By 2025 Internet Will Be Invisible – Like Oxygen

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Pew/Elon University survey of tech gurus predicts Internet will enable enormous changes… while fading into the background as a utility. continue…

The Info-Access Hack That Changed the World

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According to Pew’s survey, 42 percent of Americans had never heard of the Internet in 1995. Now 87 percent use it frequently. continue…

Vint Cerf: Privacy Is the Anomaly

The famed computer scientist thinks privacy is a relatively recent construction that could quickly be eliminated by modern technology. continue…

Silk Road: A Lesson in Information Security

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By now you know how the Silk Road, an online marketplace for all things illegal and semi-legal, has been shuttered by the FBI. Ross William Ulbricht, the alleged owner of the anonymously hosted website, is in a lot of trouble. Ulbricht was caught for a number of reasons, but what first brought him to the attention of the authorities was likely a simple Internet search. After that, the authorities were easily able to connect the dots between Ulbricht’s allegedly different… continue…

This is Your Digital Life

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By 2015, any company wanting to capture the attention of its customers or employees will have to compete with digital media flowing every waking second. continue…

The Next Big Fiber Showdown: Austin

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AT&T promises to match Google Fiber in the Texas town, but its initial plans only provide high-speed Internet to a fraction of the population. continue…

Cisco’s Quest to Dominate the ‘Everything’

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Making every ‘thing’ remotely controllable could create change as fundamental as the first railroads — if just one company were able to make the tracks. continue…

How Mobile App Developers Can Find 5 Billion Users

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Speak Swahili, Bengali or Amharic? If you’re an app developer looking to launch your career on the currency of potentially 5 billion more Internet users should Facebook and successfully connect the world to the Net, then it may be time to pick up a few new languages and become familiar with the local issues in developing countries. After all, a number of industry titans are betting on emerging markets creating the next wave of Internet adoption. And if you’re… continue…

Bill Gates Promotes Vaccine Projects, Swipes at Google

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The Microsoft co-founder doesn’t think projects to bring the Internet to underserved countries matters as much as providing basic healthcare. continue…

New Browser Plugin Blocks Ad Targeting

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Each and every thing we look up online leaves a cookie trail — which advertisers then use to target us with relevant ads. But thanks to a new browser plugin and game by a Parsons grad student, advertisers may not have it so easy anymore. Here’s Cat with the details.