Jobs in Detroit, But Employers Are Way Too Picky

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Detroit companies are looking for analysts focusing on computer systems, network systems and data communications, as well as software engineers, network admins and systems admins. But even though they acknowledge a lot of tech professionals are out there looking for work, they can’t find people to fill these jobs. One professional told the Detroit News he’s been job hunting for four years. “I’ve been falling into this limbo area,” he said, contending that employers are being too picky. At least… continue…

GE Hires in Detroit, and Hiring in Space? [DiceTV]

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General Electric plans to hire 300 people at its Technology Center in Suburban Detroit…  Asteroid mining company Planetary Resources may need developers and engineers… and state governments are trying to lure people away from traditional tech hubs. These stories and more on the DiceTV Job Minute.

HP Will Hire Grads of Michigan Training Program

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Hewlett-Packard has committed to hiring more than 200 developers, testers and architects at its Pontiac, Mich., subsidiary HP Enterprise Services. At the same time, Bloomfield Hills-based Lakeside Software will add another 90 people. The hires for both companies are to be trained through a federal grant. Automation Alley, an area tech business association, landed the $5 million training grant as part of the Labor Department’s H-1B Technical Skills Training Grant Competition. The competition seeks to train U.S. workers for jobs… continue…

Health IT Finds VC; Internet Ad Revenues Soar [Update]

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Health IT Firms Find More Venture Capital: Venture capital investment may have declined overall during the first quarter of 2012, but health IT companies hit pay dirt. The number of deals remained flat at 18, yet the companies raised $102 million, an increase of 75 percent over the same period last year. A Forbes report points to four top deals, all of which should inevitably lead to hiring: Kinnser Software, PerfectServe, Truveris, and TigerText. Dice Internet Ad Revenues Are Soaring:… continue…

Philadelphia, Boulder and Detroit Luring Software Engineers

State economic agencies and local technology incubators around the country are trying to lure software engineers away from traditional tech hubs like Silicon Valley, New York and Boston. Is there enough job security for you in a secondary market? Tell us what you think in the comments below. The efforts are manifestations of the increasing demand for software engineers around the country. In Detroit, Shifting Code is offering software engineering training to tap into a new workforce. In South Florida,… continue…

Big Brother in Your Back Seat

The Senate’s recently passed transportation bill will require every new car to carry a data-recording “black box” similar the ones used in aircraft. The bill’s expected to pass the House of Representatives and go on to the White House for President Obama’s signature. After 2015, individuals who don’t go along could be subject to civil penalties, infowars says. Safety device or spy box? Tell us what you think in the comments below. The black box’s primary function is to record… continue…

Texas, Detroit and DARPA All Want You [DiceTV]

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Texas has a, well, Texas-sized need for Health IT professionals… Detroit is telling laid-off Yahoo workers: “We want you”… and can you conquer DARPA’s “Robotics Challenge?” All on this week’s DiceTV Update.

Facebook Acquires Instagram; IT Job Growth Hits a High [Roundup]

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Facebook Acquires Instagram: Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram is more than a $1 billion deal that will make CEO Kevin Systrom some $400 million. It’s Facebook’s biggest acquisition to date and is sure to set off another round of hand-wringing over startup valuations. Given that it comes as Facebook runs up to its IPO, getting the deal done was obviously a priority for Mark Zuckerberg. By bringing Instagram into the fold, Facebook gets the excitement and momentum the product generates, along… continue…

Detroit to Laid-Off Yahoo Staffers: We Want You!

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Detroit technology businesses have a message for newly laid off Yahoo employees: The Motor City will welcome you with open arms. Would you consider a move to Detroit? Why not if the opportunity’s there? Let us know in the comments below. A group of Detroit tech businesses — including Quicken Loans, Detroit Venture Partners, Rockbridge Growth Equity and — are among the companies interested in hiring hundreds of technology and marketing professionals formerly employed by Yahoo. Or anyone else… continue…