Google’s New AI Will Beat You at Video Games

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Google has created artificial intelligence software that can play video games better than you. The project originated in DeepMind Technologies, a machine-learning startup that Google acquired in 2014 for $500 million. Of course, Google didn’t blow a cool half-billion on a company whose sole goal is building software capable of playing retro Atari games with the speed and skill of an over-caffeinated 15-year-old; in theory, a system capable of mastering a game like Pong on its own can also learn… continue…

Linux Kernel’s Biggest Backers: Corporations

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Corporations love Linux. That’s the conclusion of a new report released by the Linux Foundation, which suggested that some 11,800 individual developers from 1,200 companies have contributed to the kernel over the past decade. “The Linux kernel, thus, has become a common resource developed on a massive scale by companies which are fierce competitors in other areas,” the report summarized. Intel is the top corporate developer by number of contributed changes to the kernel, followed by Red Hat, Linaro, Samsung,… continue…

Google Bringing Health Data to Search

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Hypochondriacs of the world, rejoice: Google has decided to integrate fact-checked medical data into the first page of its search results. Perhaps the introduction of medical facts was inevitable, considering one in every 20 searches on Google is health-related. “Starting in the next few days, when you ask Google about common health conditions, you’ll start getting relevant medical facts right up front from the Knowledge Graph,” read a Feb. 10 posting on Google’s official blog. “We’ll show you typical symptoms and… continue…

Will Google Become Uber’s Next Big Rival?

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Google Self Driving Car
Will Google become Uber’s next big competitor? That’s what some tech pundits and bloggers are theorizing after a Bloomberg report that suggested Google is prepping its own Uber-style ride-hailing app, which will rely on self-driving cars. Click here for automotive-related jobs. Although Google’s research lab, Google X, has spent considerable time and resources developing cars that can pilot themselves thanks to high-tech sensors, Google remains tight-lipped over its broader plans for the vehicles. If the company decided to jump into… continue…

Google Paying Out Grants to Bug-Hunters

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For security researchers who specialize in hunting down bugs, Google just made the profession a tad more lucrative. Over the past five years, Google has paid out more than $4 million to roughly 200 security researchers who have discovered bugs in its software. (In total, those researchers have discovered more than 500 bugs.) For some bug-hunters, that work has opened the door to a full-fledged career: George Hotz, a 25-year-old hacker, earned the largest award ($150,000) in 2014 for discovering… continue…

Amazon WorkMail Seeks Business Email Crown

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As if it didn’t have enough going on already, Amazon has decided to plunge into the corporate-email game. Amazon’s cloud-based WorkMail boasts all the features that corporate email users expect, including public folders, distribution lists, calendar sharing, Out-of-Office messages, and more; it works with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other popular browsers. Inboxes can store up to 50GB of messages and attachments, while individual messages can total up to 30MB. The platform costs $4 per month per seat, or $6 if… continue…

What to Expect From Windows 10

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Windows 10 UX
On Jan. 21, Microsoft plans on giving the world a more in-depth look at Windows 10, the next major version of its primary operating system. While many features of the new operating system remain under wraps, enough details have leaked out of Microsoft to give an idea of what’s in store when the software makes its marketplace debut later this year. Click here to find Windows-related jobs. For starters, Windows 10 will almost certainly include a new browser, Spartan, with… continue…

In New York City, West Coast Tech Firms Move In

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What’s New This Quarter New York City’s technology community is as strong as ever in 2015, claims Mike Fitzgerald, a partner at WinterWyman Search’s New York tech practice: “The local startup community continues to expand, and employment opportunities are flourishing for technologists, particularly in the software-engineering verticals.” Over the past three years, Fitzgerald added, many notable West Coast technology leaders (including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Amazon) have shown up in New York City, offering ample engineering opportunities and some of… continue…

In Silicon Valley, Some Giants Are Hiring

What’s New This Quarter In Silicon Valley, everyone wants to be associated with the Next Big Thing. “In the Bay Area, I’m finding that SaaS and e-commerce based companies seem to be defining the current hiring status quo for other local companies and industries,” said Alyssa Seidman, recruiting director for recruiting firm Randstad Technologies. “They tend to have the most progressive environments and the ability to attract and afford the best talent.” That means companies in other industries, such as… continue…

Google Glass Undergoing Huge Shift

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Google Glass
Google doesn’t seem quite ready to give up on its Google Glass project, but the search-engine giant is reportedly making some big changes to how it develops the augmented-reality headset. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google Glass is no longer a part of the Google X research lab that birthed the project; instead, it’s now part of a standalone unit overseen by Tony Fadell, the CEO of Google subsidiary Nest. Given Fadell’s rising profile in the technology world, it… continue…