iOS Notifications: UILocalNotifications and Remote Notifications

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My last post discussed NSNotificationCenter and Notification Center. I’ll now continue with UILocalNotification and Remote Notifications. UILocalNotification A UILocalNotification is set within an iOS app to trigger at a specific time. During setup, you can specify that an “Open” button be present on the alert presented to the user. When the UILocalNotification is set up, iOS adds an entry to Notification Center for the app. This entry allows the user to change if a notification message should be displayed, how… continue…

A Brief Intro to SharePoint’s New App Model

SharePoint App Store
One of the most significant new features of SharePoint 2013 is the introduction of the App Model. We are all familiar with the App Model from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. An online store where users can purchase and install an app that will help enhance a device (like a smartphone) or a platform (like SharePoint). This new SharePoint functionality is redefining how companies procure, develop and distribute customized solutions. Every company will have the ability to expose the… continue…

WiFi Connectivity a Boon for Mobile Developers

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We’ve adjusted our routers over WiFi for a long time. Boot up the router, select the access point, punch into the browser, enter the admin user name and password and you’re in. What could be easier for the customer than filling out a few fields on a form and hitting Save? The cool thing is that you can get to your router interface using almost any WiFi-enabled device, from the lowly desktop and laptop all the way up through… continue…

How to Build a Windows 8 App – Part I

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By Jeff Cogswell Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has been building up its own app store, just as Apple and Google have done. It supports both Windows Phone as well as the desktop operating system, Windows 8. As a programmer, you can create apps for Windows 8, upload them to the Windows store and (hopefully!) start making money. If you’re willing to create apps that make use of the new Windows 8 interface, you can make the apps… continue…

Be Sure to Look at These 5 C++ Libraries

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In honor of our new C++ and C# talent community, Cat discusses five of Community Guide David Bolton’s favorite libraries for C++ development.  

Citi Bike Spurs New Mobile Opportunities

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With the recent debut of New York’s Citi Bike, a new opportunity’s arisen: Bike tech. Cat shows off some of the earliest tech toys developed around the bike sharing system — and discusses new possibilities for developers.  

iOS Notifications: Introduction and NSNotificationCenter

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I have found that the different types of notifications in iOS and how these notifications relate to Notification Center, are a source of great confusion. Recently, I gave a talk at MobiDev Philly on the subject. This, and my next blog post, summarize the talk. This post gives an overview and goes into a bit of detail on NSNotificationCenter and Notification Center. Part Two will address UILocalNotification and Remote Notifications. Apple provides three different types of notifications in iOS: NSNotificationCenter,… continue…

Here’s How to Create Scorchingly Fast JavaScript

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The race continues to produce the fastest JavaScript engines in browsers. With the recent release of Firefox 22, Mozilla’s jumped past Chrome. Its not-so-secret sauce is called asm.js, and is a subset of full JavaScript. When correctly optimized, JavaScript code can run at about half the speed of native machine code. Don’t believe me? Then run up Firefox and make sure it’s the latest version (22). If you haven’t got Firefox installed, go to You don’t want to miss… continue…

‘Deus Ex’ Creator Starting His Own Gaming Academy

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Warren Spector will lead college program for aspiring game-development leaders. continue…

C#: Xamarin Studio – Is it Worth a Look?

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Screen Shot of Xamarin Studio
When a new programming technology comes along, it’s not always the easiest to pick up: iOS development is a case in hand. Back in July 2008, Apple opened the App Store and launched the iPhone 3G. I bought one and tried to learn to program it. There weren’t many books around and Apple’s online documentation was not the greatest, nor was Xcode, Apple’s IDE for developing software for Mac OS X and iPhone. You get a bit spoiled when you’re… continue…