Tech Job Numbers Keep Climbing in N.Y.

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Advancing technology and a number of startups have created thousands of tech jobs in New York City in a very short timeframe, according to the Partnership for New York City’s NYC Jobs Blueprint. The average salary is $96,400. That’s not bad, though bear in mind the area’s an expensive place to live. The Partnership worked with consulting company McKinsey to analyze the number of true tech positions in the city, which it defined as jobs requiring advanced skills across all… continue…

Layoffs Part of Acer’s Restructuring

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Dismal financial results have spurred Acer to bring in a new CEO and announce plans to lay off 7 percent of its workers, or about 550 people. CEO J.T. Wang resigned, taking the blame for the Taiwanese company’s $445 million loss in the third quarter, results far worse than analysts had expected. President Jim Wong will take over from Wang in January. “After the chairman’s resignation …we would not be surprised to see the company make more senior management changes… continue…

D.C. Grapples With Public Sector IT Slip-Ups

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What’s New Before the fiasco, the biggest technology news to shake up Washington last quarter was only tangentially technological: Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos’s successful purchase of The Washington Post. “Don’t be boring,” Bezos told the paper’s (unionized) staff. His business exploits never are. Amid continuing discussion about how the National Security Agency operates and what, exactly, it does with the petabytes, exabytes and zettabytes of data it has the power to collect came an announcement that the agency will… continue…

Can Chen Make a Miracle at BlackBerry?

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If a turnaround is possible at BlackBerry, John Chen, former CEO of enterprise mobility firm Sybase, is being touted as the man who can lead it. Indeed, he’s being called the type of leader the troubled smartphone vendor should have tapped when co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis stepped down in late 2011. On Monday, the company said a buyout by a consortium led by hedge fund Fairfax Financial Holdings isn’t happening. Instead, Fairfax is helping put together a $1… continue…

In Silicon Valley, Big News From Big Names

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What’s New There may have been bigger news in the Valley last quarter than the introduction of Yahoo’s new logo, but you’d never know it based on the endless sturm und drang that the freshly polished symbol generated among bloggers and tweeters. Perhaps more important was yet another Yahoo acquisition, this time of social discovery site Rockmelt for about $70 million. Social media has had a lively few months in the Valley, and not just because Twitter has finally announced… continue…

Developing Countries’ Women Learn Tech Entrepreneurship

When you hear the phrases “technology entrepreneur” and “third world women,” chances are you conjure up very different mental images with very little overlap. A project in Silicon Valley is trying to change that. In its third year, TechWomen is a State Department program launched by former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as a means to advance women’s rights and foster cross-cultural awareness between the U.S. and the Middle East. It provides women already in science, technology, engineering and mathematics… continue…

Intel and Skype Execs Jump Ship; Zynga’s New COO

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A quick look at some of the movement among IT people this week. After 34 years of employment at Intel, Dadi Perlmutter resigned from his position as executive vice president and general manager of the Intel Architecture Group. Once seen as a likely candidate for Intel’s CEO job, he’s credited with the company’s success in the PC and server processor markets. His last day has been set for Feb. 20of next year, at which point he’ll begin to pursue other… continue…

Raleigh Rolls Out a Red Carpet for Startups

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What’s New This Quarter Raleigh has enjoyed the second highest rate of migration of any metro area over the past five years, and the local tech industry has certainly played a role. Recently, Forbes ranked it third in its annual list of best places for business and careers (Des Moines was No. 1). The Research Triangle tech community is encouraging more startup activity. After first opening in Durham, American Underground, a network of startup hubs, will open another location this… continue…

September Jobs Report a Mixed Bag for Tech

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While it might seem that the hottest IT job prospects might be in fixing the glitchy website – and everybody has advice on doing that —  government honchos swear that work will all be done in another month. So that job could be short-lived – or not. Still there’s the nagging sense that the IT job market has lost some steam. The September numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, issued late because of the government shutdown, reveal a… continue…

Six Tech Fields Students Should Watch

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Students who concentrate on courses related to math, science, engineering and technology will have the widest array of job options upon graduation, says a top observer of corporate hiring. John Challenger, chief executive officer of outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, believes it’s OK for students to begin college looking for an interesting career, but their search should to be rooted in the reality of what jobs will be available when they graduate. “Many freshmen have no idea what career… continue…