Big Data Will Need 1.5 Million Data Scientists

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Big Data efforts have a problem — There aren’t enough people out there who know how to take advantage of it. Consulting firm McKinsey projects “a need for 1.5 million additional managers and analysts in the United States who can ask the right questions and consume the results of the analysis of Big Data effectively.” So what makes a good data scientist? The Wall Street Journal asked Hilary Mason, chief scientist for the URL shortening service She described three… continue…

Big Data Means More Need for Hadoop Skills

Big Data is pressuring companies to find more professionals with analytic skills. Madan Sheina, a lead analyst for Ovum’s Information Management Software group, last week posed the question of whether Big Data will create new jobs or require retraining of existing IT staff. How seriously are you taking Big Data? Share your thoughts below.  Jill Dyché, a partner and co-founder of Baseline Consulting, sees a combination: The jobs that we created to do data governance – like data steward, chief… continue…

NOSQL and SQL: A Match Made in Heaven?

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When we write applications in an RDBMS database, we can’t create whatever relationship we want between database objects. Since we’re using a relational database, this seems like a contradiction. Let’s skip the semantics and see what happens in the Rails world. Rails is presented as database agnostic, but that really means Relational Database Agnostic — you still have to use an RDBMS database to persist your objects. SQL doesn’t play well with large clusters. Note that neither Google not Amazon… continue…