Interview Tips for Data Security Analysts

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It’s easy to argue that the most significant issue facing technology today is the security of online data. As demonstrated by recent mega-breaches, IT security pros can barely keep up with increasingly sophisticated threats, and the need for talent with a solid security skill set is therefore great. The security field needs critical thinkers, not just candidates with good resumes. These top-notch practitioners want to know “why” something happened, not just “how,” and they’re not always comfortable following a list… continue…

Your Job Interview Starts on the Commute

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Your job interview starts in the lobby of your prospective employer’s building, goes the old cliché. In other words, treat everybody you meet nicely, because word of your behavior will inevitably filter back to your interviewer. But what if that advice is wrong? What if your interview starts on your commute? Matt Buckland, head of talent and recruiting at London-based Forward Partners, was on his way to work one recent morning when he accidentally blocked another man from exiting the… continue…

How to Answer Any Technical Interview Question

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For most of us, technical interviews are the worst part of getting a new job: Not only does the interviewer ask challenging questions, but sometimes those questions don’t even make sense in the context of the job you want. No matter how tough the question, however, remember that bluffing is rarely your best option. Instead of trying to fake an answer, honesty is usually best. Saying something like, “I am less familiar with [X skill], but I am familiar with… continue…

How to Answer 5 Trick Interview Questions

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By the time you sit down for an interview, managers know all about your work experience and skills. If they didn’t think you could succeed at the job on a technological level, they wouldn’t have invited you to come in to chat—but will you fit into the company’s culture? Questions such as, “Can you think on your feet?” or, “Do you take a logical or shotgun approach to problem solving?” involve very human elements of the job, and managers want… continue…

Top Interview Qs for Salesforce Developers

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It’s a healthy job market out there for Salesforce developers (Dice currently lists over 900 open positions across the United States). According to Payscale, starting salaries start in the low $50,000 range, and a developer with the right experience could potentially make upwards of $140,000. But if you’re newly certified, or don’t have a wealth of experience, how should you prepare for a job interview? For Salesforce-related jobs, click here. Dice asked several Salesforce developers to get a handle on… continue…

Daily Tip: Prep for That Coding Test

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A coding interview is one of the most stress-inducing tests a developer can face on the path to a new job. The hiring manager not only wants to know if you have the analytical and coding skills to handle the position; he or she also wants to get a sense of how well you’d fit within the company’s culture. To find developer jobs, click here. With that in mind, here are some tips for handling a coding test: Be Specific:… continue…

Daily Tip: In Job Interviews, Know Your Audience

If you’re applying for a highly technical role with a prospective employer, and you reach the interview stage, make sure you prepare adequately, and that you know your audience. If it’s a first-round interview with an HR staffer who doesn’t know the innermost workings of your field, resist the urge to launch into long descriptions full of technical detail; instead, aim for clarity and a good description of how your actions (positively) affected the business. But if you’re interviewing with… continue…

How to Ace Your Interview With the CIO

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You sailed through your job interview with the IT manager, and you established a great rapport with members of the development team. Now one last thing stands between you and the job offer: the interview with the CIO. Fortunately, there are some winning strategies and techniques for impressing a CIO when there’s a lot on the line: Do Your Homework Some candidates admit that they have no idea what the prospective employer does when they sit down with Cheryl Correll,… continue…

Daily Tip: Tell a Good Story

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Over at Business Insider, there’s a solid piece of advice for anyone heading into a job interview: Prepare and rehearse your best stories beforehand. Stories are powerful tools for selling yourself to an employer, because they illustrate how you’ve used your skills to improve a company’s culture or bottom line. They’re the best way to show off your problem-solving skills, and how well you interact with managers and customers. But they’re also not something you can deploy in a job… continue…

Interview Qs for PHP Developers

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Resolving stakeholder issues can turn an average PHP coder into an expert developer, according to Dallas-based Web developer and PHP aficionado Chris Cornutt. And he should know, as he’s worked with the open-source language (as well as the users who rely on it) for over 13 years. “Nine-to-five coders only see a piece of the puzzle,” Cornutt said in an interview. “When you delve a little deeper to solve a user’s problem, you not only gain an in depth understanding… continue…