Demand for Linux Expertise Drives Hiring Priorities

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Hiring managers are ramping up their plans to bring aboard talent with Linux skills, according to the 2014 Linux Jobs Report, which forecasts the Linux job market based on a survey of hiring managers and Linux professionals. This demand is driving salaries for Linux above industry norms and leading a majority of Linux professionals to conclude that Linux skills are helping them move their careers forward. The 2014 Linux Jobs Report released today includes data from hiring managers (1,100) and… continue…

Tournament of Sevens Contest Update: A Saga

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Tired Runner
I picked the game for this contest with the thought that it would be simple and straight forward. Was I ever wrong! The contest was due to start Jan. 1, but a sudden unexpected vacation took me to Vegas through Jan. 2. With jet lag and such, I wasn’t really up to sorting the entries it for a day or two after. I had most of my competition runner created, though I hadn’t debugged it. By that point, there were… continue…

Tech Pros’ Salaries, Confidence Rise: Dice Report

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Salary Satisfaction Slippi
More technology professionals in the U.S. enjoyed merit raises over the last year, driving average salaries up in 2013. Average U.S. tech salaries increased nearly three percent to $87,811 in 2013, up from $85,619 the previous year, according to the 2014-2013 Salary Survey from Dice, the leading career site for technology and engineering professionals. (Tweet This) Technology professionals understand they can easily find ways to grow their career in 2014, with two-thirds of respondents (65%) confident in finding a new,… continue…

How to Search for Jobs by Company

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By Alicia Ouverson Have you dreamed of working for a specific company?  Want to know the quickest ways to find out what openings they have available?  You have a few options: First, go to the Dice homepage. Near the top, you’ll see the BROWSE JOBS bar. Click the ‘By Company’ link. You will be directed to the Employer Directory, where you can search the alphabetical listings to find the company you’re looking for. Or there’s another option, if you’re already… continue…

Answers to Tough Interview Questions

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Interview Questions Hangout
  What do you think of pair programming? If you designed an elevator for Bill Gates, how would you test it? These are just a couple of the interview questions you sent in ahead of our Google Hangout on the toughest interview questions you’ve ever heard. Our panel took on each one to show you how to answer it in a way that hits the hiring manager’s hot buttons. Our panel: John Sumser – Founder and CEO, HRExaminer.com Justin Hall… continue…

Watch Our Interview Question Hangout Monday

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The Internship
Have you entered our interview question contest? Remember that on Monday, we’re hosting a Google Hangout where a panel of career experts will answer your interview questions. It’s all to celebrate the movie The Internship (and, of course, tech careers). Do you have an interview question you’d like an answer for? Whether they’re challenging, weird, funny or whatever, we want to hear them. And by sending one in, you’re entered in our interview question contest. You can watch our hangout… continue…

Factorial Fluency Challenge Update

Bicycle race
Here are some Intermediate results from our Factorial Fluency Coding Challenge. Of the 27 entries received thus far, I’ve marked 11 and omitted two because of errors. Results Everyone who entered should have received an email back acknowledging the entry. If you haven’t, then please contact me. It’s an interesting example of Java v C++/C# and so far it’s C++ that has the fastest time, being 9 billion times faster than the slowest one that took 5.78 seconds. With 15… continue…

Interview Question Contest! The Weirder, the Better

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The Internship
Interview Questions?! The Weirder, the Better. To celebrate the movie The Internship — and of course, tech careers — we’re asking you to submit your interview questions – challenging, weird, funny, we want to hear them. We’ll be hosting a Google Hangout on Nov. 4 with a recruiter, a startup expert, and a Dice career expert who will talk through some of the best submissions. 10 randomly selected winners will receive an Internship Blu-ray Combo Pack and a $50 Amazon… continue…

How to Improve Your Search Results on Dice

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By Alicia Ouverson It’s usually best to start your search off more broadly, using fewer filters and then add them in as you go to narrow down your search results. The Advanced Search page on Dice offers several different filters for this. But the most impactful piece of the search is the keyword search string. With the Keywords field, you can search by using “match all words,” “match any words,” or perform a Boolean search. If you’re not familiar with… continue…

Tech Humor? We’ll Have a Second Helping, Thanks

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The Internship
What was the worst computer ever? Was it the Commodore VIC 20? Or perhaps the eMachines eTower 366c? According to the tech support team in the movie The Internship, it’s Compaq Presario Elite – the very computer Owen Wilson brings, with pride, to use at his new position at Google. We’re excited to share that Dice has been given access to an exclusive clip from The Internship movie. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson star as two laid off salesmen who… continue…