Microsoft’s Diversity at the Top Isn’t a Sea Change

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Microsoft, the world’s biggest software company, now has an Indian CEO and African-American board chair, points out Joel Dreyfuss in the Root. But that’s no indication that their appointments signal a trend toward greater diversity in Silicon Valley. It’s hard to believe that race played much of a role in getting these men their jobs. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO, is a well-regarded engineer who formerly headed its enterprise business. While there, he oversaw creation of the Cloud OS platform… continue…

Revealing Numbers on Tech’s Racial Diversity

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It’s an increasingly accepted notion that diversity leads to innovation and better products, since different types of people bring different points of view to the table. That’s one reason it’s important to have cross-cultural teams in place throughout the tech world. Unfortunately, lack of diversity can be self-perpetuating: A number of minority professionals get fed up with the monochrome character of their workplace and move on to other opportunities. According to the National Science Foundation, blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, Alaska… continue…

Oracle Sued Over Discriminatory Practices

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A former Oracle sales manager is suing the company, alleging he was fired for complaining about orders to pay an Indian worker less than a U.S. employee in the same position. Ian Spandow, who was a senior regional manager in database sales, “experienced discriminatory and retaliatory conduct based on his national origin and after his complaint of various improper practices, including the company’s discriminatory pay practices of employees based on their national origin,” according to a civil rights complaint filed… continue…

Silicon Valley Fellowships for Black and Latino Engineering Students

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Resumes only take you so far in the hiring process. To be really effective, you have to show what you can do, and meet the right people. To help lure talented minority students into the Silicon Valley culture, the non-profit code2040 launched a summer fellowship program to bring Black and Latino engineering students into the Valley for a summer. Laura Weldman Powers, code2040′s executive director, encourages people who are in these categories or know someone who fits the bill to… continue…

Beating the Odds: Helping Girls Become Engineers

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As classes begin at colleges and universities throughout the country, the odds of finding a female engineering student is slim. Come next summer, the odds of finding a graduating female engineering student is even slimmer. Consider these statistics, says Catherine Didion, director of the National Research Council’s Committee on Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine: More than 50 percent of all students going into four-year colleges are women. But only 3 percent of all first-year students are women majoring in… continue…

My Lesson on Workplace Discrimination

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Last week, a user complained when I illustrated a workplace gossip story with the image of a woman posing like a cat. (You can see the post here.) I think the fact that this story associates “office gossip” with an image of a woman — especially in an industry where both men and male gossips outnumber women — is sexist…. This is the kind of image that tells us — wrongly — that the difference is the gender of the… continue…