Bay Area Techs: Congestion Is All Your Fault

It’s tough to be a newly rich tech worker in the Silicon Valley/Bay Area, what with all those stock options, headhunter calls and the like. Not to mention taking the blame for driving up rents, increasing traffic and failing to fit in with the area’s old guard. In a region usually known for its tolerance, new McMansions, all those extra cars and the rising cost of living have set up a culture clash that could transform the region. TechCrunch Co-Editor… continue…

Boston Pained By Tech Talent Squeeze

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A Federal Reserve report found that the gap between IT jobs and available, experienced professionals is widespread, particularly in Boston and San Francisco. The Fed’s “Beige Book” report summarizing conditions in its 12 districts from early July through late August said demand for tech workers was increasing. In August, IT employment overall reached just more than 4.5 million, according to TechServe Alliance, compared with 4 million at the start of the Recession in 2008. In the Boston area, “there remains… continue…

Tech Leads Oregon Recovery

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The tech industry is leading Oregon out of the recession by adding jobs faster than the overall economy, and paying more than twice the state average, according to a new report from the state’s Employment Department. Tech salaries in the state average $94,000 a year and grew by 3.9 percent between 2011 and 2012. That compares with Oregon’s overall average salary of $44,300, which rose only 2.8 percent during the same period. Meanwhile, tech employment hit 60,100 in July, the… continue…

Can You Buy and Sell The Cloud’s Future Value?

Can you put a value on cloud capacity three months from now? A number of people think you can. In other words, one day businesses may be able to buy and sell cloud computing capacity before it’s needed. But what would be involved? That’s what a panel of cloud practitioners and financial experts explored in San Francisco this summer. You’ve probably heard about trading futures in pork bellies or corn. These folks were talking about buying and selling futures in… continue…

Strong Tech Job Growth Predicted for D.C.

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What’s New This Quarter Given all the recent stories about the NSA’s efforts to collect communications data, you’d be justified in thinking you can jumpstart your technology career in the Washington metropolitan area by becoming a Big Data specialist. After all, someone has to sort through the 6.1 trillion text messages the world generates every year. The truth isn’t so simple. A recent Meritalk survey found that none of the 17 government agencies it looked at have successfully embraced Big… continue…

In Silicon Valley, More Deals and More Jobs

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What’s New This Quarter Silicon Valley is a candidate’s market right now, says Monique Fierros, a San Jose-based Technical Recruiter for Randstad Technologies. “There is a lot of movement, and almost everyone I talk to on a daily basis has multiple opportunities in the works and can end up receiving multiple offers throughout the hiring process,” she says. “Hiring managers have to move quickly before the candidates are no longer on the market.” There’s certainly a lot going on. In perhaps… continue…

More IT Research Jobs Seen in Raleigh

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What’s New This Quarter It’s been an active few months in the Research Triangle region. The number of available tech job openings rose by 8.1 percent in May, according to the latest IT Job Trends report prepared from the North Carolina Technology Association. State-wide, there were 4,280 openings, up from 3,960 in April. It marked the fourth straight month of IT job growth, though the trend will likely level off during the slower summer months. In more ominous news, IBM,… continue…

New York City: Mobile Development Rules

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What’s New This Quarter Even after its $1.1 billion acquisition of NYC-based Tumblr, Yahoo may still be shopping, with a $50 million offer out for mobile app developer Qwiki. Another big deal: the sale of 3D-printing pioneer MakerBot to Stratasys for more than $600 million. Expect hiring at chic online design shop, which recently picked up $150 million in funding (which values the company at a cool $1 billion) and is looking to expand internationally. When Mayor Michael Bloomberg… continue…

Al Gore Has Seen the Future

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Al Gore can be very convincing. An Inconvenient Truth was a hard-hitting explanation of and rallying cry against climate change. In The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change, Gore has expanded his mission exponentially. As the promo copy puts it, “It’s An Inconvenient Truth for everything,” and even if the end result is dense and overwhelming, it’s still a fascinating read for anyone who’s trying to jockey for a profitable, productive — and sustainable — position over the next few… continue…

Economist: H-1Bs Are Important to the Economy

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H-1B Special Report
One phrase that’s almost always injected into discussions of H1-Bs is “supply and demand.” But how is that measured when it comes to tech workers? For some insight, I spoke with Ashok Bardhan, a senior economist at the University of California at Berkeley and author of Globalization and a High Tech Economy: California, the U.S. and Beyond. What impact do H-1B workers have on the American economy? Because of the fact that H-1B visas are by and large issued to… continue…