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Interview Answers for Software Engineers

Interview Qs
Writing computer programs isn’t easy. So to assess a software engineer’s mastery of a language, Catherine Powell asks them to write a small application. Getting the technical assessment out of the way lets her focus her interview on the candidate’s adaptability, environmental fit and engineering approach. See more of our interview questions “Anyone can search the Internet and memorize answers to technical questions,” says Powell, the Dice Software Engineering Talent Community guide. “I want to know if they can anticipate… continue…

Interview Answers for Big Data Architects

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Big Data architects are the ones responsible for designing the domain where the data resides, but they don’t operate in a vacuum. Whether they use Hadoop, Storm, NoSQL or MapReduce, these versatile builders must consider the vision and needs of data scientists and analysts when creating their technical blueprint. “Big data architects need to demonstrate their flexibility when answering technical questions,” says R. Emmett O’Ryan, the Dice Big Data Talent Community guide. “Each platform design has pros and cons, and… continue…

Interview Questions for C++ Programmers

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Even if you know C++ syntax and have memorized STL components, you could stumble during a technical interview since some managers like to explore the boundary of a programmer’s C++ knowledge. To make sure you land on your feet, we asked Dice C++ Community Guide David Bolton to share a few standard questions, as well as some posed by these boundary explorers. Is it legal and moral for a member function to say delete this? What Most People Say: No,… continue…

Technical Interview Questions for Linux DevOps

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Demand for DevOps professionals is soaring as companies find that those with development and operations experience can accelerate the development process and produce more reliable software. As a result, more people are pursuing DevOps opportunities involving accessible open source programs like Linux, says Rob Reilly, the Dice Linux Talent Community guide. However, he issues a warning for those trying to break in: DevOps is a very tough niche. “The roles can be exceedingly technical and there’s no faking or embellishing… continue…

Tech Interview Questions for iOS Developers

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While some managers ask code-oriented questions to assess a developer’s proficiency with iOS, others like to explore their knowledge of advanced algorithms first. So how do you know which type of test you’ll receive? “Ask if you’ll be taking a computer-based exam,” suggests Eric Schweitzer, guide of the Dice iOS Talent Community. “If so, you should refresh your knowledge of algorithms and be ready to write some code.” To help you prepare, we asked Schweitzer to share a few code-oriented… continue…

Interview Questions for Android Developers

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Android has the largest installed user base of any mobile platform in the world. As a result, developers who have mastered the OS are in great demand, and can command salaries ranging from $100,000 to $150,000 per year. Of course, when it comes to getting a job, you’ll have to demonstrate your expertise – indeed, your passion — for the technology and pass a technical interview to score top pay. That can be challenging. Not only has Android been updated… continue…

Interview Questions for Hadoop Developers

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Hadoop is an open distributed software framework that enables programmers to run an enormous number of nodes handling terabytes of data. One of its most significant abilities is allowing a system to continue to operate even if a significant number of nodes fail. Since Hadoop is continuing to mature, hiring managers and recruiters are finding few Hadoop specialists out there. Consequently, many of those being hired for Hadoop-heavy jobs are those able to demonstrate that they can learn it quickly… continue…

Interview Questions for SharePoint Architects

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Though many job postings refer to “SharePoint Developer/Architects,” the two roles require different skills and responsibilities. When you’re interviewing, you have to be able to address the differences. Sam Sabel, guide of the Dice SharePoint Talent Community, previously contributed interview questions for SharePoint developers. Here, he poses questions for architects, based on SharePoint 2010. How would you a set up SharePoint farm for our 800 active users? What would the network topography look like? What most people say: “We can… continue…

Interview Questions for Developers Over 18

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Working in the business side of adult entertainment isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but these companies are often among the leaders when it comes to aggressive use of technology and closely following best practices. It’s a dynamic that fascinates us: That’s why we wrote about the adult website some months ago, and why we went back to its CTO, Steve Morgan, to find out how he goes about hiring developers for his tech team of about 25 people. For… continue…

6 Stories to Make Your Interview Succeed

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After weeks of sending out your resume and networking with your colleagues, you’ve landed the interview. Now what? You’d be wise to not only research the company, its culture, business and product road map, but also bone up on the art of the interview. To set you on your way, here are six stories with advice on what you should — and as importantly, shouldn’t — do when you sit down across the table or walk over to the white… continue…