Tech Interview Questions for iOS Developers

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While some managers ask code-oriented questions to assess a developer’s proficiency with iOS, others like to explore their knowledge of advanced algorithms first. So how do you know which type of test you’ll receive? “Ask if you’ll be taking a computer-based exam,” suggests Eric Schweitzer, guide of the Dice iOS Talent Community. “If so, you should refresh your knowledge of algorithms and be ready to write some code.” To help you prepare, we asked Schweitzer to share a few code-oriented… continue…

5 Ways to Evaluate a Company During an Interview

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Interviews aren’t just for companies to evaluate you — they’re also your chance to decide if the company is someplace you’d like to be. Look out for these things during your interview to get a sense of the employer’s culture — and whether it’ll  be a good fit. See full text here.

5 Interview Tips for IT Executives

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When it comes to job interviews, tech executives – those at the vice president or C level – face the same challenges as application developers, project managers or anyone else: They have to prove their technical skill, demonstrate knowledge about their prospective employer and its industry, and convince interviewers that they can handle the challenges they’ll face if they get the job. At the end of the day, that means they have to prepare for their interview just as carefully… continue…

Answers to Tough Interview Questions

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  What do you think of pair programming? If you designed an elevator for Bill Gates, how would you test it? These are just a couple of the interview questions you sent in ahead of our Google Hangout on the toughest interview questions you’ve ever heard. Our panel took on each one to show you how to answer it in a way that hits the hiring manager’s hot buttons. Our panel: John Sumser – Founder and CEO, Justin Hall… continue…

How to Answer ‘Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?’

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Interviewers often ask candidates where they see themselves in 5 years. But asking a common question doesn’t mean they’re looking for a cliché answer. Here’s a look at what the question’s meant to evaluate, so that you can craft an answer that addresses the interviewer’s concerns.

What to Expect During a Microsoft Interview

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Microsoft has long been known for rolling out the red carpet to woo interns and new college graduates and paying them well. However, the company faces a lot of competition for new talent these days from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and a hot startup scene – especially in the Seattle area. In the midst of a reorganization and hunt for a new CEO, the Redmond software giant remains focused on bringing in the brightest technical minds. Dice News… continue…

How to Answer ‘What’s Your Biggest Weakness?’

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“What’s your biggest weakness?” is a common interview question, but a tricky one. Choose something too critical and the interviewer may be concerned about your ability to do the job. But say something too minor and you can be seen as afraid to answer honestly. So what’s the right balance? Here’s some tips to help you make that judgement.

How to Land a Job at

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Despite a recession that kicked off in late 2007 and lingered for a couple years,’s workforce has grown more than four fold since those dark, dark days. The Seattle-based Fortune 500 company, which began in July 1995, today has approximately 97,000 employees worldwide, many of whom are in technical roles. And the company is far from reining in its hiring. It currently has hundreds of job openings available in the U.S. from data engineers to hardware developers to software… continue…

Watch a Job Interview with Game Developer Turbine

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When you interview with a hiring manager, do you sit there and wonder what they think of you? Of course you do. That’s why we arranged a mock interview with a sound designer and a hiring executive at Turbine, a developer of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, wholly owned by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Participating in the interview are Sound Designer Tyler Piersall, who previously worked as an audio assistant at now-defunct LucasArts, and Craig Alexander, Turbine’s Vice President of… continue…

How to Land a Job at Rackspace

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Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier has called 2013 a “transformational year” for the Web hosting company as it continues to build out its cloud business. Despite the price pressure it’s been feeling from Amazon Web Services, the company’s been growing rapidly, adding 4,762 servers in the second quarter – the equivalent of 52 servers a day. Meanwhile, it will add 100 positions to its hosting operation in Blacksburg, Va. On top of those jobs, Teresa Romo Leal, one of Rackspace’s recruiting… continue…