Silicon Valley Quest for Innovative Talent Continues

What’s New This Quarter How do we know that things are going pretty well these days in Silicon Valley? Because 23 newly minted billionaires told us so: The most recent Forbes list of the richest of the rich found some of the moguls in Silicon Valley are among the world’s youngest, including the co-founders of both Uber and Snapchat. The final numbers from 2014 showed that Silicon Valley’s tech economy continues to boom, with 58,000 new jobs and 42,000 new… continue…

How Many Hours Does Mark Zuckerberg Work Per Week?

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If you run the world’s largest social network, how many hours can you expect to work a week? In a new Q&A, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggested he puts in 50-60 hours a week… at most. “I spend most of my time thinking about how to connect the world and serve our community better,” he wrote, “but a lot of that time isn’t in our office or meeting with people or doing what you’d call real work.” He added: “I… continue…

SpaceX, Tech Giants Perk Up Seattle Employment

What’s New This Quarter Among the more interesting visitors to Seattle in recent months was SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who showed up in January to outline a space-related business that he wants to build in the area. “SpaceX Seattle” plans to launch 4,000 geosynchronous satellites, a network in space that could deliver high-speed Internet access anywhere on Earth. The satellites will be designed by software and aerospace engineers in SpaceX’s new engineering office in Redmond. Bloomberg reports that SpaceX could… continue…

Hipsters, Media Driving Tech Excitement in NYC

What’s New This Quarter How cool is Brooklyn? When Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade crafts and hipsterish vintage goods, goes public later this year, its market cap may exceed $2 billion, making it Brooklyn’s most successful tech company (and one of New York City’s biggest tech IPOs yet). It will be a big boost for the local startup scene after other local retail tech players such as Fab and Gilt Groupe have failed to launch. New York’s online media… continue…

Company Housing: Perk or Gilded Cage?

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facebook headquarters
Back in the 19th century, some of America’s pioneering super-capitalists decided to build whole towns to house their workers. George Pullman, for example, built an eponymous village for the employees who built his railcars; anyone living in those small houses needed to conform to bylaws and pay rent, even when the company wasn’t doing well. While the formal concept of “company towns” gradually faded away in the United States—it’s far more difficult these days for one entity to buy up… continue…

Facebook Offering a Way to Manage Accounts After Death

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Facebook now allows its users to choose “legacy contacts” to manage their accounts after they die. Legacy contacts will have the ability to post messages atop the deceased user’s timeline, respond to new friend requests, and update profile pictures and cover photos. In other words, if you opt to choose a legacy contact, make sure it’s someone you really trust, otherwise your digital afterlife could get hilarious and/or messy. Check out the latest social media-related jobs. “If someone chooses, they… continue…

Daily Tip: Freshen Up Your Social Networks

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It’s a New Year, which means, if you’re on the hunt for a new job, you’ve probably polished up your default resume and cover letter. But your social networks could probably stand for a fresh coat of digital paint, as well. First, take a look at your profile photo for your various networks. If it’s an old portrait, consider swapping in a new one. The most important part, though, is making sure any descriptions of your occupation are up to… continue…

Facebook Soft-Launches ‘Facebook At Work’

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Facebook At Work
Following months of rumors, Facebook has launched a version of its social network for the enterprise, placing it in direct competition with the likes of Salesforce. According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s plans center on an app called Facebook At Work, which will make its debut for iOS and Android on Jan. 14. The rollout will be small at first, with only a few companies able to use the software, but Facebook will presumably widen the release in coming… continue…

Americans Using More Social Networks

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With more than a billion users, Facebook is widely regarded as the social network to beat. But new data from the Pew Internet Research Project suggests that other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram are making strong gains among users, with the potential to challenge Facebook’s crown in future years. For more social media jobs, click here. Although Facebook remains the largest social network, its growth among Americans has slowed to a virtual standstill over the past year, except… continue…

Google, Facebook Battled for Mobile Crown in 2014

Nielsen Google Android graph
Nielsen recently released its list of the top smartphone apps of 2014, and the results were utterly unsurprising, with the top 10 split almost entirely between the Facebook and Google app ecosystems. The “basic” Facebook app came in first place with 118 million users (a 15 percent increase over the year before), followed by Google Search with 90 million users, YouTube with 88 million users, Google Play with 84 million users, and Google Maps with 79 million users. For more… continue…