The 2012 Breakdown of Data Breaches. Ho ho ho

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Security breaches are expected nowadays. Their occurrence can seem routine to those of us who don’t spend our professional lives preoccupied with finding new ways to stop them. If you want to get a sense of how the numbers break down, here’s an infographic that sums it all up nicely, with a holiday theme to lighten it up. Infographic: Mobistealth

Here’s the Job Trend You Need to Know About

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In some areas, tech job trends followed surprising paths during 2012. Big Data and cloud efforts, for example, were stymied at some companies by architectural, cultural and organizational issues that got in the way of data sharing, meaningful analysis and effective migration. The result: CIOs slowed down their hiring to explore possible solutions. The good news, according to David Foote, CEO of researcher Foote Partners, is that hiring should ramp up in these areas in 2013 after deciding to weave… continue…

How EAs Can Juggle Roles With What They’ve Got

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Here’s a professional caveat regarding solution architects and enterprise architects: They’re often the same people. An EA and an SA can fill each others’ roles and, in fact, this happens quite a bit. That said, if you’re an EA who’s asked to take on a solutions architect’s role, there are differences between the types of work you’ll do. The good news is the roles share common skill sets, which is why they’re grouped under the umbrella “IT Architecture.” Confused? Here’s… continue…

More Money for Mobile App Developers in 2013

Mobile application developers can expect a good year in 2013. Among other things, their pay is expected to rise by 9 percent. Behind those numbers, which come from Robert Half Technology, is something simple: Supply, demand and general agreement that the use of smartphones, tablets and other connected mobile devices is going to explode. Cell phone manufacturer Ericsson says that by 2017 there will be 4.4 exabtyes of monthly mobile data traffic worldwide (that’s 4.4 billion gigabytes). By then, some… continue…

4 Steps for Effective Incident Management

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by Richard Turkel You can’t protect against all failure. If you could we’d never get to use the #fail hashtag. However, you can prepare your team to react well to an incident. You’ve probably already created your incident management plan, but what about the following four points? Did you consider them, or are they going to cause a problem or holdup when you’re trying to handle the incident? Perhaps you should have a look, just in case. Create a Communication… continue…

5 Reasons ERP Projects Fail

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Enterprise Resource Planning projects tend to be rather large, risky affairs. For many organizations an ERP roll-out or migration will represent the single largest IT investment they’re likely to make. ERP projects, however, have a well-deserved reputation for high rates of failure. Just this month, the U.S. Air Force finally canceled the remnants of the Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS) program after about eight years and $1 billion dollars invested. The challenges and risks associated with deploying an ERP are… continue…

When Software Engineers Whine With Reason

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Not long ago, Slashdot’s Jeff Cogswell set out to see if two business intelligence tools would come back with the same answer to a single question. Two months later, he’s come back with a horror story instead. Not about BI, but about the state of software installation. It’s a tale, he says, of “everything that can go wrong in the customer end of the software world, and some thoughts on what needs to be done, especially in an area known… continue…

Enterprise Keeping Dell Afloat

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Servers are the only thing propping up Dell’s bottom line, as Wall Street begins worrying about the holiday PC market. continue…

Developing Effective Enterprise Roadmaps

One of the most important and challenging tasks that IT architects participate in, or even lead, is the development of enterprise roadmaps. These differ from schedules or integrated master schedules in that they’re meant to represent the realization of capability goals instead of simply tracking project tasks, milestones or intended delivery dates. However, these roadmaps often provide the starting point or reference framework for all schedules related to the goals it covers. The Basics Enterprise roadmaps follow no standard format… continue…

Oracle Touts VDI That Goes Beyond Windows

Oracle’s joining the fray of the many providers offering virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions. At VMworld 2012, I spoke with Stuart Scurti, an enterprise account manager for Oracle’s VDI. Scurti argues that Oracle’s VDI beats its competitors because: It’s certified on all Oracle applications. They’re not just a Windows OS shop. Oracle’s VDI can connect to any OS you want it to. It has an integrated smart card. By pulling the smart card and bringing it to another machine, you… continue…