Apple’s Doing Mac Game Developers No Favors

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Mac Games
Ever since the first Mac appeared in 1984, Apple has nurtured the idea that its products are so new, so slick, that anyone who used them was cooler than everybody else. So as the popularity of ever-faster, ever-more-realistic games climbed, it seemed like a sure bet that the Mac was going to be a prime field of competition. And then… Nothing really happened. It’s an issue that has dogged Apple for years. The products known for leading-edge graphics and sound… continue…

Tactus Adds On-Demand Buttons to Touchscreens

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If you’re not impressed by what’s been going on — or not going on — with smartphone technology over the past few years, good news: It looks like the days of incremental devie upgrades are numbered. More consumers seem to think that faster processors, thinner chassis, bigger screens and better camera just don’ it. And, yes, I’m looking at you, Apple. But a touchscreen with on-demand physical buttons? Oh yes, please. At CES 2013, California-based Tactus showed off an invention… continue…

Less Spending, More Playing: Gaming on the Cheap

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Video Game Woman
We love video games. We love them so much that in 2011 we spent nearly $25 billion on games, hardware and accessories, according to the Entertainment Software Association. And by “we,” I mean consumers in the United States alone. Of course, one reason we spend that much is because gaming is expensive. A new game for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 can cost as much as $60, and you can expect to spend more than $50 for a new title for Sony’s… continue…

An Ale That Celebrates Pac-Man’s Legacy

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Remember Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders, or the raft of other 8-bit video games you were fiercely devoted to back in the day? They cutting edge circa 1979 but today they provoke sweet nostalgia for the folks who were weaned on them. Now, whether you’re reminiscing or discovering them for the first time, you can pay tribute to those champions of gaming by lifting a pint of 8-Bit Pale Ale. The brew is the brainchild of Jeff Gill, who… continue…

A Really Expensive Way to Lose at Scrabble

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Every once in a while you come across an example of the best sort of over-engineering. In this case it’s a board game that we all know and love, tweaked to a level of perfection that none of us needs, but all of us can appreciate. The Prague Mind Sports Festival, a game focused event that begins Dec. 1, is introducing an RFID-equipped, LED illuminated Scrabble board with a carbon fiber base. Produced at a cost of some $30,000 the… continue…

Navy SEALs Disciplined for Video Game Work

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EA medal of honor warfighter
Seven U.S. Navy SEALs received letters of reprimand and had their salaries reduced for two months for spending two days as paid consultants on Electronic Arts’ single shooter game Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The men were all members of the elite SEAL Team Six, and one of them was said to be on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.  Unfortunately, they broke with military policy by not following the chain of command and asking permission before agreeing to participate… continue…

Special Report: Job Opportunities in Games

Modern Warfare 3
Games today are as slick as movies, sometimes as expensive to produce and worth big money, some earning hundreds of millions dollars. Meantime, the technology behind them is both sophisticated and powerful. Twenty years ago, an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation had aliens capture the Enterprise through an addictive computer game. Far-fetched? Now it seems prophetic. The business offers cutting-edge opportunities and very often good money. So how do you break in? As they say, knowledge is power.… continue…

Pressured Zynga to Cut 5% of Its Workforce

Zynga will cut 5 percent of its workforce as it begins a major restructuring as it contends with weak results from its Web games and delayed launches of new titles. Facing weak results from its Web games like The Ville and delayed launches of new titles, Zynga says it will institute a major restructuring of its operations. It’s game plan calls for cutting 5 percent of its workforce, or roughly 150 positions, and folding 13 games including The Ville, according… continue…

Make Your Online Soccer Game More Realistic
Fantasy Football and online soccer management games have been around for years. There’s Soccer Manager, Online Soccer Manager, Trophy Manager and many others. At the heart of most of these games is the match engine software. This can drive everything from simple abstract playing to detailed kick-by-kick simulations. In all cases, the input is each team with individual player stats plus modifiers due to injuries. Now add formations and style of play, such as aggression to win more tackles but… continue…

Review: Lewis Pulsipher’s ‘How to Design Epic Games’

Lewis Pulsipher’s name should be very familiar to game players of the past 30 years. He’s had several games published, including Britannia — ranked in the top 100 games — as well as Dragon Rage, Valley of the Four Winds, Diplomacy variants, RPG material and others. He also teaches college-level game-design classes in North Carolina. More recently, Pulsipher published Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish. This 260-page paperback is focused solely on a topic that isn’t well-covered elsewhere. The… continue…