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Growth Spurs Need for Healthcare Informatics Specialists

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Some 50,000 jobs in healthcare informatics need to be filled within the next five to seven years, according to the University of Illinois at Chicago. In an infographic, The Intersection of Healthcare and IT, the university also projects a 21 percent increase in healthcare IT jobs between 2010 and 2020. Health informatics is defined as “the science behind the convergence of healthcare, information technology and business.” Put another way, it’s about IT-based innovations that can help with management, planning and… continue…

Health Clinic Chain Brings Tech Center to New Orleans

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Healthcare clinic ChenMed has opened a new technology development operation in New Orleans, as part of an expansion of its software subsidiary ChenTech, that calls for hiring up to 50 new employees. ChenTech develops software applications for physicians, hospitals and clinics using Java, PHP, HTML5 and iOS. The software development center is located in the central business district of New Orleans and is expected to hit full employment in the next two to three years. The new positions are expected… continue…

Orion Health Hiring 300 Software Developers

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New Zealand health software company Orion Health has announced plans to add 300 software developers to its operations around the globe, with half of those positions going to its operations in its native country. Orion employs 775 people in 20 offices worldwide, including Boston, the greater Los Angeles area, Scottsdale, Ariz., Raleigh, N.C., and Nashville, Tenn. Currently, Orion is hiring for an infrastructure DBA, project manager, and technical implementation consultant in its Raleigh and Nashville offices. An Orion representative was… continue…

Job Hopping Opens Opportunities at Health IT Vendors

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Tech professionals trying to get into Healthcare IT can find numerous opportunities with the companies that provide technology and services to healthcare providers, even if employment with those vendors may be volatile over the next few years. One reason is that a large number of electronic health records users aren’t happy with their current solutions, according to Black Book Market Research, a division of market research firm Brown-Wilson. The company polled nearly 17,000 active EHR users. Earlier this month, Brown-Wilson… continue…

How to Be Part of Kaiser Permanente’s IT Expansion

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Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed-care organization in the U.S., has been at the forefront of implementation of electronic medical records as well as research and data-driven quality-improvement efforts. Based in Oakland, it comprises regional health plan subsidiaries, hospitals and medical groups across nine states and the District of Columbia. Among the people it seeks are experts in service-oriented architecture, Epic, risk and security, and program/project managers. “We run an incredible number of applications and services,” says Steve Silver, director of… continue…

Health IT Employers May Not Be So Picky Anymore

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The re-election of President Obama means the federal mandates associated with healthcare reform aren’t going away. That means that healthcare organizations are scrambling to find the right people to implement the technology they need to meet healthcare reform’s timelines. Before, they were being picky. Now? Not so much. Here’s some other information about Healthcare IT: How to Get into Health IT Without Experience Other Stories

How to Get Into Health IT Without Experience

The re-election of President Obama means the federal mandates associated with healthcare reform aren’t going away. Initiatives within healthcare organizations that have been a boon to IT hiring are still in play. Though the industry got a reprieve with the delay of the new ICD-10 coding system until 2014, healthcare organizations still face unforgiving deadlines to meet “Meaningful Use” and other regulations. The healthcare industry’s IT staffing needs continue to grow. More than two-thirds of healthcare executives reported IT talent shortages… continue…

Healthcare IT Is Feeling Just Fine

No matter how America’s great healthcare debate finally ends (if it ever does), one thing’s for sure: regulations that are forcing health records to go electronic should yield an almost total transformation of electronic health records (EHR) within about five years. With organizations looking to EHR to cut costs and improve the coordination of patient care, as well as a recent Supreme Court decision that upholds the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the path is clear for… continue…

Complex Surgeries Get Slithering Snakebots Invasion

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Imagine tiny robots swimming through your body to perform complex surgeries. You can stop imagining now, since these robots are quickly becoming a reality. Scientists and doctors are using miniaturized snake robots, or “snakebots” injected into bodies to help them perform surgery on hearts, prostrates and other organs. They carry tiny cameras, scissors and forceps and are currently tethered, but may soon roam bodies on their own. “It won’t be very long before we have robots that are nanobots, meaning… continue…

Tech Job Opportunities in Dayton Area

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Dayton, Ohio, area companies are looking for tech professionals for a variety of jobs in a variety of industries, including electronic medical records, logistics and software testing. One of the drivers is the proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. “There is a lot of IT opportunity that surrounds Wright-Patt, especially right now,” said David Hart, director of sales and marketing for Segue, a Virginia-based defense contractor with an office in Beavercreek. “When we win the contract, we will have these… continue…