Tech Jobs Rise 2.6 Percent from April 2012

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Management and technical consulting jobs continue to post strong growth, showing a nearly 6 percent gain in April over their performance a year ago, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.It was the best-performing sector in tech, where the number of jobs overall rose 2.6 percent. Not only was the sector the highest gainer for the month, but it’s posted consecutive monthly growth since the turn of the year. In January, there were nearly 1.16 million jobs in the area.… continue…

Consulting Leads Continued IT Job Growth

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Technology employment expanded by 2.35 percent year-over-year in December, rising to nearly 14.2 million jobs from approximately 13.9 million a year ago. The increase was fueled — again — by growth in management and technical consulting positions, which posted a 5.29 percent gain. Meanwhile, professional and technical services gained more than 20,900 new jobs since December 2011, a 2.84 percent increase. Overall, growth in technology jobs outpaced national growth in December, which rose 1.39 percent, to 134 million from roughly… continue…

Analytics, Cloud Will Benefit from Growing Tech Market: Forrester

A growing tech market through 2014 will boost analytics, mobile, collaborative, and cloud-based apps. continue…

Tech’s Top Job Stories of 2012

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Before the ball drops on Times Square to usher in 2013, let’s reminisce about a bit about the events that marked 2012—lots of firing but also some hiring. Here are our 10 top stories about IT jobs in 2012, in no particular order. Linux is hot — In a poll released in February, 81 percent of hiring managers said hiring Linux talent was a priority. Sixty-three percent said Linux hires were increasing relative to jobs in other skill areas, and… continue…

Consulting Leads November’s Tech Job Rise

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Tech employment rose 2.8 percent in November to nearly 12.8 million jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Leading the growth: management and technical consultants, whose sector’s jobs posted a 5.4 percent increase year-over-year. That’s quite a change from October, when such jobs barely squeaked out any growth at all. That month, its employment rose a nominal 0.3 percent compared to October 2011. The Computer Systems, Design and Services sector ranked second for growth in November, showing a 5.0… continue…

How Sequestration Will Threaten Your Job

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What happens to tech jobs if Congress and the President fail to agree on a deficit-reduction plan and drive off the so-called “Fiscal Cliff?” Unless you’ve been hiding out somewhere, you know that would lead to sequestration kicking in as soon as January. The one thing everyone agrees on is that won’t be good. Sequestration means that across-the-board spending cuts will be triggered. The exact amount of those cuts isn’t entirely clear, but some estimates place them at about $1.2… continue…

Tech Layoffs Rise More Than National Average

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Layoffs at tech companies greatly increased in August, far surpassing the national average for American companies. Among the hardest-hit slices: the computer and electronics products sector. Business these staged 20 major layoffs during the month, double the rate from a year ago. Each downsizing averaged 72 employees. The national unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent in August, down from 9.1 percent a year ago, even though the number of companies chopping their labor force grew, according to figures from the… continue…

Women, Communications Sectors Fared Well in Jobs Report

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It was great to see the July jobs report reconfirm that tech hiring is still on the upswing. But within the facts and figures, there were some particularly interesting numbers. One factoid showed jobs in the communications equipment sector rose 1.3 percent compared to July 2011, bringing the number of tech positions to 110,200. And while the increase may not be eye-popping, it’s definitely worth noting. In the communications equipment sector, a modest increase in jobs reversed a three-month string… continue…

How Badly Is Economic Worry Spilling Over to IT Hiring?

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Companies looking to drive growth through technology continue to hire IT workers, but a slowing economy may temper that movement. Two states, for example, recently released separate technology council reports that show declines in advertised IT positions. And last week, Cisco announced job cuts, with analysts predicting even more layoffs if the economy doesn’t improve. Reuters columnist James Saft says that companies have been posting profits largely through cost controls — not increases in revenue, a worrying trend. It’ll be interesting… continue…

IT Women See Unemployment Gap Widen [DiceTV]

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Life isn’t always fair. And recent IT unemployment rate figures call that out. In May, the unemployment rate for women in computer and mathematical occupations stood at 6.8 percent, whereas men faced a mere 2.3 percent unemployment rate, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And it’s not just a one-month blip.