Bill Gates Promotes Vaccine Projects, Swipes at Google

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The Microsoft co-founder doesn’t think projects to bring the Internet to underserved countries matters as much as providing basic healthcare. continue…

New Browser Plugin Blocks Ad Targeting

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Each and every thing we look up online leaves a cookie trail — which advertisers then use to target us with relevant ads. But thanks to a new browser plugin and game by a Parsons grad student, advertisers may not have it so easy anymore. Here’s Cat with the details.  

Morozov: The Internet Can’t Save the World

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When you learn that Evgeny Morozov’s previous book was called The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom, you quickly realize that his new book, To Save Everything, Click Here, isn’t likely to be an ode to the utopian wonder of the Web. And indeed it isn’t. Morozov, a scholar and writer who studies the political and social implications of technology, scoffs at what he calls “solutionism,” the idea that with enough Big Data, computing power, and crowdsourcing, the… continue…

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Could Be Steamrolled by Apple, Google

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Microsoft and Sony are battling for control of the game console market. But are their real opponents Apple and Google? continue…

Dropbox Plans Developer Conference to Push API

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory Most likely, you’ve uploaded one of the more than 1 billion files shared through Dropbox each day.  Despite those kinds of numbers, Dropbox isn’t content to just be the most used files sharing program around. It wants IT professionals to use Dropbox in a different way – to build applications on top of its data layer platform. As part of the development of the Dropbox API, the company is holding its first developer conference to educate… continue…

Syria’s Internet Goes Dark, Before Brightening Again

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Internet monitors watch as Syria’s Internet access goes down, only to return almost a day later. continue…

How to Be One of Go Daddy’s 300 New Hires

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Go Daddy
Domain registrar Go Daddy is hiring as it sets up an engineering hub in Seattle’s eastern suburbs, and it’s looking for new people to work at its other sites as well. CEO Blake Irving says the Seattle outpost will employ 50 to 65 people, out of a total of about 300 open positions company-wide. They include everything from senior engineers to Internet consultants to customer support staffers, located in its Scottsdale, Ariz., headquarters, Sunnyvale, Calif., Denver and other locations. Go Daddy… continue…

Vint Cerf: SDN Is a Model for a Better Internet

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If Vint Cerf could do it over again, he would have used SDN as a model for constructing the foundation of the Internet. continue…

How Google Fiber Could Do Some National Good

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AT&T’s panicked press release about Google Fiber suggests the latter could change the national conversation on infrastructure. continue…

‘Future Perfect’ Sees Progress Through Peer Networks

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future perfect book cover
Long celebrated as one of the Internet’s deepest philosophical thinkers, Steven Johnson uses the publication of his eighth book, Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked Age, to make the case that a new model of political change is emerging, transforming every aspect of modern life along its way. Johnson is a huge fan of networks of all kinds, but especially distributed networks, the kind of decentralized peer-to-peer connections that pretty much define what the Internet is all about.… continue…