Contrasting Views on Tech Job Market Outlook

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Contrasting Trends
With the release of a December jobs report called the worst in three years, Janco Associates CEO Victor Janulaitis continues to warn of gloomy prospects in the IT job market. By his count, just 3,200 tech positions were added in December, bringing the total to 15,900 in the past three months. That grim assessment trended with the layoffs the computer sector encountered during the month, which reached 5,578 – up more than five times the level for the same period… continue…

Computer Sector Ranks No. 5 in Job Cuts

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Although the computer industry generated the fifth largest number of job cuts last year, it’s poised to post strong gains in certain slivers of the sector in the new year, according to a Challenger, Gray & Christmas report released Friday. The computer sector lost 35,136 jobs last year, according to the report, as Hewlett-Packard cut tens of thousands of employees from its payroll and companies like Cisco and Intel also announced large cuts. In the month of December alone, the… continue…

Tech Companies Woo Economists

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Data Analysis
Tech companies were among the employers wooing young economists at the American Economic Association’s annual meeting recently in Philadelphia. In the past few years, Google, Microsoft and Amazon have organized teams of economists to sift through their reams of data and spot market trends. “It used to be that if you got a Ph.D. in economics, you went to government, you went to academics, you went to a consulting firm, or you went to Wall Street,” Greg Rosston, Deputy Director… continue…

Atlanta Hiring Projections Show More Strength

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Atlanta, which has been adding tech jobs at a rapid clip, will ramp up IT hiring during the first half of 2014 a little faster than the nation as a whole. Robert Half Technology reports that 18 percent of Atlanta CIOs plan to add staff during the first six months of next year, an increase of 9 percentage points from their July-December 2013 projections. Most companies still plan only to fill vacant positions (65 percent), while 5 percent will put… continue…

CIOs Up Hiring in Silicon Valley, San Francisco

Golden Gate
IT hiring is expected to heat up during the first half of 2014 in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, according to a Robert Half Technology survey of the area’s CIOs. That’s good news that comes after two surveys from other organizations that described lackluster IT hiring nationally in November. Bay Area CIOs are feeling more bullish about hiring than they were when questioned about the first half of 2013. Among other things, RHT found that: 20 percent of survey respondents… continue…

Conflicting Reports on IT Job Market’s Health

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Two tech groups are reporting a slowing job market for technology professionals, but a third survey – from Robert Half Technology — reports the opposite. According to TechServe Alliance, an association of IT and engineering staffing and solutions firms, technology hiring grew by 3,200 jobs in November, 3,100 jobs in October and 6,100 jobs in September – a pace well off the gains posted earlier this year. “We are noticing a clear deceleration in the rate of growth,” said Mark… continue…

Here’s Where Tech Contractors Will Be Hired in the Next 18 Months

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Contractors focusing on app development will be in the greatest demand over the next 12 to 18 months, according to a survey by technology resource provider Mondo. These contract apps developers will be riding a broader wave of increased hiring among technology contractors overall: Forty eight percent of the IT decision-makers surveyed plan to hire more contractors than full-time workers during the period. Additionally, 32 percent say they’ll increase their annual IT contractor budgets. Economic Improvements Despite the government shutdown… continue…

Posted IT Jobs Slip in North Carolina

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North Carolina employers posted an average 3,320 IT jobs during October, a decline of about 10 percent from 3,730 in September and 3,700 in October of 2012. The drop was “unexpected as many job markets swing up during the fall,” the North Carolina Technology Association said. Posted openings declined for non-IT positions as well. All segments of the IT market were affected, though software development felt the biggest drop, at 12.2 percent. The number of openings peaked at nearly 6,000… continue…

More Tech Professionals Pushed Into Contracting

Employment isn’t what it used to be, and for many tech workers it may never be again. As America slowly emerges from recession, employment growth isn’t following. Increasingly, workers find themselves with piecemeal employment, no benefits and what appears to be no way back into a full-time job. “Will we all be freelancers soon?” asked a recent headline in U.S. News & World Report. The accompanying story reported how: 6 in 10 companies have plans to hire more freelancers in… continue…

Should Silicon Valley Secede, Or Just Leave?

Secession is a popular topic in Texas, parts of Colorado and a rural area of northern California and Oregon that calls itself the “State of Jefferson.” But now the idea of breaking away has come up in an unlikely place: Silicon Valley. Yes, we’re talking about seceding from the U.S. Some call it “the ultimate exit strategy.” Such a move – support for which seems somewhere between “serious but not really” and pure fantasy – could separate technologists from their… continue…