The Future: Self-Tweeting Sharks, Printers That Breed

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You have to admit, the self-tweeting sharks are pretty cool. continue…

Google’s Pay-Per-Gaze Intriguing, But Needs Foundation

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Not long ago, Google filed a patent for pay-per-gaze technology. The technology, which allows Google to assign advertising revenue to content providers based on a reader’s glances, is big news for content providers who are tired of giving up free space to advertisers. But it may be a lot more impactful than that. The obvious weakness of the pay-per-gaze framework, other than privacy, is that it requires an always-on camera — if you think real-time monitoring of a user’s eye-movement… continue…

Google Glass May Demand New Usage Rules

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Wearables such as Google Glass could violate personal privacy or federal data rules. continue…

‘Wearable’ Tech Toys Will Grow Up to Change Everything

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‘Wearable’ devices are a trivial presence at the moment, but show how to make humans almost omniscient (or at least Google-proof). continue…

Linux, Constantly Moving

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One of the great things about Linux is that it’s constantly changing. New or improved versions of packages come out all the time. Take the case of LibreOffice. Version 4.0.0 came out a couple of months ago. Not long ago, 4.0.2 was released. I was most interested in two specific areas. First was the Impress Remote via Android capability that lets you control your Impress slides using your smartphone. You simply start your LibreOffice presentation, start the remote application on… continue…

Create A Micro Network With Your Android Smartphone

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Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone thumbnail
Lots of applications let you connect a notebook or tablet to the Internet through your Android smart phone using 3G and 4G. It’s commonly known as tethering and is very handy, especially when you’re away from a WiFi connection or in “roaming-portable” mode. I use the Portable WiFi Hotspot from Core Technology on my Android Galaxy S3. It even works rolling down the highway at 65 mph, although a co-pilot or passenger should probably be the one looking at the… continue…

Is the iWatch Meant to Be the Smartphone Killer?

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Smartphone as a Child's Toy thumbnail
Could Apple’s rumored smartwatch — dubbed the iWatch, of course — push smartphones into the backseat of the mobile market? Jay Yarrow at BusinessInsider thinks it might. “Just as the smartphone killed the flip phone, and the iPad is killing the traditional PC, something is going to come along and kill the smartphone,” he writes. I’m not convinced, at least about the smartwatch. But I do think the notion of smartphones disappearing being replaced by a technology that’s more capable… continue…

Lost Your Keys? This Sticker Can Find Them

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Always lose your keys just as you’re about to walk out the door? If so, a solution is nearly at hand. At first glance, the Stick-N-Find Bluetooth stickers don’t look like anything special but what they do is is pretty nifty, especially if you have trouble keeping track of things. The Stick-N-Find stickers are a hot funding project on Indiegogo, where they’ve exceeded their $76,000 goal with 40 days to spare. Currently in pre-production, samples have been built and beta… continue…

Olive ONE Is Not Just Another Media Player

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Olive ONE
On the surface, the Olive ONE might look like just another media player, but if you poke around in its guts you’ll realize that it’s actually an entirely different animal. The digital age has made pretty much made everything except music better. Back in the 80s, television came out of a heavy box with a tiny screen: a tiny, low-definition screen. Today, I have a 56” monstrosity that takes up much less room. The picture is so great that I… continue…

Time Again for the Dice Tech Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes

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It’s that time of year. The time when you contemplate ripping your ears off if you hear another holiday tune. Well, we suggest keeping those hearing orifices so you can listen to this: It’s Dice’s second annual tech holiday wish list sweepstakes on Facebook. The time where we celebrate what it means to be a geek by giving you an opportunity to tell us what gadget has you drooling. We’ll pick five winners and clean up the drool. And get… continue…