Are Modular Smartphones the Next Big Thing?

Project Ara
Google’s Project Ara wants to take the smartphone back to basics—literally. With Project Ara, the smartphone is modular: The owner can swap out everything from the battery and screen to the speakers and cameras. The device’s endoskeleton holds those modules in place with magnets, meaning those swaps can take place without the need for a mini-screwdriver or other tools. In theory, you could duck into a store, purchase a replacement module for a camera or battery, and pop it into… continue…

Getting a Job at Google

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Google NY Office
Earlier this month, New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman switched from writing about globalization and international politics to a topic much closer to many a reader’s heart: how to get a job. Friedman’s interview subject for his column was Laszlo Bock, who serves as SVP of “people operations” at Google—he’s the one ultimately in charge of hiring. And according to Bock, snagging a job at the search-engine giant involves a combination of grit, cognitive ability, adaptability, and creativity. From… continue…

Google, Facebook and Dropbox Make Room for NY Hires

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New York City
What’s New This Quarter In New York it’s all about real estate, and when a company grabs more square footage it means that things are definitely on the upswing. One good example: Google, which has finally signed an expected deal to grab a massive 360,000 square feet at 85 10th Ave. in the Meatpacking District, not far from its already huge quarters. And starchitect Frank Gehry will be overseeing renovations at 770 Broadway in Astor Place, where Facebook has signed… continue…

Google’s Century-Long Survey Offers Management Tips

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Google wants to conduct a century-long survey of its employees. That’s an ambitious goal, to put it mildly—most companies don’t think much beyond the next few quarters, if that. But Google feels that, if it can run twice-annual surveys of 4,000 employees through 2114 or so, it can gain some profound insights into the long-term effects of corporate decision-making. Click here to find more HR jobs. “We ask about traits that are static, like personality; characteristics that change, like attitudes… continue…

Smartwatch Wars Kick Off with Moto 360

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Google (and Motorola) are wasting no time with this “smartwatch” trend. continue…

Google Wants to Conquer the Wearable-Electronics Market

Google likely hopes Android Wear will do for wristwatches what Android did for smartphones. continue…

Google Android Watch is a Phone Screen on Your Wrist

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Google’s Android Wear watches will have voice recognition, touch-to-flip screens and Siri-like helpfulness. continue…

Google Revamps Its Search-Results Pages

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The tinkering includes a removal of hyperlink underlining, a longtime element of search-results pages. continue…

Microsoft Dumping License Fees for Windows Phone?

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Giving Windows Phone to manufacturers for free could help boost customer adoption, but there are no guarantees. continue…

Apple’s iOS 8 Will Focus on Improved Maps

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Apple’s attempt to create a robust Google Maps rival continues. continue…