Is a CS Master’s Worth Anything to Programmers?

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Some argue that a master’s degree is “the new bachelor’s.” That is, so many people have bachelor’s degrees that you need a master’s to stand out. There is some truth to that. But is a master’s degree in Computer Science worth it for programmers? There are a number of factors to consider here. What will it cost you? Master’s degrees are expensive. You might pay as much as $40k / year for tuition at a private university. On top of… continue…

Creating the Building Blocks for Your Job Hunt

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Online coding school Treehouse, which recently launched a new class on how to build a startup, has decided to take a step back. Its latest course, called Career Foundations, starts with the basics of getting a job as a designer or programmer. The website offers online instruction in a range of popular skills including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery, Ruby on Rails, Android and iOS development. Nick Gidwani, Founder of online education venture SkilledUp, which helps people find online classes,… continue…

Three MOOC Classes for Windows Desktop

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Massive Open Online Classes – popularly known as MOOCs – are growing in scope. That’s a good thing for people who are looking for mostly free ways to enhance their knowledge on topics from general business to narrow technologies. While some charge a fee, most don’t. We’re all busy, but it’s nice to have educational options which only require an investment in time. Here are three free MOOCs IT professionals may want to consider. Operating Systems [] For those of… continue…

How to Pick the Online Course That’s Right for You

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Although corporate training budgets continue to shrink, tech professionals still need to keep their skills up to date. One possible solution is the growing range of free Massive Online Open Courses, or MOOCs. Two of the major players in the area, Coursera and edX, have double-digit expansions of colleges offering courses through their platforms. Also, in June non-profit edX released its software as open source. The Players Coursera and edX are two of the Big Three in open online learning.… continue…

5 Tech Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

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The prohibitive cost of a traditional four-year college education — not to mention the recent doubling of interest rates on student loans — may leave some high school grads wondering if there’s another, more affordable path to a technology career. There certainly is, though it’s not nearly as clear-cut. It may include attending community college, getting certifications, learning and practicing on your own, and, hardest of all, gaining experience without having a real job. Do the work, and you can… continue…

Summer Programs That Teach Girls to Code

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Introducing children to computer science as soon as they are interested, especially girls, is a proven method of encouragement for future endeavors in the tech industry. Code camps for kids are scheduled all around the country throughout the summer. All-girl camps and mom+daughter events are scheduled, too. If you’ve been following tech news you may have read about the bright young woman of 17 who has been attending code competitions with her father (also a programmer). Her most recent competition… continue…

UC Santa Cruz Offers New Master’s in Games

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The University of California at Santa Cruz is offering a master’s degree in games and playable media. The program, which will be held at the school’s Santa Clara campus, covers advanced technologies used to produce computer games and interactive media. The 12-month program is intended for students who already have a foundation in computer science and an understanding of computer games. Those who pursue the program will “develop strong design skills as well as strong technical implementation skills,” said Jim… continue…

Tech Interns: Where You Can Make the Most Money

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If you’re a college student, don’t underestimate the importance of internships, even if graduation is years away. They remain one of the best ways to increase your chances of getting the kind of employment you want once you hit the job market. The myths about interns doing nothing but fetching coffee and making copies don’t apply so much to IT professionals, and the benefits are deep and long lasting. Not only will you come away with substantive work experience, your… continue…

Check Out These 5 Schools for Computer Science

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MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon … The brand-name schools. What if those aren’t right for you? Don’t be discouraged. A number of colleges offer solid computer science programs. You just have to look for them. These five got Cat’s attention. See more stories about college technology and engineering programs here.

Georgia Tech Unveils $7K CS Master’s Program

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Georgia Institute of Technology is launching an online master’s degree program in computer science that’s expected to cost approximately $7,000, a staggering discount to its traditional $40,000 program, and a move that could have wide-ranging implications for not only other academic programs, but certification courses as well. “Although online courses have been around since the 1960s, the differentiation for our program is its low cost and the platform we use,” says Zvi Galil, Dean of Georgia Tech’s College of Computing.… continue…