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Wearable Camera Captures Your Day Automatically

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Digital cameras, especially those built into our smartphones, have made photography relatively hassle-free. But to the team behind Autographer, it’s not frictionless enough. Autographer is a wearable camera that recognizes the best moment to capture picture, and takes it automatically. It uses five sensors to detect changes in light, color, motion, direction and temperature, then uses their information to determine whether the scene is camera-worthy. The result: a collection of geo-tagged photos taken throughout your day. Using the accompanying app, you can… continue…

Kickstarter Project Could Make High-Res 3D Affordable

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A 3D printer that’s said to deliver 25-micron resolution has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. 3D printing is experiencing something of a surge at the moment. Given ongoing improvements to printing technology and the falling costs of printers, it’s no surprise. Here’s the thing: While there are a number of affordable 3D printers on the market, most of them are not particularly precise. The MakerBot Replicator 2, for example, boasts 100-micron resolution, which can be a problem if you want… continue…

Sony’s New PlayStation 3 Will Be a Tough Sell

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Sony Playstation 3 Thumbnail
Sony has lifted the lid on what might be its least exciting console-related grand unveiling to date – the redesigned PlayStation 3. Give credit where credit is due: The updated PlayStation is 25 percent slimmer than the previous version, and 50 percent slimmer than the portly first generation model. It looks good, but it’s still a PlayStation 3 that rehashes an almost decade-old piece of gaming equipment. Meanwhile, Nintendo has a new console ready to roll, and Microsoft is putting… continue…

How the iPhone 5 Changes Mobile Gaming

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iPhone 5s
Apple’s new iPhone 5 beats its predecessor in almost every way. With a 4-inch display, it’s the first of the line to depart from the conventional 3.5-inch screen size, and the first iOS device to sport a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Sure, that’s nothing to shout about. High-end Androids have had rocking 720p displays for quite some time. But to the iOS app ecosystem, this is a big deal. The iPhone 5 ushers in a new era of widescreen iOS apps and… continue…

Can You Throw a Mobile Phone Like Finland’s Champ?

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DiceTV for Sept. 11
Most of us have a mobile phone horror story or two that we could share. To celebrate our love-hate relationship with smartphones, Finland’s created the sport of mobile phone throwing. Think you can out best the winner?

Gaming Headsets Can Ooze Info from Your Brain

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Ever wear one of those gamer headsets when destroying the enemy? Turns out you may be doing more than annihilating your opponent. Researchers found hackers can guess sensitive personal information from people wearing popular, consumer-grade EEG headsets. Yes, those “mind-reading” headsets for video games can allow bits of your memory to leak out. Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley, Oxford University and the University of Geneva presented a paper on the topic at the Usenix security conference in… continue…

What Will Make Smartwatches Mainstream? NFC

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Sony SmartWatch
Tablets have changed the way we consume media, smartphones changed the way we talk to others, email changed the way we send messages. So here’s a question: What gadget, which we use every day, hasn’t changed much in close to a century? Watches. It just seems no one’s come up with a way to add real value to a device that tells time. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t trying. Early smartwatches from companies like Sony are already on the… continue…

How Hackers Attack – Without Your Passwords

So you’re a geek with tech and gadgets integrated into a large part of your life. And chances are that, even if you consider yourself tech-centric, you don’t consciously think much about them until something goes terribly wrong, and everything in your digital life is wiped out. Your smartphone stops working. Turning to your computer for solutions, you realize that all of your data, which you never backed up, is completely wiped out. You head to Twitter to drop the… continue…

This Robotic Trash Can Catches What You Throw Away

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This robotic trash can, which automatically catches trash as you’ll see in the video, might look like a clever bit of fakery designed to sell Frisk mints. But the video shows us a design process that goes a long way toward proving it’s real. It’s called the Smart Trashbox, and it’s the perfect “just because” project – the sort of thing that can only come together when you get a person with a high level of engineering expertise and access… continue…

Makerbot Mixtape Goes Retro With Cassette Tapes

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MakerBot Mixtape
Over the past decade, technology has changed the way we share music. There is no longer a need to painstakingly record mixtapes and physically send cassettes to their respective recipients. The task has now been reduced to just several mouse clicks or taps. But there’s something missing. People can no longer experience the dedication in creating a mixtape. Receiving a playlist on Spotify is not the same as receiving a physical mixtape in person. To bring back this nostalgic experience, MakerBot, a… continue…