Why Did Facebook Buy Oculus Rift?

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Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Game
When Facebook plunked down $19 billion for WhatsApp, the move made perfect sense: after all, the latter is a messaging app with 400 million active users worldwide, which fits in nicely with the social network’s emphasis on connecting people together. And when Facebook shelled out $1 billion for Instagram, that also seemed like a logical turn of events: people enjoy sharing images with each other, and Instagram offers a sleek (and growing) platform for doing so. Click here to find… continue…

Privacy Advocates Challenge Facebook’s WhatsApp Acquisition

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The groups’ complaint asks the FTC to probe the $19 billion deal. continue…

Facebook Seeking to Block Illegal Gun Sales

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The network will also prevent users from posting any sort of items “that indicate a willingness to evade or help others evade the law.” continue…

Facebook Reportedly Buys Drone Manufacturer

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If the purchase is confirmed, Facebook will become the latest tech giant exploring UAVs. continue…

The Job Outlook in Games and Messaging

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Dice News Hangouts
In this month’s Tech Jobs Update, Dice News Managing Editor Mark Feffer and Associate Editor Dawn Kawamoto look at the shutdown of Irrational Games and what it means for industry jobs, the impact of Facebook’s WhatsApp acquisition on messaging jobs, and whether hackathons are a good place to explore job opportunities.  

Facebook Expands in NYC, Plans Hiring

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Facebook Wall NY
With an eye toward expansion, Facebook is moving its New York office from midtown to 770 Broadway in the city’s more tech-centric lower Manhattan. CNET says that although the team began working out of the new space Monday, the “official” opening will take place in the spring. After that, the company plans to host meetups and other events for the local tech community. Currently, Facebook has 320 employees in New York, about 100 of whom are engineers.  Moving downtown, observes… continue…

The Biggest Tech Acquisitions of All Time

Facebook paying $16 billion for WhatsApp isn’t even the most expensive buy on the list. continue…

Facebook’s WhatsApp Buy: Are We In a Bubble Yet?

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Facebook just paid the equivalent of 16 Instagrams for a messaging app. It’s a big bet, and a risky one. continue…

Facebook’s WhatsApp Buyout Turns Messaging Engineers Red Hot

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Facebook Messenger
It is a grand time to be an engineer working for a messaging company, especially if one of those companies is WhatsApp or Snapchat, both of which are looking to boost their share of the growing mobile messaging market. Facebook’s massive $19 billion cash and stock buyout offer for the Mountain View, Calif., startup WhatsApp is expected to turn an already high demand for mobile developers and engineers into a red hot one for those who come from the messaging… continue…

5 Great Places to Work for IT Interns

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Looking around for a summer gig as an IT intern? Well, here are five top technology companies that made it onto Glassdoor’s 25 Highest Rated Companies Hiring Interns list. In looking at the top five technology companies and perusing comments from their IT interns, we thought you’d be interested in getting a glimpse into the companies as seen through the eyes of these college students and recent grads. Facebook The social media giant ranked No. 1 on the list and… continue…