Seeking Hot Buttered Geeks

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Dice's Featured Geek
Can you make a girl purr with your white hot vocabulary? Do boys fall to their knees and beg for more of your unbridled intellect? Are you a ferocious multi-hyphenate: writing code, project managing or designing apps by day and dancing tango at night, while spending Saturdays researching the reproductive lives of leafy seadragons and Sundays reading to the blind and playing competitive badminton? Even if your answer is a resounding NO to all the above, don’t despair. You too… continue…

I Want You, and I Want Your Passion

A Dramatic Leader
No, this isn’t a personal ad. We’re looking for people who might like to guide one of our Talent Communities. You’d be the person who gives voice to those who work in your particular specialty, sharing your thoughts and lessons by blogging, answering questions in the discussion boards, and helping identify conferences, organizations and other resources that can help people develop their skills. Yes, it requires some effort, but it’s designed to be manageable. We know you have a day… continue…

Our Policy on Discriminatory Job Postings

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Dice.com has very strict guidelines regarding discriminatory job advertisements, including forbidden practices on various pages employers and recruiters use to create job advertisements. On a daily basis, we proactively search our site for the various discriminatory terms. In the rare instances that we find an advertisement that doesn’t comply with our policies, we contact the employer or recruiter to have the ad removed promptly. If the employer or recruiter fails to comply, we remove the advertisement. On any given day,… continue…

Be a Featured Geek on Dice [DiceTV]

Cat Miller
  We’re looking for geeks to feature. Each week, we’ll showcase someone who works in tech — could be a developer, could be a media designer, could be in QA, could be a project manager. Someone who loves tech so much they want to roll in it — on and off the job. Interested? Then see what Cat has to say.  

Be a Featured Geek Here on the Dice Blogs

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We want to make you famous. Well, kind of famous. OK, maybe just give you some bragging rights. How? By inviting you to be a featured geek here on Dice News. Each week, we’ll showcase someone who works in tech — could be a developer, could be a media designer, could be in QA, could be a project manager. If your job involves any kind of technology, you’re the one we’re looking for. It’s a chance for you to tell… continue…

Moderate Job Creation to Continue, Predict America’s Hiring Managers

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Hiring expectations have rebounded from six months ago when elevated uncertainty gripped the economy, according to a national survey conducted by Dice. More than half (51 percent) of hiring managers and recruiters say they plan additional hiring during the second half of 2012, as compared to the first half of 2012. This outcome is an improvement from expectations at year-end when 47 percent of hiring managers believed additional hiring would occur in the first half of 2012 and identical to… continue…

Big Data Jobs Are Driving Opportunities in Tech

Digital Man
Data architects, analytics professionals and data scientists are among the people organizations are looking for as they embrace Big Data — the tools and systems that allow them to obtain, process and analyze huge amounts of information in real time. Linux.com just posted an interview with our Managing Director Alice Hill to get some insight into the demand for specialists who can handle these challenges, and others involved in their implementation. As Alice notes, companies have a lot of data,… continue…

Raleigh, Richmond Fastest Growing Cities for Tech Jobs [DiceTV]

Cat Miller - March 22, 2012
The stats are in and we’ve outlined the fastest growing cities for tech jobs, according to job  data at Dice. The leader: Raleigh, North Carolina, where Red Hat, Cisco and IBM are hiring.  Richmond, Virginia followed up with a 40 percent growth in tech jobs last year. Cat’s got the details. And you can find the list of the 10 fastest growing cities here.

Dice at SXSW [Shameless Self-Promotion]

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Dice News and our colleagues from Marketing are at SXSW Interactive. I’ll be blogging through the weekend and, since Marketing is getting me into several parties, I thought I’d share this handy infographic to tell where the crew would be.

Linux Professionals Benefit from Wide Demand

Linux-trained professionals are in wide demand. Companies say they’re having trouble finding them, and are doing whatever it takes to get them once they do. Those are the headlines from the Linux Jobs Report, a survey of more than 2,000 global hiring managers conducted in December by Dice and the Linux Foundation. Linux has changed–and continues to change–the software ecosystem, and 2012 will be a banner year for talented Linux pros. Here’s why: First, 8 in 10 respondents said hiring… continue…