… continue…

Expect Tough Interviews at These Companies

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Group Interview
Interviews can be nerve-wracking. but at some tech companies they can be real pressure cookers. At least that’s one of the takeaways from Glassdoor’s list of the 25 most difficult companies to interview with. Eleven of the businesses on the list are tech companies – including Google, Microsoft and Citrix. For the first time in two years, Microsoft was on the list. Given the company’s reputation for difficult questions, it’s more surprising that it had dropped from the group at… continue…

My Interviewer is Wrong. What Do I Do?

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While it’s usually candidates who make the mistakes in interviews, interviewers can screw up, too. Handling that kind of situation can be tricky. If you back down completely, you’ll be “confessing” to a factual error that you never actually made, which may damage your interviewer’s perception of your performance. If you argue too much, though, your interviewer may perceive you as hostile and arrogant, and could reject you. And, there’s always the off-chance that your interviewer is testing you to… continue…

Watch a Job Seeker Interview with Game-Maker Turbine

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Josh Green is a game designer and producer who’s been looking for work since the demise of Facebook game maker Asvathaa in mid-2012. To help him hone his interview skills, we arranged for Josh to sit down with Craig Alexander, Vice President of Product Development for Turbine, a developer of massive multiplayer online role-playing games. The video includes the interview, as well as Josh’s analysis of his performance and Craig’s feedback on his resume and presentation. Craig also has tips… continue…

Watch a Sony Entertainment Recruiter in Action

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Recent college graduate Jason Lee wants to leverage his Computer Science degree into a job in games. But as his graduation from UC Irvine approached, he’d landed only a handful of interviews. At 2013’s E3, we arranged for Lee to sit down with Marcus Walton, Engineering Recruiter for Sony Computer Entertainment America. For Lee, who wants to specialize in algorithms and the human interaction portion of computer vision, what was meant to be a practice interview for our camera took… continue…

This Week’s Most Popular Stories

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For your weekend reading pleasure, here are the five stories Dice users liked best this week. Fate of H-1B Reform Uncertain in the House: Despite the Senate’s passage last week of a comprehensive immigration reform bill, the debate over guest workers – specifically H-1Bs – is far from over. In large part, that’s because the House of Representatives has different ideas about immigration in general. What Interviews Say About a Company’s Culture: We hear a lot about how interviewing is… continue…

What Interviews Say About a Company’s Culture

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Any Questions
We hear a lot about how interviewing is a two way street, and how you should be interviewing the company to learn as much about them as they’re learning about you. But did you know that you can learn a lot about a company while they’re asking you questions? The types of questions a company asks says a lot about it and what it values. Coding and Algorithms These are the types of questions you’ll find at the “elite” tech… continue…

Mastering the Behavioral Interview Question

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Not everything about the interview process is predictable, but you can bet that you’ll be asked a few behavioral questions – and probably a few behavioral questions per interview. Behavioral questions can be questions like, “what would you do if _______?”, but more likely they’re of the form, “Tell me about a challenging interaction with a coworker on _____ project.” Contrary to popular belief, you can and should prepare for behavioral questions. Yes, I know it’s “just talking about yourself,”… continue…

Brainteasers or No, Google’s Interviews Remain a Challenge

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Google’s vaunted brainteasers are gone. Once a staple of its hiring process, the company’s decided that the tactic just didn’t add much value to the challenge of evaluating candidates. Talking with the New York Times, Google’s Senior Vice President of People Operations Laszlo Bock said the teasers were “A complete waste of time. They don’t predict anything. They serve primarily to make the interviewer feel smart.” However, one type of question that remains could be misconstrued as a brainteaser: Queries… continue…

Interview Questions for Hadoop Developers

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Hadoop is an open distributed software framework that enables programmers to run an enormous number of nodes handling terabytes of data. One of its most significant abilities is allowing a system to continue to operate even if a significant number of nodes fail. Since Hadoop is continuing to mature, hiring managers and recruiters are finding few Hadoop specialists out there. Consequently, many of those being hired for Hadoop-heavy jobs are those able to demonstrate that they can learn it quickly… continue…