3D Printing Solves Your Christmas Gift Conundrum

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3D printing continues to generate a lot of buzz as people come up with more ways to use it to create everything from pens that let you draw in 3D, to 3D printed prosthetics, even 3D food (as if there’s any other kind.). Today, let’s get into the details on an application of you may not have heard about yet. Let’s just say it’s not only cool, it might take care of your Christmas shopping, too.  

How to Choose the Right Job References

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The right reference can be the determining factor between whether or not you get an offer. Unfortunately, the right choice isn’t always obvious. Cat’s got tips to help you brainstorm the possibilities and make the best selection for each situation.

How to Build Your Professional Network

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Networking is about more than handing out your business cards. This week, let’s look at the best ways you can build and maintain the relationships that will turn into your professional network — even if you hate networking.  

Be Sure to Look at These 5 C++ Libraries

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In honor of our new C++ and C# talent community, Cat discusses five of Community Guide David Bolton’s favorite libraries for C++ development.  

New Browser Plugin Blocks Ad Targeting

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Each and every thing we look up online leaves a cookie trail — which advertisers then use to target us with relevant ads. But thanks to a new browser plugin and game by a Parsons grad student, advertisers may not have it so easy anymore. Here’s Cat with the details.  

Citi Bike Spurs New Mobile Opportunities

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With the recent debut of New York’s Citi Bike, a new opportunity’s arisen: Bike tech. Cat shows off some of the earliest tech toys developed around the bike sharing system — and discusses new possibilities for developers.  

How One Recruiter Hires for Digital Entertainment

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Alex Churchill can sum up his firm’s recruiting strategy in four words: “Go deep, not wide.” Churchill, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based VonChurch, overseas a five-year-old digital entertainment recruiting firm. Last year, over 51 percent of the people it placed at digital music, film, TV and video game companies were in engineering. In a recent interview with Dice News, Churchill discussed not only his firm but what job seekers need to know about working with recruiters and the view… continue…

Good News for Job Searchers, Courtesy of Google

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Recently Laszlo Bock, Senior VP of People Operations at Google, shared some information gleaned from Google’s Big Data hiring research. This week, Cat examines a few of the takeaways — and why you may be able to sleep a little easier.

Top Tech Career Questions and Answers

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From crafting effective cover letters to creating a strong technology resume, Dice News Career Guide Leslie Stevens-Huffman and I got together in a Google Hangout to answer some of the most common questions job seekers ask on Dice. Topics Discussed Roll up to the times below to see coverage of specific areas. 01:05 Fair Salaries 04:37 Customized Resumes and Cover Letters 08:05 Marketing Yourself 09:54 Networking 13:15 Selecting Appropriate Jobs to Apply to 15:50 Cover Letters & Online Job Postings… continue…

4 Things to Do This Summer If You Didn’t Get an Internship

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Not everyone gets a summer internship after every year of college. Nothing came through for you this year? That doesn’t mean you can’t use the summer to your career’s advantage. This week Cat offers four ways to take advantage of the extra time on your hands that will give you something to show for your break — even without an internship.