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Suntech, Researchers Boost Solar Cell Efficiency

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Suntech Power Holdings and a team of scientists at Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology claim to have developed the world’s most efficient broadband nanoplasmonic solar cells. The team’s technology improved on existing thin-film solar cells by the incorporation of “bumpy” gold and silver nanoparticles. Thus far, the results seem impressive, as the researchers are claiming to have boosted the efficiency of thin-film solar cells to 8.1%. Gold and silver nanoparticles improve the efficiency of the solar cells because they are highly… continue…

Apple Going Solar in a Big Way

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At a time when Apple is taking a lot of heat for working conditions used by its manufacturers, the company has issued a report touting its efforts to be more environmentally friendly. It has announced plans to add a 20-megawatt solar farm to its $1 billion, 500,0000-square-foot data center in Maiden, N.C. The company said it plans to run the facility on a “high percentage renewable energy mix.” The 100-acre parcel is expected to generate 42 million kilowatt-hours of solar… continue…

Google Hailed by Greenpeace As Green IT Leader

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Google was singled out by the watchdogs at Greenpeace, which just released its latest 26-page Cool IT Leaderboard report on renewable energy technology and policy. Along with our seemingly insatiable desire for data comes an insatiable need for energy to power the data centers that deliver it to us. As Facebook and friends continue to amass exabytes of information and as the cloud computing model proliferates, more data centers are coming online every day, but are companies that build them paying any attention energy efficiency? Greenpeace… continue…

Air Conditioner Uses Salt to Cut Cooling Costs

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7AC Technologies, a start-up from Boston, is creating a commercial prototype of an air conditioner it claims will be able to cut cooling costs by 50-75 percent, and heating costs by about 50 half. How does it work? It uses a combination of salt water and high-tech plastic to help the air conditioner remove humidity from the air. In traditional air conditioners, this is accomplished by way of a condenser. Condensers do a good job of removing moisture, but at… continue…

Sewage Biogas Now Generates Electricity, Powers Cars

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Hydrogen Fueling
The Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) has pulled off a world first – it’s built a tri-generation fuel cell and hydrogen energy station that uses methane from its sewage facility to generate heat, electricity and hydrogen. Here is how the system, designed by a company called FuelCell Energy, works: Sewage, as it waits to be processed, produces methane. The methane is reformulated into hydrogen. The hydrogen is sent to a fuel cell. The fuel cell creates electricity. The electricity powers… continue…

GE’s Lexington Data Center Is Big and LEED

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It’s good to hear about hardcore big-iron Fortune 500 technology innovation happening right here in the U.S.A. for a change. While many companies are fantasizing about a cloud-based future in which corporate data centers no longer exist, GE is heading in the opposite direction, opening a huge and green $48 million center in Louisville, Ky., on the same site where the world’s first commercial UNIVAC computer was put to work in 1954. Located in the GE Appliance Park, it’s one… continue…

A Shortcut to Green Tech VC Money: Win a Contest

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More global companies should be doing what GE is doing: seeking out ventures to invest in by sponsoring a worldwide contest that inspires innovation. The company’s just selected ten future commercial partners and five cash award winners in its Ecomagination Challenge, which seeks out new green tech ideas. GE invited ideas about capturing, managing and using energy in the home, and teamed up with several VC firms to fund the best proposals. The money is serious: So far, $134 million… continue…

More Proof That Green IT Saves Money

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Earth Day always brings with it a burst of “green” headlines, and this year is no exception. The money-saving possibilities of successful “Green IT” implementations are always worth reading about, whether or not ultimately saving the planet is of interest to you. IT World’s 15 Green IT award winners show ingenuity that should inspire you to look once again at the ways that server consolidation, virtualization, data center design, and improved communication tools can have a profound impact on your… continue…

Update: Dell’s Expansion, Green Tech, and Analytics

You’ve probably heard that Dell’s planning on spending $1 billion to open 10 research and development centers around the world. One of them’s going to be in Santa Clara. The company’s aggressively expanding into networking, storage and cloud computing. In Santa Clara, it’ll hire “several hundred” people in engineering, sales, marketing and services. By the end of year, Dell expects 700 people to be working there, and a total of 1,500 within five years. There’s growing interest in green technology… continue…

Cold Weather’s Not Going to Freeze Out Green IT

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If global warming doesn’t exist, some argue, we don’t need to worry about carbon emissions, and so we don’t need to worry about re-engineering our systems and energy consumption to reduce them. But that kind of thinking is lazy. It’s people looking for reasons not to futz with the status quo – even when a little futzing can go a long way toward improving the corporate bottom line. continue…