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Tech Trends for the Year Ahead

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Dice News Hangouts
Dice News Managing Editor Mark Feffer and Associate Editor Dawn Kawamoto look at this year’s most promising tech trends, and how they’ll lead to jobs.

How to Program for the Internet of Things

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Dice News Hangouts
Observers say that 2014 will be the year that the Internet of Things finally comes into its own. But how many more connections will we really see between the network and our refrigerators, house alarms or microwaves? Potentially a lot, and that could mean a range of new opportunities for developers. Dice Linux Talent Community Guide Rob Reilly and Linux Pundit Principal Analyst Bill Weinberg discuss what’s involved in writing a program for connected devices, and what kinds of skills… continue…

It’s Never Too Early to Build a Robot

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More educators are developing programs to engage students in computer science, and often at younger ages than they have before. They’re teaching elementary school kids to build robots and code video games, taking advantage of new tools that let students get their hands dirty without bogging down in the kind of debugging that can discourage any newcomer. In this week’s Dice News Hangout, we explore the influence such programs can have on a child’s education, how quickly coding can grab… continue…

How to Get Low-Cost – or No-Cost – Training

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Dice News Hangouts
A programmer’s skills need constant updating. You know the story: Technology that was hot two years is old hat as far as employers are concerned – which means they want something different today. And while it used to be companies would spring for the cost of training, that’s become increasingly rare. So, how do you get the training you need? That’s what we explore in this week’s hangout. Our panel — Software Engineering Talent Guide Catherine Powell, C++/C# and Java… continue…

The Ins and Outs of Financing Your Startup

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You’ve got a great idea for a company. Now how do you finance it? Do you pay for it with your own savings? Ask Mom and Dad for help? What about a bank loan, angel funding or venture capital? In this week’s hangout, we look at the risks and rewards of different strategies, including how each can affect both your relationships, and your bottom line.  

Answers to Tough Interview Questions

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Interview Questions Hangout
  What do you think of pair programming? If you designed an elevator for Bill Gates, how would you test it? These are just a couple of the interview questions you sent in ahead of our Google Hangout on the toughest interview questions you’ve ever heard. Our panel took on each one to show you how to answer it in a way that hits the hiring manager’s hot buttons. Our panel: John Sumser – Founder and CEO, HRExaminer.com Justin Hall… continue…

Where Are Linux Jobs Heading?

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Dice News Hangouts
Does all this movement to the cloud mean enterprise systems administration is dying? If you’re a Linux systems admin, how can you increase your value? And what are the new areas you need to add to your portfolio? Our Linux Talent Community Guide Rob Reilly and Linux Consultant Bill Weinberg take a look at the future of jobs in Linux and open source administration.  

Hangout: Layoffs at HP, BlackBerry; Resume Spam?

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HP and BlackBerry generated some bad news. Meantime, a job seeker spammed his resume to everyone he could find. Was that a smart tactic? In this month’s Dice News Hangout, Associate Editor Dawn Kawamoto and Managing Editor Mark Feffer look at: HP says the number of its planned 29,000 job cuts through fiscal 2014 will vary by 15 percent – here’s why it’s likely to be on the high side. BlackBerry cut its sales staff by 60 people. However, will… continue…

Are the Days of Secure Email Over?

With the recent shutdown of several email providers due to fears of NSA eavesdropping, is it finally time for enterprises to get more serious about encrypting their email traffic by default? Email encryption technology has been around for decades, but largely ignored due to perceptions of being too difficult or too arcane. Watch our Hangout with Dice Security Talent Community Guide and Co-Author of Enterprise Messaging, David Strom, along with Wave Systems’ CEO Steven Sprague, and Senior Director of Product… continue…

Addressing the Risks of Your Cloud Migration

By the end of this year, nearly half of all workloads will be processed in the cloud, predicts Gartner. That means companies will have to be ready to address financial risk, data loss, downtime, business interruption, theft of intellectual property, outages and security intrusions within their cloud environments. What are those risks, and what steps are necessary to mitigate them? To explore these issues, we gathered security architects, product managers and insurance and risk analysts to delve into tactics and… continue…