High Demand Pushes Linux Salaries Higher

Salaries for people skilled with Linux are rising at nearly double the rate of other tech professionals, and job prospects are strong, too: Some 93 percent of hiring managers plan to recruit Linux talent in the next six months. Those are just two of the optimistic findings in The 2013 Linux Jobs Report, a global survey of 850 hiring managers and 2,600 Linux professionals conducted by Dice and the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering the growth of the… continue…

Our New Guidelines on Discussions and Comments

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I’ve written in the past about the guidelines we publish to make sure conversations and comments on Dice are courteous and on-point. (You can read them here.) Many of these are obvious: be courteous, don’t harass people, don’t say or link to anything that’s obscene, don’t spam, don’t violate laws. Our moderators review comments with the assumption that each one is relevant but, of course, that sometimes turns out not to be the case. Since deciding these things always involves… continue…

Tech Salary Growth Is Strong in These 7 Markets

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With the IT unemployment rate hovering around 3.8 percent, employers can no longer rely on mere incentives and perks to keep people in the house. Nowadays, they have to write checks. This is especially true for companies in secondary markets like Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Milwaukee. The pool of talent is shallower in regions like these, but that doesn’t mean there’s less work to be done in their IT departments. So, the rule of supply and demand’s kicking in: Salaries… continue…

The Coolest T-Shirts We’ve Ever Seen

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If you work in tech, it’s pretty much a given that you have T-shirts. Lots of T-shirts. T-shirts that run the gamut from sarcastic to far-from-G-rated. And especially T-shirts that aren’t in English — they’re in code. We like T-shirts, too. Actually, we like them so much the Dice Marketing Legion went on a quest to find some that were exceptionally clever. For your inspiration and delight, here’s their favorites. And, yes, I know there’s all kinds of shameless self-promotion… continue…

Tech Salaries Rise to Highest Levels in a Decade

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Dice 2012 Salary Survey Thumbnail
U.S. technology salaries rose last year more than they have in a decade, with the average tech professional earning a 5 percent increase, from $81,327 to $85,619, according to an annual salary survey by Dice. The increase comes at a time when more than two thirds of tech professionals — 64 percent — are confident that they can find a better job. Supporting their notion is the fact that employers are stepping up their efforts to retain staff, using more… continue…

Tech Employers See More Hiring, At Slower Rates

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Hiring managers and recruiters expect tech hiring to rise in 2013, with 64 percent of those surveyed by Dice planning to increase their ranks next year. To break it down, 43 percent see themselves doing “slightly” more hiring while 21 percent predict doing “substantially” more. While those numbers look encouraging, they’re not as strong as they were six months ago. In May, 73 percent said they planned to increase hiring, 55 percent slightly and 18 percent substantially. The respondents also… continue…

Time Again for the Dice Tech Holiday Wish List Sweepstakes

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It’s that time of year. The time when you contemplate ripping your ears off if you hear another holiday tune. Well, we suggest keeping those hearing orifices so you can listen to this: It’s Dice’s second annual tech holiday wish list sweepstakes on Facebook. The time where we celebrate what it means to be a geek by giving you an opportunity to tell us what gadget has you drooling. We’ll pick five winners and clean up the drool. And get… continue…

Take The Annual Dice Salary Survey

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Participate in the Dice.com salary survey. We’ll make it worth your while. Our annual survey profiles the landscape of tech compensation. Be part of the data set to determine if you’re making what you’re worth, and find what your peers are raking in across the country. The survey will be live through November 15, and you can take it here. Because we like you (and want your data) we’re giving away four $250 gift cards to randomly selected winners. Just… continue…

11 Tech Skills Employers Want – Right Now

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  Demand for software developers and the QA folks who check their work were among the most sought-after skills in Dice’s job postings as of October 1, the company says. Software development is beyond compare in today’s job tech job market. Even if you are not an engineer – many hiring managers want candidates to have a thorough understanding of the software development lifecycle. More development equals more QA or ensuring a project, product or service meets certain standards and… continue…

Seeking Hot Buttered Geeks

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Dice's Featured Geek
Can you make a girl purr with your white hot vocabulary? Do boys fall to their knees and beg for more of your unbridled intellect? Are you a ferocious multi-hyphenate: writing code, project managing or designing apps by day and dancing tango at night, while spending Saturdays researching the reproductive lives of leafy seadragons and Sundays reading to the blind and playing competitive badminton? Even if your answer is a resounding NO to all the above, don’t despair. You too… continue…