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Increasing Demand for Epic EMR Specialists [DiceTV]

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Cat Miller
Health organizations need more Epic specialists… Tech jobs increase in Utah… and more on the DiceTV Job Minute.

Texas Needs Health IT Pros, Especially Data Managers

Texas needs 10,000 new Health IT workers by 2013 if it’s going to meet its goal of implementing electronic health records in medical settings. That’s according to a report by the Department of Health Information Management at Texas State University – San Marcos. Texas health organizations are primarily looking for professionals with experience in privacy and security, project management, data management, data mining and data analytics. Data management is the real hot button, with 31 percent of respondents saying they need… continue…

Epic’s EMR Tools, Skills Gain Traction in Health IT

Epic Systems App
Epic System’s Electronic Medical Records products have become increasingly popular among healthcare practitioners looking to convert from paper to digital environments, according to InformationWeek. “Of all the vendors in the EHR/EMR space, the one we kept hearing the most about from our many hospital and health care systems customers and prospects is Epic Systems,” said David Foote, co-founder, CEO and chief research officer of Foote Partners. “Epic is by no means the largest vendor, but it seems to have a… continue…

Healthcare and Finance Need Specialists in Virtualization, BI

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IT job hiring is picking up in the healthcare and financial services industries, due to regulatory compliance and the explosion of data, according to management consulting firm Janco Associates. It also expects healthy IT hiring in life sciences, telecom, transportation, infrastructure and energy. The most in-demand skills according to the report are: virtualization; business intelligence; app development, especially for mobile devices; .Net; Java; PHP; Silverlight and SharePoint. Sales application engineers, CRM specialists, security experts, backup and recovery technicians, service/help desk support specialists, service technicians and… continue…

DNA Sequencing Just Got Cheaper and Faster

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A team of scientists, comprised of software engineers, bioinformaticians, and statisticians, has created a new generation DNA sequencing designed to enable users to run an experiment until sufficient data has been collected to reach a predetermined experimental endpoint. In other words, the sequencing stops when the user finds what they’re looking for. In contrast, other molecular analysis systems have a fixed analysis time, or ‘run time’ that delivers a surged batch of data at the end of that run.  In… continue…

Health IT Needs Informatics Pros

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Cat - 3/1/12
DICETV JOB MINUTE: Health IT CIOs need informatics experts, and hiring in Tennessee and New Orleans. All on this week’s report.

Healthcare IT Leaders Need Qualified Staff

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For the first time in a decade, healthcare CIOs say that lack of staffing resources is the most significant roadblock to successful healthcare IT implementations. Twenty-one percent of 302 CIOs have that complaint, while only 14 percent say budgets are their biggest problem, according to a survey conducted by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). Kay Hix, vice president and CIO of Carillon Clinic in Roanoke, Va., said in an InformationWeek interview that healthcare providers are competing against vendors… continue…

Smartphones Could Be Used To Detect Depression

Could a smartphone app function as a virtual therapist? A team of researchers at Northwestern University seems to think so. The team behind the Mobilyze app uses a number of algorithms to predict a person’s mood state based on their activity over a period of several days. David Mohr, a psychologist and lead researcher on the project told WBBM radio: We’re trying to develop individual algorithms for each user that can determine specific states. The algorithms include such variables as… continue…

Tech Jobs Slow to Grow at Health Info Exchanges

Jobs with a health information exchange (HIE) looks like a great career opportunity. After all, the Obama administration provided $783 billion to set up state and regional HIEs to help incompatible healthcare information systems communicate and hopefully improve the quality and reduce the cost of care. And then, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) spent $120 million for a workforce development program that includes a six-month junior college regimen and a university program that grants advanced… continue…

Apple’s iPad Not Ready for Healthcare

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Apple’s iPad isn’t ready for healthcare yet. Though physicians apparently are as wild about the iPad as anyone else, they don’t consider it ready for clinical use. In a survey of 100 “early adopter” physicians by Spyglass Consulting Group,  83 percent said they still use desktop computers most often to access clinical information, whether they’re in their offices, at the hospital or at home. While 80 percent said the iPad has a “promising future in healthcare,” Gregg Malkary, managing director… continue…