5 Ways to Evaluate a Company During an Interview

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Interviews aren’t just for companies to evaluate you — they’re also your chance to decide if the company is someplace you’d like to be. Look out for these things during your interview to get a sense of the employer’s culture — and whether it’ll  be a good fit. See full text here.

Ask Cat: Job Hunting Tips for Students and Recent Grads

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Cat Miller answers questions from college students and recent grads on getting hired for internships and first jobs, including how to land an internship out of state, how to deal with “entry-level” job postings that still require experience, and how to painlessly customize your cover letters.

How to Construct an Unbeatable Cover Letter

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Your cover letter is the first communication you make with a potential employer. It’s your first impression, so it better be a good one. Here’s how to write a cover letter that will impress both HR and hiring managers, and separate your application from the others in the pile. Cover Letter Preparation The first, and arguably most important step, is researching the company. Make sure that you have an understanding of what the business does, what problem it faces and… continue…

How to Answer ‘Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?’

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Interviewers often ask candidates where they see themselves in 5 years. But asking a common question doesn’t mean they’re looking for a cliché answer. Here’s a look at what the question’s meant to evaluate, so that you can craft an answer that addresses the interviewer’s concerns.

Our Favorite DiceTVs

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So many job-hunting tips, so little time. We looked through DiceTV to find our all-time favorites, which we’re happy to present here. Which ones are yours? Let us know in the comments, along with any questions you may have for Cat. She’ll answer them in an upcoming episode. Conquer Your Fear of Awkward Pay Questions The Art of the Phone Interview How to Ace a Technical Audition Ask Cat: Interviews, Career Changes and New Industries Resumes That Get You Past… continue…

How to Answer ‘What’s Your Biggest Weakness?’

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“What’s your biggest weakness?” is a common interview question, but a tricky one. Choose something too critical and the interviewer may be concerned about your ability to do the job. But say something too minor and you can be seen as afraid to answer honestly. So what’s the right balance? Here’s some tips to help you make that judgement.

5 Tips for Computer Science Freshmen

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Starting college is a big adjustment for anyone, but it can be especially daunting for CS majors. After all, they’re jumping into a tough curriculum that’s very different from the work they did in high school. Even those who’ve taken Computer Science will face big changes. To ease the transition, Cat’s collected a few pieces of advice from former CS majors — ideas they wish they’d learned about sooner.

Let Your Alumni Network Boost Your Job Hunt

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Alumni networks can provide an instant connection to a wide range of professionals and are a great resource for networking. They offer an opportunity to connect to top executives and key professionals in your field, who you may not otherwise have an opportunity to connect with. And alumni have been known to give job seekers a big leg up in their job search. Are you taking advantage of your alma mater to its fullest potential? If not, here are some… continue…

Here’s How to Decide If It’s Time to Change Jobs

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Changing jobs can lead to a better title, a salary increase and more. But moving too frequently can get you labeled as a job hopper and decrease your future prospects. So how do you know when it’s time to move on? To make that decision easier, here’s some tips.

5 C# Libraries You Need to Know

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A few weeks ago, in honor of our new C++ and C# talent community, I told you about five of Community Guide David Bolton’s favorite C++ libraries. In an effort to maintain equality, here’s his top five for C#.