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Create A Micro Network With Your Android Smartphone

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Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone thumbnail
Lots of applications let you connect a notebook or tablet to the Internet through your Android smart phone using 3G and 4G. It’s commonly known as tethering and is very handy, especially when you’re away from a WiFi connection or in “roaming-portable” mode. I use the Portable WiFi Hotspot from Core Technology on my Android Galaxy S3. It even works rolling down the highway at 65 mph, although a co-pilot or passenger should probably be the one looking at the… continue…

Tactus Adds On-Demand Buttons to Touchscreens

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If you’re not impressed by what’s been going on — or not going on — with smartphone technology over the past few years, good news: It looks like the days of incremental devie upgrades are numbered. More consumers seem to think that faster processors, thinner chassis, bigger screens and better camera just don’ it. And, yes, I’m looking at you, Apple. But a touchscreen with on-demand physical buttons? Oh yes, please. At CES 2013, California-based Tactus showed off an invention… continue…

Holiday Gifts Your Mobile Developer Has to Have

The holiday season is here and you’re still searching for that perfect gift for the mobile developer you love. Stumped? From a mobile developer himself, here’s a few (reasonably priced) ideas. Stocking Stuffers Everybody loves geeky t-shirts, and geekware usually doesn’t break the bank. Under $20. Maybe your favorite mob dev needs a highly portable mini-keyboard with a built-in mouse pad, for demoing a new app or pitching their latest money-making idea to VCs. The DBTech Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard even has a laser… continue…

Merry Geekfest: Your 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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Did you endure Black Friday and Cyber Monday and still not finish your holiday shopping? Well, fear not. Dice is here to make your life easier with a handy gift guide that will take care of everyone from the office Secret Santa to your beloved, and it’s all available in one user-friendly column. Office Want to shake things up at the office? Check out AirSwimmers RC, flying sea creatures that are perfect for terrorizing the guy in the cube next… continue…

Xbox Gaming Tablet to Surface?

Xbox Live Dashboard
Microsoft is getting ready to launch a new Xbox Surface gaming tablet, according to rumors. Back in June, there were similar reports about an Xbox Surface tablet that seemed quite legit. Multiple sources have told TheVerge that those rumored specs were true.  Here’s a look at what people are saying about the specs and what I think will be likely: The Xbox Surface is said to feature a 7-inch LED display that will support a maximum resolution of 1280 x… continue…

Favi SmartStick Turns Your HDTV into a Smart TV

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Favi SmartStick
If you are thinking of buying a Smart TV, maybe you should pause to reconsider. The guys from Favi will soon release a smart stick that could turn almost make your existing TV smart, without nearly the expense. As if that weren’t enough, this stick comes with specs. Yes, real specs just like a gadget. To make it work you to plug it into your TV via HDMI and USB (to get power). It’s compatible with all HDTVs that have… continue…

Lockitron Monitors Your Front Door by Smartphone

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Meet the Lockitron, a door lock that allows you to access your home via your smartphone. It isn’t the first phone-based door lock system we have seen, but it definitely looks to be the most intuitive. What sets the Lockitron apart is that it can be installed on a home’s existing locks, a process that the manufacturer claims can be performed on most standard deadbolts in less than a minute. Once installed, things start to get interesting. A user can… continue…

Wearable Camera Captures Your Day Automatically

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Digital cameras, especially those built into our smartphones, have made photography relatively hassle-free. But to the team behind Autographer, it’s not frictionless enough. Autographer is a wearable camera that recognizes the best moment to capture picture, and takes it automatically. It uses five sensors to detect changes in light, color, motion, direction and temperature, then uses their information to determine whether the scene is camera-worthy. The result: a collection of geo-tagged photos taken throughout your day. Using the accompanying app, you can… continue…

Kickstarter Project Could Make High-Res 3D Affordable

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A 3D printer that’s said to deliver 25-micron resolution has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. 3D printing is experiencing something of a surge at the moment. Given ongoing improvements to printing technology and the falling costs of printers, it’s no surprise. Here’s the thing: While there are a number of affordable 3D printers on the market, most of them are not particularly precise. The MakerBot Replicator 2, for example, boasts 100-micron resolution, which can be a problem if you want… continue…

Sony’s New PlayStation 3 Will Be a Tough Sell

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Sony Playstation 3 Thumbnail
Sony has lifted the lid on what might be its least exciting console-related grand unveiling to date – the redesigned PlayStation 3. Give credit where credit is due: The updated PlayStation is 25 percent slimmer than the previous version, and 50 percent slimmer than the portly first generation model. It looks good, but it’s still a PlayStation 3 that rehashes an almost decade-old piece of gaming equipment. Meanwhile, Nintendo has a new console ready to roll, and Microsoft is putting… continue…