Introduction to Rx – Reactive Extensions

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Thirty years ago life was much simpler for desktop developers. Processors only had one core, GUIs, mice and event driven programming didn’t exist outside universities and UIs were simple affairs using cursor positioning on a text screen. Most software was developed procedurally at that time — object oriented programming hadn’t made the jump to mainstream. Now it’s all become much more complex. Windows, mice, text and graphics are all manipulated by event driven object oriented software. Technologies like LINQ help… continue…

Three Java IDEs Compared

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As a Java developer you are most likely to be familiar with Eclipse, but it’s not the only game in town. Other options to consider include NetBeans and Intellij IDEA. Which one’s the best? Here’s an overview of each to help you decide. Eclipse It started in 2001, when IBM released Eclipse into open source. Back then, It was a simple IDE to let programmers manage Java source code and edit it. It’s since become a major platform that’s used… continue…

A Walk Through the Java Ecosystem

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To a new developer, the world of Java can be a very confusing place. While Java itself is a relatively straightforward programming language to learn, there are a number of associated technologies that you really should know. In this article I’ll look at the most important ones. First is Eclipse. Possibly the most successful open source IDE ever, Eclipse is a highly useful development tool that integrates with the Java Compiler to highlight compilation errors in the background. Yes you… continue…

Backend as a Service is Burgeoning

Anyone doubting the viability of Backend as a Service (BaaS) only needs to look at Facebook’s acquisition of this year and the growth of BaaS over the past eight years. Facebook’s acquisition of, for example, allows the social media giant to provide their own backend services for games and applications. Close integration of Parse with the Facebook platform should lead to reduced server latency and greater responsiveness. has been described as both BaaS and XaaS (Everything as a Service).… continue…

Google Play for Education Opens New Dev Market

Developing apps for children is decidedly tough, but not impossible. Increasingly, schools are bringing technology into every classroom. BYOD programs allow children to bring devices into school for the purpose of participating in classroom lessons. District-wide tablet purchasing programs bring touchscreen devices to every child. While Apple was always considered the top choice for these programs, Google has joined the race by creating a suite of tools and hardware to meet the needs of school districts large and small. With… continue…

The Key to Business APIs

Deploying a successful business API strategy requires a whole lot of prep work, and finding the right people. continue…

Why You Should Learn to Use LINQ

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One of the biggest steps forward for C# came in C# 3.0/.NET 3.5 when Microsoft introduced Language Integrated Query (LINQ). The easiest way I’ve come up with to explain LINQ is that it’s almost an exact analog to SQL queries on a table in relational databases. If you use C# you should really learn LINQ. A table in a relational database is just like a spreadsheet, where every row has exactly the same columns in it. Let’s look at what… continue…

iOS Notifications: UILocalNotifications and Remote Notifications

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My last post discussed NSNotificationCenter and Notification Center. I’ll now continue with UILocalNotification and Remote Notifications. UILocalNotification A UILocalNotification is set within an iOS app to trigger at a specific time. During setup, you can specify that an “Open” button be present on the alert presented to the user. When the UILocalNotification is set up, iOS adds an entry to Notification Center for the app. This entry allows the user to change if a notification message should be displayed, how… continue…

A Brief Intro to SharePoint’s New App Model

SharePoint App Store
One of the most significant new features of SharePoint 2013 is the introduction of the App Model. We are all familiar with the App Model from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. An online store where users can purchase and install an app that will help enhance a device (like a smartphone) or a platform (like SharePoint). This new SharePoint functionality is redefining how companies procure, develop and distribute customized solutions. Every company will have the ability to expose the… continue…

Wi-Fi Connectivity a Boon for Mobile Developers

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We’ve adjusted our routers over WiFi for a long time. Boot up the router, select the access point, punch into the browser, enter the admin user name and password and you’re in. What could be easier for the customer than filling out a few fields on a form and hitting Save? The cool thing is that you can get to your router interface using almost any WiFi-enabled device, from the lowly desktop and laptop all the way up through… continue…