FMC, VMC Seek Engineers, Support Specialists in Texas [DiceTV]

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Cat Miller
Between them, the two companies are trying to fill some 900 positions in Houston and San Antonio.

IT Company Jobs: 300 in Houston, 600 in San Antonio

Technology solutions provider FMC Technologies expects to add 300 workers to its Houston operations, with more than half of those positions targeting engineers and project managers. FMC Technologies, which employs 2,400 people in its Houston site, will be trolling for new talent when it hosts a hiring event on July 28 at 1777 Gears Rd. in Houston from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. “The focus of the career fair is to fill 160 engineers and project manager positions,” Geir Arne… continue…

This 3D Printer Builds Burritos

The machine that you see to the right is the work of NYU graduate student Marko Manriquez – he has dubbed it BurritoB0t. As the name implies it makes burritos. The base of BurritoB0t is a 3D printer – instead of printing objects out of ABS, it squirts precise amounts of condiments in predetermined patterns. The robot requires a little human assistance, a person will have to lay out the tortilla and rice and close the burrito when BurritoB0t is… continue…

How Startups Can Use Recruiters, and Learn from the Process

How do recruiters think? What’s their motivation? Are some better than others? How do you know if you’ve got the best recruiter, who’ll offer you real help? These are just some of the questions Elaine Wherry, co-founder of the sharing service Meebo, had when hiring more engineering talent. She had hired 23 great engineers and wondered what kind of recruiter would be able to help her start-up hire more. In an effort to find a great recruiter, she created some… continue…

Apple Salaries: Art Director Tops Senior Engineers

Are Apple’s salaries as attractive as its prestige? Business Insider looked through data at Glassdoor and found that salaries from Genius Bar workers all the way up to the boardroom directors, Apple pays well. Its engineers tend to be the ones who do best — outside of the art director. Here’s a breakdown: Apple Store Genius: $38,937 Lead Genius: $38,353 Assistant Apple Store Manager: $49,176 Account Executive: $75,324 Financial Analyst: $81,523 Software Quality Assurance Engineer: $87,651 Business Analyst: $87,768 Systems… continue…

Facebook’s IPO and You; HP Layoff Details [DiceTV]

Cat Miller
How Facebook’s IPO could impact your career… Details on Hewlett Packard’s restructuring… and we’ve got a new Talent Community for you — on Linux. All on this week’s DiceTV.

Tech Recruiting Stays Steady, Facebook May Hire More [Video]

Technology executives plan to continue hiring during the second quarter, but mostly at the same rate…  Some recruiters think the hiring pace at Facebook is going to pick up now that its  IPO’s done…  Apple’s expanding the scope of iCloud… and Provo, Utah-based Qualtrics has snagged $70 million in venture funds, and plans to use it to more than double its staff… All on this week’s DiceTV Job Minute.

Utah Software Firm Qualtrics to Add 250

Qualtrics, a Provo, Utah, survey software firm, will be hiring 250 people after landing a $70 million infusion from Accel Partners and Sequoia Capital. The company, co-founded in 2002 by Scott Smith, a statistics professor; his son Ryan; and Ryan’s Brigham Young University classmate Stuart Orgill, has been profitable from the beginning, they say. The family-run firm turned down seven other offers, but son Ryan Smith finally persuaded his dad to accept the investment because it came with the expertise… continue…

More Hiring at Facebook and Apple [DiceTV]

Cat Miller
The excitement’s not over at Facebook – they may ramp up their hiring soon… the iCloud’s new features mean more engineers are needed… and is that a reactor in your basement – or are you just glowing… never mind. All on the DiceTV Update for Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

SpaceX Launch Begins Post-Space Shuttle Era

SpaceX, the space transportation company co-founded by PayPal creator Elon Musk, launched its Falcon 9 rocket from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, for a rendezvous with the International Space Station. Its Dragon capsule is carrying a relatively modest 1,000 pounds of supplies. But the trip isn’t so much about supplies as it is demonstrating that SpaceX can replace government-run flights in servicing the ISS. If the flight’s successful, SpaceX will carry out 12 cargo missions for a… continue…