The Skills You Need to Work at Building-Systems Developer TEC Systems

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TEC Systems Panel
Few people think of buildings as high-tech, but they are: everything from communications and fire control systems to HVAC are computer-controlled, relying on advanced networks and complex software to do their jobs. Click here to find jobs working on embedded systems. With a team that includes developers, engineers and project managers, New York’s TEC Systems specializes in implementing the systems that keep offices humming. We visited the company’s headquarters in Long Island City, N.Y., to get a feel for what’s… continue…

How One App Hit 30 Countries in 3 Months

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How’s this for performance? New York’s driving analytics app-developer Dash got thousands of U.S. users and has been downloaded in more than 30 countries — all within three months of its launch. The company’s located at the WeWork co-working space in lower Manhattan, which gives it the flexibility to grow without investing in a new real estate – not to mention a community of startups and an office space with pinball, beer and all the other startup essentials. What makes… continue…

What It’s Like to Work at StumbleUpon

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StumbleUpon Logo
StumbleUpon has the best of both worlds – the agility of a startup and the stability of a 12-year-old company. At least that’s how its vice president of engineering, Paul Antaki, sees it. The San Francisco-based company offers up Web pages, videos and photos based on subscribers’ self-selected likes and dislikes. It’s powered by a lean but growing crew of approximately 90 people, of which half work in technology. The site relies heavily on Hadoop, R, Raku and Octave, and… continue…

How to Master the Video Interview

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Cat Miller
With the increasing prevalence of video chatting, video interviews are becoming more common. For employers who can’t meet face-to-face, they’re great as a more personal option than a phone interview. They allow the job seeker and the hiring manager to see one another, which can help them better understand the other’s reactions and emotions. Indeed, the technology has come so far, these sessions can seem like a more convenient version of an in-person interview. But be careful getting too comfortable.… continue…

How to Seem Confident in an Interview, Even If You Aren’t

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Cat Miller
When it comes to communicating, there is a potentially huge difference between what we actually say and how it comes across. Our message comes across as 7 percent verbal, 38 percent vocal, and 55 percent body language. So, we could be saying one thing here (verbal) and saying the exact opposite here (body). Making sure you’re communicating exactly what you intend is all about awareness. So today, we’re going to talk about the three elements of communication, how to be… continue…

How to Behave After You’ve Landed the Job

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You know that old expression, “a new broom sweeps clean?” Anything brand new will do the job well….in the beginning. But eventually, that broom might get a little comfortable or complacent and start to miss a spot here or there. And since bringing on a new broom is a costly process for the broom purchasers, they’re going to be watching to make sure they get the return they want on their sweeping investment. So today, we’re talking about making sure… continue…

4 Not-So-Obvious Interview Basics

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They say the way to gauge the skill of a trained chef is not by their hollandaise sauce, it’s by the egg that goes with it. What am I talking about? Here’s the connection: Today’s advice is not about your hollandaise sauce. It’s about the perfectly cooked egg. So if you don’t want just a job, but a great job, it’s not just important to research the company and customize your cover letters. It’s even more important to remember the… continue…

When Do You Remove College Details From Your Resume?

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Whether you want to appear qualified for a large number of jobs maximize the chances of your resume getting past scanning software, listing every tech-related experience you’ve ever had can be tempting. But paring the list down to a carefully curated set can make your resume much more effective for landing a job. At a certain point, listing your college coursework just isn’t going to help you anymore — regardless of the job you’re applying for. Or that big award… continue…

5 Ways to Evaluate a Company During an Interview

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Interviews aren’t just for companies to evaluate you — they’re also your chance to decide if the company is someplace you’d like to be. Look out for these things during your interview to get a sense of the employer’s culture — and whether it’ll  be a good fit. See full text here.

Ask Cat: Job Hunting Tips for Students and Recent Grads

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Cat Miller answers questions from college students and recent grads on getting hired for internships and first jobs, including how to land an internship out of state, how to deal with “entry-level” job postings that still require experience, and how to painlessly customize your cover letters.