Amazon’s Dash Button: Small Device, Big Plans

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Amazon Dash Button
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wants his company to integrate with customers’ lives in as seamless a way as possible. Its various innovations—one-click ordering, its Prime free-shipping program, and so on—are all designed to radically reduce the amount of time associated with finding and ordering products. But just how streamlined can they actually make that process? Pretty streamlined, as it turns out—so long as you’re willing to sprinkle your whole house with branded doodads wirelessly connected to Amazon.com. If you’re running… continue…

Amazon’s Lunatic Idea for 3-D Printing’s Future

Amazon 3D Printing USPTO
While 3-D printers haven’t yet hit the mainstream, innovators and entrepreneurs are busy experimenting with potential uses for the technology, from building airline engines to creating food. But few of those concepts are as weird—or potentially as brilliant, depending on your point of view—as the one proposed by Amazon in a recent series of patent applications. According to the Wall Street Journal, which dug those patents up, the company is thinking about placing 3-D printers inside trucks. When a customer… continue…

This is How Blinds.com Hires in IT

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Landing@ Blinds.com
Blinds.com, the largest online window covering store in the world, is based on Houston and home to 250 employees, 30 of them working exclusively in IT. CIO Larry Hack says that in addition to its dedicated tech team, the company prides itself “on being fairly tech-savvy in all departments.” Growing rapidly, Blinds.com now has several open positions including UX designer, senior developer, network engineer and mobile developer. “As we’re an Agile shop, we also look for future teammates that are… continue…

What eBay Can Teach Us About Security Breaches

Breached Security
Major e-security breaches have become depressingly commonplace among major companies: When eBay announced that attackers had compromised an internal database loaded with customer passwords (still encrypted, the company insisted) and personal data, many people seemed to greet the news with a shrug. After all, this past holiday season saw Target and other major retailers hit with similar thefts. While eBay has admitted the breach, the company seems to be taking a relatively low-key approach to getting users to change their… continue…

Amazon’s Hiring Is Just One Sign of Retail’s Tech Focus

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Sale Sign
Amazon’s IT recruitment efforts in 2013 dramatically outpaced those of all of its competitors, according to a report published on the industry website Retail Information Systems News. During the year, the company posted about 17,000 tech jobs, more than 57 percent of all postings among the top 10. That’s a lot of postings, and we should note the report didn’t provide a definition for what jobs it considers “tech” or how it counted the ads. Still, the number is an… continue…

Staples Hiring Spree Targets Hundreds of Engineers

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We're Hiring Sign
Office products retailer Staples has been on a hiring spree to support its big bet on e-commerce. The company has been adding “hundreds of engineers, including many from Web-only retailers who can help the retailer to bridge gaps in creating and managing technology across stores and digital,” according to Internet Retailer. While rolling out faster, sleeker and more personalized mobile sites, the company’s also looking to “omnichannel” technology that promotes in-store shopping. In September, Staples announced plans for its Seattle… continue…

Online Holiday Shopping Spiked, Delaying Some Packages

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This latest holiday period was the best and worst of times for e-commerce. continue…

Amazon Web Services Heading to China

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The new AWS region will need to follow China’s “legal and regulatory requirements.” continue…

Fab Gives Pink Slips to 81 More

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E-commerce startup Fab has confirmed giving the ax to 81 employees — 73 full-timers and eight temps. AllThingsD reports the casualties include Chief Product Officer David Paltiel as well as other executives. It says Devin Flaherty, the company’s head of user experience, resigned. Chief Operating Officer Beth Ferreira is leaving as well. None of these executives were mentioned by CEO Jason Goldberg in his memo, published on Valleywag, on “refounding” the company. Goldberg said of the streamlining going on: This… continue…

“The Everything Store” Sparks Battle Over Bezos’ Reputation

A very public battle has erupted between the wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his biographer. continue…