EdTech Industry Takes Hit, Party Over?

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Educational technology company Blackboard issued another round of layoffs this month, according to a Washington Business Journal report. It marked the third consecutive year of layoffs for the privately held company and could serve as a tip of the iceberg of what’s to come for the edtech industry, which posted a year-over-year decline in venture funding for the first half of this year. This raises the question whether edtech, which some have characterized as an Internet bubble, is poised to… continue…

Free Software Developer School For Women Launches

In an effort to address both the mounting talent shortage in technology in the state of Washington and gender imbalance in the industry, Ada Developers Academy is launching a free yearlong intensive software developer school in Seattle for women who have no previous programming experience. The classes are not only free, but students can even apply to receive a $1000 per month stipend. But, you better act fast. The deadline for applications is Sept. 30 – just a few days… continue…

Top Wage Earners Hold Computer-Related Degrees

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Eight computer-related degrees rank among the top 30 majors for salary potential, according to a recently released report from salary researcher PayScale. Engineering degrees of all stripes lead the way, with computer engineering ranking No. 6 and computer science No. 8. Here’s how the IT-related degrees fared: No. 6. Computer engineering: Starting salary -$65,300; Mid-career salary – $106,000. No. 8. Computer science: Starting salary – $59,800; Mid-career salary – $102,000. No. 12. Software engineering: Starting salary – $60,500; Mid-career salary – $99,300. No.… continue…

Software School ‘Smart Factory’ Opens In Minneapolis

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Two Minneapolis-based tech entrepreneurs are starting a hands-on school for experienced software professionals. The school, which they’ve dubbed Smart Factory, will open its doors in October. Combined, Founders Jeff Lin and Mike Bollinger have 31 years of experience in software design and engineering. Bollinger is the Founder of Livefront, a product mobile-app design and development firm. Lin is the Founder and CEO of Bust Out Solutions, which creates mobile and Web software. “Both Mike and I run our own service… continue…

Square Offers Coding Camp to Women and Girls

San Francisco-based Square is offering an intensive computer science program for women in high school and college, joining a growing number of companies aiming to increase the number of women in the field. The programs are selective, with only eight spots available for Square’s High School Code Camp and 20 in its College Code Camp. The high school program, held after school for eight months, offers lectures, labs, a monthly hackathon and the ability to build an Android app for an end-of-the… continue…

More Tech Companies Back Outreach for Women

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Girls don’t know they can work in technology. That truth hit home when my youngest daughter graduated from elementary school. The principal read aloud each child’s aspirations as they walked across the small stage. For every girl in the class, technology was decidedly out of mind. Doctors, lawyers and teachers got the nod instead. When asked about her future career, my daughter wasn’t sure what to say. She has written programs with MIT’s Scratch programming language and was the only… continue…

IBM Expands Big Data Academic Program

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With the explosive growth in Big Data and the new jobs expected to be created around it — 4.4 million worldwide by 2015 – IBM’s working with more than 1,000 universities to prepare students to do them. Students and faculty are hungry for access to real-world data sets, software tools and experts to help them come up with solutions for real problems, Jim Spohrer, IBM Director of Global University Programs, told Dice News. As an academic initiative partner, IBM will… continue…

Big Data Training vs. Education

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“Big Data is Big Business with many new opportunities for technical people.“ I’m sure many of you have heard something like this. Last year, the Harvard Business Review went so far as to call data science “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” (I actually have this article framed on my office wall as I don’t think anyone will ever again call my job “sexy.”)  My point is: Time and again, we’ve been told that there’s a dramatic lack of… continue…

How to Choose The Right Conferences

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Look to your right. See those conference listings? They all sound great — fun, informative, valuable. They also sound expensive. By the time you add up the conference, tutorials, travel costs, hotel and missing work, you’re easily out a few thousand dollars. Is it really worth it? The answer, of course, is: “It depends.” Whether you’re spending your own time and effort or making a case for your boss, here are some tools you need to make sure that you’re… continue…

Two Security Training Resources Worth Your Time

There are lots of expensive security conferences and training classes out there that can deliver certifications and skills. But if money’s tight, you can find free classes and lower-cost local conferences that might be worth investing some time in. Here are two such options that come highly recommended from those who have participated in them. First is the website OpenSecurityTraining. It offers dozens of lengthy and well-crafted tutorials on a wide range of topics including introductions to network forensics and… continue…